Thursday, December 1, 2011

Naturally Australian...Giving You A G'day, Mate! - Aesop Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste

It was a lovely Saturday morning last 2 weeks ago, and it prompt me to do one of those "rare" bathroom cleanups....cleanups would mean that I was actually getting rid of those products of which had been "quietly" lying around or hidden away from prying eyes, due to its lack of efficiency or any other relevant reasons.

Then I found this:-

Aesop's Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste

Hmm...made me wonder why I had this stashed away....

Oh yes I remembered, bought this scrub since Aesop was having a promotion last 2 months.... I guess due to my previously wicked morning sickness, I couldn't stand the smell of this product. The smell of Rosehips made me somewhat rather quesy! That's what made me stopped using it...

But then again...Since I'm official alright now, I thought the smell now turned to be ok...( I'm not exactly a Rosehip still, but I could still take it...)

So after 2 weeks, I've been dilligently using this again for this previous 2 weeks

Since pregnancy started in September, I have been constantly plagued by small acne which turns into bumpy dark, brown marks after the acne dries. Hubby tries to comfort me by saying its all Hormones....but me being me, I do believe we can't just let it rip us off.

So I started to use this as a measure to perhaps lessen this...Since this is all natural, its much safer to be used during pregnancy, compared to those AHA/BHA Peels which I'm not sure of the effects onto my baby....


The paste has really fine granules. Once I've washed my face with it, skin feels slightly softer, possibly due to the Rosehip oil content. However, once I've wiped my face using a towel, skin feels slightly dry, especially around the eyes (For some reason I'm not sure)

After 2 weeks of using, skin feels softer and smoother, but I haven't seen it done anything for the acne marks.

Overall, its a good, gentle scrub that's safe to be used on a regular basis, but I don't think it treats anything in specific.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Don't Mousse Around...Or Thy Shall Not Be Rewarded!

As a woman, I'm pretty sure you always do run into situations where you ALWAYS plan on buying something that you have been researching AND eyeing on for quite some time...and YET, you end up straying and buying something that you haven't read about before and don't even think of buying in the first place!

I know I am ONE of those unfortunate ones... Sigh...

Started off on a fine daywhere I planned to re-stock my delicious and ultimately amazing Kiehl's Surface Brightening Exfoliator since the one I have at home has finished, thus I quickly made my way to KLCC that evening. In addition, I haven't done my eyebrows for quite some time, eversince I got pregnant and the morning sickness really got the better off me (Blearch...) So I had been mourning in despair and basically hindered my quest for Beauty Products. Now that my morning sickness had waned off, its time to continue my conquest. Woohoo!

In a way, being pregnant had been a wonderful experience since it gave me the opportunity to explore on what's OK and what's not for preggers.... FYI, I stopped using those amazing peels that I have been using to clear up acne and spots since AHAs and BHAs aren't friendly to us preggers.... Sigh....

So coming back to my KLCC escapade, before I walked to Kiehl's, I made a quick stop at Shu Uemura to do my eyebrows...Better start grooming again!

Whilst the salesgirl was plucking my eyebrows, she introduced me to a new product launched by Shu Uemura ....which is the UV Under Base Mousse....

Personally, I'm not a fan of mousse based products (Mousse cleansers, mousse foundation, mousse whatever) as I find them slightly wasting.... But the girl insisted that I tried since I had some "pregancy spots" developing on my face and needed to be "covered" by something that has UV protection as well..

Fineeeeeeeee... I gave in...


When you squeeze the mousse, you actually get quite a substantial amount on your fingers.....its quite hard to control the amount. When she put it on my skin, it felt easy. However, when I tried it myself, it was a little messy to work with.

Feeling wise, I didn't exactly fancy it, it felt kinda dry on my skin....must wear loads of moisturiser before using this since its quite drying.

Costs RM 115. And I bought it.


1) Pushy salesperson..(she even wanted me to spend RM600 for some crappy gift sets...)

2) I get my eyebrows FREE OF CHARGE. (Eyebrow service cost: RM25)

3) Probably I was too happy that I was feeling well thus, I pretty much felt like I wanted to spend....

I didn't leave feeling angry, but I didn't feel satisfied either. Why did I buy it? I guess probably cuz it comes up to around RM90, which is cheaper than my favourite makeup base Lancome UV Base Pro (heavenly velevety and smooth!) by about RM20....

So did I buy my Kiehl's scrub after that? Of course I didn't.... I felt kinda ripped off, thus dampens my mood to go further shopping....

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Italian Skincare, Anyone?

It's been a while since I've posted a decent post. Really2 sorry..been running into a few health complexities of which did not enable me to be fit enough to continue on my skin care hunting spree...Sigh...
What is it? Ahahha...I bet you could guess it really soon when you read in between the lines in my post today....

We've heard and seen of many beauty products successfully launched by the French (L'Occitane), the British (Estee Lauder) and the Americans (REN, Clinique) to name a few.... what about the Italians?

The way they work their magic hands onto skin and body products had been proven to be successful through my discovery of Italian's little Beauty Garden Boutique, hidden in the midst of Bangsar Shopping Centre.....

Introducing... L'Erbolario......

Me, mum and my brothers were originally on a search for some really nice perfumes....of which we initially thought of taking a peek at the Annick Goutal Boutique...until we came to this lovely place....

Greeted by really love fragrances of fresh flowers and essential oils, I was immediately in love with everything they had to offer....

From Body Care such as lotions, body creams, to skin care for all skin types, and also as specific as care for pregnant women, post-pregnancy body and also baby's essential needs!

What's wonderful is that everything is made from all natural ingredients and essential oils, making you feel totally pampered....

Some of the products they offer
   What I initially wanted to look for was a body cream, since I simply can't stand the smell of the cream that I currently wanted to look for something nice....But then, the SA introduced to me something that's even better...of which caught my attention immediately:-

L'Erbolario Stretch Mark Prevention and Firming Cream
This cream  is the ideal treatment for preventing loss of tone and thickening and for helping prevent the formation of stretch marks. Also, in addition to the extraordinary firmness guaranteed by the optimum moisturising helps the skin to become softer and more velvety.


L'Erbolario Body Exfoliant Cream
Useful to cleanse, exfoliate and soften the skin on the entire body. Extremely fine micro-granules obtained from Almond shells  to remove all dead cells and impurities from the skin’s surface.

So I bought these two items, in hoping that I shall be able to control the formation of stretchmarks once I have given birth later...HOPEFULLY!

The other items of which are in my wishlist right now:-


L'Erbolario's  Children's Care Range....

Beautifully organic, all-natural hair and body care range for babies...shall keep this in my mind until the due day! :D

- Bath Foam
- Shampoo
- Protective Cream


All I can say is go to the boutique once you're in won't regret it...It's such a heavenly place to visit......

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Uriage Depiderm Depigmenting Skincare

My previous post reflects of my frustration on a particular de-pigmenting product which sadly did not work well on me...which is why I'm blogging on another depigmenting product just to make myself feel better ahahaha....

Introducing my favourite post-acne dark spot treatment product:-

Description of the product:-

Intensive Care depigmentation. Anti-brown spots. Face, Hands, Cleavage.
Depiderm, intensive treatment helps to eliminate brown spots associated with disorders of pigmentation and prevents their appearance through the synergy of its assets.

Active anti-radical and soothing properties associated with the Uriage Thermal Water complement its actions in fighting against the mediators stimulating melanogenesis. Finally, the AHA and BHA promote exfoliation of celliules lépiderme of the most pigmented.

 Well to translate in simple terms, what Depiderm does is combat pigmentation and dark spots on the face and body. With AHA and BHA present, these are the main chemicals that help to exfoliate the skin, thus gently helping to reduce dark spots.


Been using this for 2 years....and it definitely helps....although don't expect it to work on a speed of light la..obviously....but the moment you put it on, skin feels immediately soft....

A word of caution
It says on the packaging: Do not apply on "Broke Skin". Meaning: Do Not Apply On Acne That You Just Picked...It stings quite a bit and may result the blemish to be worst...let the post acne mark dry first and heal before you apply. This is not an acne cream/treatment like Oxy, but more to treating the POST-BLEMISH spots left behind...Just be careful when you handle products with AHA and BHA...

By the way, there is another Depiderm Cream with UV protection, so perhaps if you'd like to try, this could be another version that might tickle your fancy~

Note: Sadly, only available at Guardian KLCC and Ampang Park. Susahnya.....Thank goodness I work in the vincinity....

Updated: Nano White Intensive De-Pigmentor

Updates: After 3 days...haven't seen any improvements to the scabs on my cheeks....The scabs do dry up...but that's just what they do....I was wishing for more dramatic improvement...I guess it was a letdown...sigh......

Friday, August 19, 2011

Spots, spots and more spots! - Nano white intensive depigmentor

Indefinitely how many times you keep on telling yourself to NOT PICK your zits, tangan yang menggatal itu tetap menggatal juga, no matter what. So yesterday, i successfully managed to transform 3 small whiteheads into 3 scabs on my left cheek. Argggggghhhhh!!!! Thank god wedding's over!

Anyway, I find myself yet again surfing through through a spot cream. However, bear in mind, going through researches made me realize that not all spot creams work for pigmentation, dark spots and acne marks all at the same time. I suppose that's why they're called 'targeted treatments?' ponder ponder....

Coming back to my, mahal sungguh all these spot creams! Can range up to 200 bucks for a small tube! Whoa... Could get a pretty decent moisturizer for that price!

I used to depend on Uriage's Depiderm De-pigmenting cream to combat those scabs, but recently, Guardian Klcc is the only place yg I boleh cari this cream....and yet Guardian pulak ugh under construction... Lagilah frust...

So yesterday, I find myself tagging along my seniors to Ampang Park, since they wanted to scout for Baju raya, I masuk Guardian(u can see now that Guardian is one of my favorite lepak places....then I saw this.....

And I bought it! random kan? But it did say it was mainly targeted to treat acne marks... So with a reasonable price of RM40++, I grabbed it.

After 2 days of using it, my scabs are drying pretty fast. But it does stung a little bit....

Wait for the results ya? And PICTURES!!! Jeng jeng jeng.....

- jue -

Monday, July 4, 2011

Yay To Mother-Earth!

If you must know one true fact of which I proudly hold my head high on it, is the fact that I have always been an eco-friendly+ environmentalist sorta person....

  • I don't take plastic bags if I could manage all my stuff.
  • I do keep paper bags for future use.
  • I give regular support WWF & UNICEF with tiniest hope that of doing something good to mother-earth and man kind...

...of which is the reason why, the fact that this one Bvlgari ring appeared to be highly enticing since the proceeds shall be donated to the Save The Children programme. Genuinely honest I believe, but Bvlgari being Bvlgari, you need to be able to AFFORD first before you could even think of being charitable...

Beautiful , isn't it?

Charity Campaign for BVLGARI
From Left: Isabella Rosselini, Maribel Verdu and Leighton Meester

Look at all these women, proudly supporting the  programme, each posing with different 'Save The Children' rings...

Aha...why the long face? Being supportive of Mother-Earth and man-kind in need, need not be extravagant. Just look at the stuff you already have around you, and you could well at hand be in your to maintain Mother Earth's beauty for the future generation. Thus, you could prove to the people that 'divas' or 'beauty-junkies' like yourselves are passionate and have compassion too!

1) Back-To-M.A.C Program
In line of caring for the environment, M·A·C accepts returns of its primary packaging through the Back to M·A·C Program. By returning six [6] M·A·C primary packaging containers to a M·A·C counter or M·A·C Cosmetics online, you’ll receive a free M·A·C lipstick of your choice as our thanks to you...


2) Origins
Having an all-natural range of products, Origins scores brownie points by accepting empty cosmetics tubes, bottles and jars for recycling - regardless of the brand, and will give you a free sample of its high-performance skincare products in return.

So ladies, the next time men think you're a bimbo...prove them wrong by showing the other side of you that's compassionate enough to care for the earth. Haiyah!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Raise you wands, ladies!

Can you spot the similarities between these three pictures?





They both have their trusted weapons carried all the time. It's only natural for women to act as such...same as our attitude towards the men we trust...we carry em ALL the time in our hearts...

Anyway, enough on that sneak preview on how I value Trust AND move on with what I actually wish to talk about.

Every woman...and I do mean EVERY woman carries their trusted weapons aka items of which they'd NEVER leave home without. The common ones that are normally in a girl's handbag (mind you gents) depends on the occassion she's up to. We women always imporvise as we could be very fickle-minded at times, and tend to forgo practicality in order to look "effortlessly gorgeous"...

In general, a girl's handbag would normally have the following items:-

1) Lipgloss - many women don't wear lipsticks. They'd prefer the almost-nude, yet plumps and shines, looking utterly kissable
2) Powder - many would definitely carry this. You may not want to look greasy when you go on an important meeting / date
3) Sanitary pads
4) Miniature Perfume - How do you get a person to get close to you in the first place is you don't smell nice? Infact, if you manage to get the right notes, it could make you really sexy.

As for myself, the power tool that I always ALWAYS never forget to carry around is this:-

I don't know what your best friend is, but this one is definitely mine.

No hard feelings to anyone btw...

Lancome Hypnose Waterproof Mascara

I've always been a mascara addict...and I do mean addict. Its an ultimate perk me up during my droopy, eye bag-ish days... and this one works like magic. Having using other brands, they don't come close to this one.
It simply works its charm, to give you full lashes, charming enough to make anybody blush when batting your eyelashes!


It sis sold at a slightly steep price @ RM 93, but I believe this is the 'magic wand' that women should carry in their bags....period.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

When Understatements Screams 'Elegance'... (PART 2)

2) Aishwarya Rai

Being one of Bollywood's actresses that had made fame on the Red Carpets of Hollywood, one can only be envious of her strong, dark features..which is why being overly made-up would look so wrong. Though once adorning a glamourous tiara which crowned her as the 1994's Miss World, Ash proves to us that we only need an LBD (long black dress), simple pieces and a huge confidence to get you walking...

3) J.Lopez

Need I say more? One of those latina goddesses who revolutionised the meaning of 'nudity' in the most fashionable yet classy way...through make-up. However, the 'no-makeup' makeup might not seem an easy feat to be done by just anybody...but with the right technique and right attitude, you're surely be on your way to achieve that sexy goddess appeal...


Understatements never spells out "BORING"... done the right way, you'd prove others than it only takes a few shimmers and sparkles here and there, to create that major show-stopping effect (minus the weird hair, makeup and all...)

So I guess, not everyone should look like this:-



When Understatements Screams 'Elegance'... (PART 1)

I just love philosophies. They offer me muse in every bit of peculiar way one can hardly imagine, which is why movies like "Fight Club", "Silence of The Lambs", "Saw" and "Primal Fear" never fails to get me excited...either the underlying message is wickedly fantastic...or that I find Rom-Coms more often-than-not typically the same, having an increasingly complex,cutsy-wutsie beginning plot, but yet disappointing, and predictable at the end...either way...Edward Norton is such an understated Muse...sigh~


Being understated does not mean that one loses its elegance and poise. Which rule of thumb had determined that one needs to be 'loud' and 'clear; in order to show to the world of their presence?

Her I suppose?

Never thought that Leopard-ish + Funky "Batik" like prints would be a fashion statement...interesting.....

Nice once Gaga, but I seriously doubt that with you, looking like this and hogging the phone, begging for your loved one to go back to you...errr...isn't exactly the best of ideas, if not the worst... :)

I have yet to ascertain as which part of this picture screams "fashionista"....the water goggles or shades or dunno-what-not I presumed?

There are a number of red carpet goddess of which I highly look forward to of their presence eversince I knew what Oscar Awards is... (Btw, I realise its not some show where random people gets a nice looking golden man-like statue...small, compact and cute!)

But ultimately, these women show to the world that UNDERSTATEMENTS could turn out to be effortless but yet, classy...

1)  Dressed in a black strapless Elie Saab gown, and only adorning beautiful emerald-colored jewels for a striking burst of color..complementing her greenish eyes very well...

-to be continued...-

Monday, June 27, 2011


Last week, I pretty much spend one of my nights, watching Titanic...To be honest, the first time the movie was released in the silver screens, I was in my 6th Grade...obviously under-aged, me n mon siblings were  banned from watching that movie..yes, even though it won countless Oscars, I have never actually seen the infamous "You Jump, I Jump" phrase of which, made me look exceedingly heartless in the eyes of public when other people claimed that they cried watching the lovely Jack and Rose during those last bits of scenes...

And guess what, when the movie was recently aired on HBO, my darling 13-year giant (read: my brother) passed by and claimed "Dah tengok banyak kali dahhhh~"...

It left me in a baffled nowadays...

So there I was one day, watching it for the first time ever with another Brother of mine, Quad C. With a bag of Popcorn on my left..and Ayam Goreng Bob (try it: Crispy, No skin...nice...) I watched Titanic intensely...until I noticed an amazing fact...

It was way back in 1998...and Kate Winslet already looked gorgeous...
She has gorgeous skin... that was showstopping..and the Quad C pretty much banged my head for my diverting interest of appreciating the aesthetics, rather than the beauty of the movie itself...

Hey, I do give compliments (and Critics) when due, ait?

That led me to google on her beauty tips...

These are my findings. typical? you be the judge...

1)  A common advice which she always takes into account is: it doesn’t matter how tired, exhausted, or burned out you are, you must always take your make-up off. While you’re sleeping, your skin is working hard to renew its cells.  

2)  Kate does Pilates to be in shape, but this is not a matter of obsession for her. She’s one of the actresses who claim that women should be happy by accepting themselves as they are. Restrictions about food can be a nightmare for any woman; she prefers to have a relaxed and calm life in order to take care of herself. Does she eat chocolate? Sure, but not too much. Does she drink sodas? Of course, not often, but when she does, she drinks a fat Coke, what she calls “the real stuff”.

3) Kate takes lysine to combat pimples. The 35-year-old actress confesses she deals with unsightly outbreaks on her face by taking the essential amino-acid, but has to use it regularly, otherwise the zits return.

Be Inspired...

During drinks with a dear friend of mine, I've learn to realise how powerful inspiration works on you...It kept shakespeare sane, and instead of being remembered as nutty and dillusional, who writes what only he himself could understand, unique experiences with life gave him inspiration, leading to beautiful and creative ideas that made him beknownst to the world as the most powerful and most remembered writer in history time...

And the relevance to my post today?

I really need inspiration...with escalating amount of work and countless sleepless nights which humbled the power of strong, full-bodied coffee to kick-start the brain...Blankness hits me like a passing-by truck...only that it doesn't stop when it hit you....


Monday, June 6, 2011

Estee Lauder Double Wear Moisture Powder Stay-in-Place Makeup

The search for Compact Powder ALWAYS is an issue with women.

If it's not the shade, its the texture
If it's not the texture, it's the coverage
If it's not the coverage, it's the nice cute case...


It's called saja-saja gatal nak try teehee!

That's make us women altogether...we're always adventurous...

Anyway, I myself, to tell you the truth, haven't actually been an Estee Lauder Cosmetics fan. Not that I have issues against Estee Lauder, but people just have their preferences. But to show you the unbiased side of me, I've recently (many months ago) went for a 'Bedak' spree, in the quest of looking for a replacement of the powder I'm currently using. Reason being is that the powder I'm was using is not easily bought over the counters of any department stores (i.e Isetan, Parkson or even Sephora for that matter).
Thus, re-purchasing is hard , especially during the time when I dreadfully need it the most (read: even sunshades can't protect you from having to deal with gasps and gawkings from the majority of crowd...)
Anyway, I was surfing and I've read on Estee's Double Wear Moisture Stay-in-Place.

I was very much interested due to its moisturising properties, since my skin was more to the dry side at certain areas. Thus, I went to Isetan one fine day and made a purchase.
However, my excitement was hampered by the unpleasant looks of the SA (Having a bad day I believe?)and . I do have issues against "unhelpful" assistants, and this particular one just simply used a tissue and swiped a really miniscule amount of the powder onto a small part of my left cheek.

I did argue that the shade was too light, but she claimed that I can't be using a darker shade of powder as it will make me look burnt.
I beg to differ. My foundation was already a lighter colour, so a lighter powder shall make me look similar to a Chinese Opera Singer...
(Don't get me wrong...Opera Singers are great, I don't think wearing their makeup to work is a good idea..)

Anyway, nevertheless I bought that particular shade (due to I didn't feel like arguing that much with the SA, resulting to RM175, burning a hole in my pocket...)

This is how the product looked like

Been using it for around 4 months... for some reason, the texture felt a bit heavy....and by noon, my face looked pretty oily in certain areas.
As for the moisturising component, I'm not too sure about it...

BUT, due to the wrong shade applied (I should have listened to my gut feeling), my face looked too white, and looked too different from my neck.

SAME as wearing a mask.

Due to this, and the HEFTY price...I didn't bother to re-purchase....but it would probably due be to the fact that the I was angry with the SA, thus causing me to PRE-JUDGE the product itself...

Poor Estee....

Low on Budget? Don't Compromise!

"I'm falling short of cash!"
"Gaji x masuk lagi la..."
"Aku x pakai bende2 macam ni...mahal lagipon..."

Does all this sound familiar to you? Aha...I'm pretty sure it does to me. Please raise your hand if you are among those that never face any monetary issues?

(No hands raised. Eyebrows locked closely together...forming a confused look)

That's what I thought.Even if you earn as much as Tyra Banks, of perhaps Kimora, I'm pretty sure both of them had gone through some serious money issues at least once in their lifetime...(Hey, we all started somewhere somehow teehee...!)

Well... If you ask for opinion from a Beauty Junkie like myself...I'd say don't compromise on beauty, no matter what.


Because once you fall out of your usual system /'d fall out of it for quite a loooooongggg time...

And then, you'd start to become malas...

And then, you'd start to not care anymore once you live without them...'d wonder what's wrong with you...


People do comment I blog only on expensive stuff... of which most of us in the normal society can't afford everyday.

Do I?

I'd beg to differ and say that I blog on what I believe is USEFUL and is not HAZARDOUS to be used.... Like I've said, Knives and Needles are a No-no for me...

Sure, they are loads of skincare out there that people do claim that they work wonders....
BUT ARE THEY SAFE? (Alarm Bell Rings...)

As for myself...I don't blog about anything of which I feel is unsafe...

So coming back to a product I discovered at Guardian...

Oslee Rosehip Whitening Mask

This is NOT me, I took this picture from the Internet, because I look too weird in the mask...Unlike this cute lady hehe
Bought: February 2011
Consistency: Thin sheets, smells of Rosehip oil...

Use on weekly basis, spread the mask all over your face. After 20 minutes, remove and rub in the excess liquid into your skin...You don't have to wash off or use moisturizer after this.

The smell of Rosehip...heaven! Keeps me feeling calm...

I don't really fancy sheet masks, to be honest. I find them a bit wasteful... since the contents of the liquid on the masks are usually in excess...

You could see your skin glow...for a while after that... claims to help with pigmentation and dark spots, but I haven't seen any improvements on that.

Overall, its an affordable mask. It does make your skin look slightly clearer and smoother after use..but this effect lasts for a short period of time. However, I haven't experienced any harmful effects whatsover... I'd say its a nice addition to have it in your stash of skincare products when you're on the low...hey, we can't afford to be Queens all the time can we? :)


PTR Max Complexion Correction Pads - Can "At Home Chemical Peels" Continue Their Success Streak?

With all the hype and countless rave reviews coming, its no wonder that the society (myself included) now accepts the arrival of "At Home Chemical Peels" as a 'definite keeper in our household.

Why shouldn't they? They're generally:-

1) Not messy
2) Easy to use ( can be a 1 step or 2 step system)
3) And the effects are VISIBLE... FAST..

As for my personal experience, having used a number of Home Chemical Peels from different Brands, I find a few things intriguing about these "little pads in a jar" based on my countless different experience....

No 1: NOT ALL chemical peels work for EVERYONE

No 2: NOT ALL chemical peels have the same amount acids

No 3: DIFFERENT chemical peels give you different results 
         (i.e glowy skin OR lesser breakouts OR less visible pores OR fading of scars)

So basically, be cautious on the type of peel that you buy...ESPECIALLY the acid content. This is my experience on one product of which sadly didn't suit me at all... Having had rave reviews on the internet, I find myself slightly disheartened with this one, since I wanted it to work so well...
Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads

60 Pads per Jar
The first time I've tried Peter Thomas Roth was when I bought the Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads via online (My Un-wrinkle post shall follow later). Being impressed with that one, I started to really dig into PTR's other products...and found out that this one, the Max Complexion Correction Pads received high ratings too.

Was I booked? Of course I was.

It even made me more excited, with testimonials of users having a reduction in ACNE SCARS (hip hip hurray!) and a huge improvement on acne and blemishes...of course I had to have it.

So there it came one day, via postage to my office. (Naturally my guy collegues always wonder what I order online, and pity their clueless faces even when I have explained to them full-heartedly)

So I guess they are still Malaysian Men, not yet falling in the metrosexual category eyh?

Anyway, after using it for a month...I gave up on these pads... Since these are the effects I've gotten out of them...

1) First few times of use: Dryness, and skin starts to flake, especially above my mouth area...
2) A few weeks of use: Increase sensitivity and dryness...and due to that, my foundation and powder doesn't seem to sit well on my skin.

I've also tried it on my brother (aka voluntary assistant) for a few days..and he developed some acne on his cheeks. Kesian dia ... :( 

I guess in my opinion, it was just too strong for our skin. I do believe that it MIGHT work for anyone who has severe acne since its quite strong...but then again, I'm not convinced...

So now the half-full jar sits under the bathroom sink, untouched for a while...till we decide to dispose it...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Temptation Attack~

Why are temptations so annoying for one too handle? Probably annoyance sets in when you're far too broke, and that's when all those discounts takes place, waving helplessly to you, each screaming "Buy me! I'm Magical! I make you look good! Not just good, Great!"

(Question that us ladies normally ask when buying skin care... ha ha ha)

Sheesh~ Help me...!
This is the time when I dash off, away from those beauty counters at the speed of light. Or else, I'll be forking out a bang of a buck....and to make things worst, the regret does not come at the point where you bought them...but comes at the point where 25th of the month feels so far, and the common eating option would be Tapau or Mamak's place.

Ladies, the story above is a common illustration of what NORMALLY happens to us ladies when temptation gets the better of us.

But do we regret?


Cause that makes us women :)

Anyway, this entry today is just to give my numbly fingers a little "blogging" workout after a month of not writing! So sorry! Been up and about!

Anyway, do wait for my next entry - Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads.
After purchasing it due to rave reviews, you really don't want to miss what I've gotta write about this one.



Tuesday, March 29, 2011

UnSung Heroes Do Their Jobs Better Sometimes!

For every girl, there is always a product which we claim as our Holy Grail or HG, defined as THE product that you tried, used, LOVED, RAVED, and use it again again again... Even if you do get tired of it and decide to switch to another brand (either gatal tangan or  mengada-ngada or just plain bored), you'd still go back to it since by comparison, it had done a great deal to you...

This brought me back to my teenage memories, where my skin care regime was at its simplicity; Johnson's clean-and-clear cleanser, Simple toner, Johnson's Baby Lotion as moisturiser (the very fragrant, powdery smell one in a pink-coloured bottle) and Johnson's Baby Powder when I go to school or go out.

Simple and Pure.

Alas, as age gets the better of us, our dear skin slowly loses its elasticity and quick-healing capabilities. Even a tiny pimple gives us the scare of our life! But don't ever let this get you frustrated and give-up...ALWAYS stick to the 1-2-3 routine no matter what, plus your treatment products (i.e serum, masks or whatever...)

The hunt for the most suitable skin care products never stopped for me...especially Toners.

I have a huge huge fetish for Toners. I used to NOT fancy it as everytime I use them, they either itch OR they break me out. But throught a lot of reading and research, I find that one must not ignore the benefits of using a toner:

1) Closes your pores after cleansing and up to a certain extend, your pores appear to be minimized
2) As an astringent to kill bacteria and germs
3) To clear off dead skin cells
4) To ease the absorption of other skin care products later (moisturizer, serum etc)

Finding the right toner could be a lifesaver, and could really provide you more benefits than what I have stated above. One tip: Toners need not be expensive, you could actually buy them at Guardian or Watsons, as long as it works. Some would refer to toners as a "catalyst" - It is not the MAIN THING in a skin care routine, BUT it definitely shall help.

As for myself, this is what I've found in Guardian more than 6 months ago, and have been using this eversince...definitely a great lifesaver for those with acne-prone skin...I know its quite an unknown brand to you...but trust me, they've been in the business for a very long time.

This Brand known as RoC, is as significant in France as Avene, which is a well-known and trusted Dermal brand.

Dermal Brand: No frills and fancy in smell or packaging, but they work effectively)

You could find this in KLCC's Guardian.

I unveil to you.... - ROC Dermatologic Purif-AC Exfoliating Toner for Acne-Prone Skin

Bought: October 2010
Consistency: Green, watery liquid

Just a few drops for the face and neck, use this toner every night after cleansing. Then, follow with your regular moisturizer.

The texture and smell, and does not leave me feeling dry. I especially love the glow my skin emits after using it...looks really healthy!


Since I've use this toner, its been a LONG time since I've had a serious break-out. Infact, small white bumps that I used to have on the cheeks are completely gone! My brother is also using this toner, and his pores are visibly reduced! He stopped having breakouts too, and he always looks glowy (even without a moisturizer!)


Definitely. The fact its just a toner but it does more than what the other expensive toners do, it's definitely a keeper. In fact, I could proudly say its a HG for me.. :)


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Behold the Power of Japanese Rice...!

It's been weeks since my last posting on the scab issue...But did it dampen my spirits? Obviously not, as you could see I'm still ready for the next review! Hohoho...thank god for the Fruit of The Earth Aloe Vera Gel (the best ever!), it healed fast. However, since the scab was quite a size, it left a small spot on my left is too short for riskless activities, and also gives me more room for experiments, in addition with more "life-saving products" that you'd definitely need on an emergency. Wait for my post "Skin Care Products You Need To Have In Hand AT ALL TIMES" teehee!

Anyway, today I shall be blogging on a maintenance product of which I have been experimenting it for the past 3 months (If I'm not mistaken, the time I bought it, it was in January). Having worked in an air-conditioned environment for the past few years, one could expect that the skin would easily turn out dry, sallow, lifeless yadda yadda yadda. Sometimes you wish that you're in the 70's where outdoor jobs give you warm, glowy skin ala your grannies...Who simply resulted to 'bedak sejuk' and 'gincu' for them to look astounding...

But then again...would you wanna look like a grannie?


Anyway, after a few months of experimenting, I unveil to you what the power of Japanese Rice Extracts could actually do to a women's skin. We have been beknownst to the fact that drinking plain water every day is essential to dehydrate you.  But what about our poor skin?

So I unveil to you the Kose Moisture Skin Repair the name depicts: It's targeted to give your skin more moisture... but does it live up to its claim? (I mean for me that is... :) )


(Sorry haven't gotten more pics, will upload more of it later ya?)

Bought: January 2011
Consistency: A very runny, clear coloured, almost powdery liquid

Just a few drops for the face and neck, use this serum everynight after cleanser and toner. It absorbs really fast. Then, follow with your regular moisturizer.

Hmm....Once absorbed into the skin, it doesn't feel like I've been using anything. Infact, it felt like you put toner on the face. So I was pretty sceptical at first.
However, in these 3 months, I could feel that my skin was less dry working in the air-condition office.

Very light, non-oily, non-greasy. It doesn't break me out too!

I've yet to see more results.

I've actually read great reviews of the product. Infact, I do feel less dry now. But then again, there are also a number of other products that I've been using as well that probably had helped me.

As I have stated, it really targets to lock-in moisture into your skin, thus giving you a long term effect. But if you're looking for something SPECIFIC for acne treatment, dark spots, scars, or even to boost skin clarity, this product would not be for you since what it does is simply hydrates... full stop. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Blessing or A Curse?

With one week gone...busy-ness have escalated this week! And with the scab issue i've been going through last has definitely made an impact on my social life...of which got me thinking of what would other people be feeling...scared, not-confident to face the public, wishing that they would not look at your one "unappealing" area where the scab appears ala 3D on your cheek. Dang!

But then again...with regards to that SCAB issue I've gone through, it also gave me the opportunity to learn how to heal it. Treating scabs are different from treating post-acne spots. Scabs are practically similar to the wound that you'd get when you get cuts from falling from a bicycle...where it becomes brown and crusty...and yeah, imagine having that on your face huh? It does look really bad...

Thus, following a STRICT regime...I managed to make the huge scab go poof! Amazing! So girls, follow this tips and you're definitely in the right path!

1) Don't pick on a scab! Let it heal naturally
2) When you bathe under a warm shower, slowly let the water slide onto your scab... it will slowly wash the dead skin off...but don't peel! 
3) Wash with the gentlest cleanser you have...don't scrub, mask or peel...
4) Use an antibiotic cream after cleansing...THAT'S all. Don't put other things on top....(Antibiotics used: Elomet cream)

Remember: DON'T PICK ON YOUR SCAB. I know it's tempting, but the more you pick, the bigger the wound will be, and blood will flow even more. Lambat baik nanti.PLUS It will make you scar...and that's major.

Scabs are there for a reason: To protect the wound from bacteria and to let new skin grow.



Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Bad Cystic Experience...

Ever come across a product of which you've heard works wonders for other people and yet it destroys you in a night's usage? I believe that's what happened to me over the weekend... sigh...

This Miracle product (apparently an anti-aging product) all hyped up by the press and reviews, it was only fair to give it a try...after all, you only need a few drops of it. There are obviously other anti-aging products that I've tried and so far had worked great; and since this one was one of the leading brands, I'm pretty sure it would work for everyone in general right?


I tried this anti-aging serum (only to be revealed as NR) that worked so well with Mom...seems to help her with her lines immensely...
So I decided to try it.. the moment I applied it on my face, I woke up the next morning with a huge red Cystic Pimple* on my left cheek. Argh! Now it's really red and I need to cover it with huge dollops of powder on it...

Sigh... Thank goodness I didn't  buy a whole big bottle of it...

Morale of the story: Be Extremely Cautious of the Reviews you read. Not everything fits everyone... :(

So now, it back to repairing my skin again...sigh...

*Cystic Acne:
- Differs from the usual type of pimple - 
 much larger and more painful than usual.
- Can be of a diameter as large as 5 mm or more.
- Can appear as bumps under the skin...
- Slow recovery...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

You're No More Be A Grease Monkey Now!

Aha...So as promised, I'll be reviewing the Clarins UV Plus Protective Day Screen SPF 40 today.
And I will shameless admit that at the moment, this is my HG for sunscreens! It has completely revamped those perceptions of what sunscreens were in the past: -

- A Nightmare
- Makes You Look Like A Grease Monkey (unless you're John Travolta who could really pull-off the greasy look...)
- Stings your eyes
- Can't be worn under anything else (makeup, powder, foundation)
- Only to be used during outdoor recreational activities
- Smelly!

All The Goodness In a Bottle

I first stumbled upon this suncreen whilst Mom bought some products there. When the SA first introduced me to this suncreen, of course my first inital expression was "Blearch!!! I don't use sunscreen. They really hinder me from the outdoor stuff I do... They get into my eyes and they sting really bad. Plus, sunscreens are sticky!"

However, it did made me curious as the SA convinced me that it would give you a different experience. Thus, out of curiosity, I bought a smaller sized one, which comes in a form of a small plastic tube. Anyway, the fact that it has SPF 40 protection which is quite high, seems like a good try to me. Very convenient to be kept inside a handbag wherever you'd need to touch up....

Bought: In August 2010
Consistency: A very runny, whitish coloured liquid. 

Just a few drops for the face and neck, this sunscreen is to be worn whenever you step out of the house after your moisturizer. Once applied, it absorbes really quick and does make your skin feel supple...Sometimes, I even wear it without a moisturizer (if I'm really lazy)

This is how it looks like, but for your face you'd only need a few drops
Very nice, ultra light coverage! Gets absorbed straight into your skin and you could proceed with your makeup in less than 5 minutes of application...

Very light texture, sheer with no traces of whitish stains left...and the flowery smell is pretty nice (although, could be slightly overpowering to some people)

Probably the price is a bit steep for a sunscreen, but I don't think it is a big issue given that it works well!

Definitely! I've recently received an RM 30 voucher for Clarins, thus I think I shall break the bank just a lil bit for this lovely product! However, do try to sample the product for at Clarins boutique ya. Some people would prefer to opt for a fragrance free version, thus this might not be a product they would fancy... :)


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Are You Afraid of The Sun??? Now You Don't Have To Anymore...It's Sunscreen Time!

I just adore being in the sun.... The warmth and heat makes me really active! Since I've started to work in an airconditioned environment, I feel so sluggish and my brain seems to be moving slower... So, in a case where a beau would grant his beloved "The Moon" is seen as somewhat romantic, just give me "The Sun" instead and I shall be happily at ease...ahaa...

But as much as I believe that many of us do love being actively outdoor-sy, the Malaysian sun definitely poses a difficulty to us... It burns you really fast, making you tan (some people would go reddish), plus could really make you develop sun spots and to a certain extend, heavily pigmented and freckled.

Alas, the term "Sunscreen" is only familiar to us when we go on a holliday in places where there's sun, sea and sand. Other than that, that small bottle containing icky, whitish stuff shall be left on your dressing table until it becomes dry, disintegrated and cakey, and thus, we'd blame these suncreens for not doing its job well.

Of course,  some suncreens do leave us looking whitish and oily, of which is another reason on why wearing sunscreens are nevertheless, uncommon to us ...I mean, why should we? It would spoil your foundation and powder, is it not? I would not want to look like a grease-ball if I could avoid it!

Ahaa..that's where you thought wrong... :)

In many overseas countries, wearing sunscreen (may it be a tinted sunscreen or tinted moisturizer) is definitely a norm whenever one goes out ... it protects you from risks of getting skin cancer and with the technologies applied by many skincare and makeup manufacturers, it is now easy to find one that :-

- Is light
- Makes you look fresh and dewy
- Is oil-free
- Caters for All Skin Types
- Can be Worn Under Makeup
- Could be used as a replacement to foundation or bb cream for a more sheer coverage
- Does not give you breakouts
- Smells nice!

So you could see that I'm now officially a suncreen addict... :)

Wait for my first suncreen review next - Clarins UV Plus Day Screen High Protection SPF 40
UV Plus Day Screen High Protection SPF 40


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Horoscopes And Well-Being!

Though it is not scientifically proven that horoscopes or star-readings would impact on a person's health and well being, I do realise that many people to a certain extend, would actually take this shorter, more intriguing route of "health-and beauty screening", i.e Horoscopes. Why I may ask?

I believe it's a person's every right to know, PLUS it's probably a much easier way of ascertaining "what you are TOLD be needing" rather than what you actually KNOW what you need (which does require a certain amount of product research and countless tried-and-tested procedures...teehee!)

The reason why I blogged about this was due to the following promotion, posted by my dear friend Ms L.NAR, who'd actually given me a great start of the day by adding a few small chuckles due to a really adorable ad by SaSa...astounding, but I do believe it works in tickling your thoughts on what would actually work for you :)

Seems that according to My Horoscope, I'd be needing a lot of health de-toxify my inner system perhaps? Hmm...doesn't seem like a bad idea... ;p

My Comments?

Regardless whether we are true followers of Horoscopes or just browsing around, it's definitely worth looking at this piece of promotion.... cheerios all!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Darn those acne!

Don't you just hate the ever so dreaded "jerawats"? Commonly felt to all of us as a skin disorder caused by plugged or blocked pores of the skin.

To understand the mechanics on how to properly deal with acne, one should be able to first understand the causes of formation of acne, before moving on to how to get rid of it, with minimal side effects on the skin.

They are many theories on how acne is formed, but a simple understanding would be as the following :

Acne develops when the hair follicles gets blocked with dead skin cells and oil.
Each follicle is connected to the sebaceous gland which secretes oil.
Sebum will typically travel to the hair shaft to the surface of the skin.

However, when the body produces too much oil, the excess amount can be trapped in the hair follicle.
This, when combined with the dead skin cells, can cause acne.

Causes of acne could not be exactly determined, but the common views of professionals would be:

1) Stress
2) Lack of Sleep
3) Hormon changes (especially common to teenagers)
4) Unhealthy Food Intake
5) Lack of exercise
6) Hygiene / Cleanliness

Acne really affects everyone in life, so much as it could be a life-wrecker to most of us. Imagine having to wake up to face the public with whiteheads, blackheads and inflamed pustules* on your face! To many of us, it could definitely affect the probability of chances of getting a great job, of clinching a deal, or even a simple case of being noticed and accepted by the society.

Sure people say that Beauty is Only Skin Deep, but to many of us, ironically we realise the fact that how could we get the attention in the first place in order for people to know your "True Beauty" inside?

I'm not suggesting that you get carried away with achieving the utmost perfection ala "Jennifer Lopez" (who allegedly uses La Mer all over wow?); But then again, why not take the initiative? There's no reason not to take grooming into account.

I mean, just look at the American Presidents and First Ladies and you do get my point.

In any case, it helps to boost your confidence level (Read: Confident, not Cocky), and also indicates that you do take into account of self-grooming to some extend.

But fear not, skin - caring nowadays had been taken to great heights where they are easier and more convenient to do, thus fitting into our busy schedule easily. Also, with the huge number of skin care review sites, its even better to compare before making your purchase.

Just some pint-pointers when caring for your skin, especially when it comes to Acne-prone skin:-

1) Do visit a dermatologist / skin doctor if you can't seem to understand your skin type. Sure your skin has acne, but then again the condition could vary to different peoplle (sensitive and acne prone OR oily and acne prone, OR EVEN dehydrated and acne prone!). Visiting a dermal or a doctor helps you to understand your skin thus, choosing your products wisely.

2) Don't take into account 100% of reviews. Sure, they're based on "user reviews", but every person's skin is different. Not just that, take note that these reviewers come from different races, countries and climates So, analyse carefully before you decide.

3) Carefully read the ingredients stated. For example, Salicylic Acid is a very popular and known to be effective in acne-busting. However, excessive amount could be damaging to the skin (may cause dryness, peeling, stinging) if the content is too much. Thus, it is important to do initial research on the acceptable and tolerable amount of these chemicals/ingredients first before you make a go for it. Then, you would know what to expect out of the usage of these chemicals / ingredients.

To cater for our acne concerns, I'll be reviewing more of the products of which I've tried and tested onto myself, AS WELL AS on my BROTHERS as well, in order to cater for the MEN as well.

Till then!