Friday, July 1, 2011

Raise you wands, ladies!

Can you spot the similarities between these three pictures?





They both have their trusted weapons carried all the time. It's only natural for women to act as such...same as our attitude towards the men we trust...we carry em ALL the time in our hearts...

Anyway, enough on that sneak preview on how I value Trust AND move on with what I actually wish to talk about.

Every woman...and I do mean EVERY woman carries their trusted weapons aka items of which they'd NEVER leave home without. The common ones that are normally in a girl's handbag (mind you gents) depends on the occassion she's up to. We women always imporvise as we could be very fickle-minded at times, and tend to forgo practicality in order to look "effortlessly gorgeous"...

In general, a girl's handbag would normally have the following items:-

1) Lipgloss - many women don't wear lipsticks. They'd prefer the almost-nude, yet plumps and shines, looking utterly kissable
2) Powder - many would definitely carry this. You may not want to look greasy when you go on an important meeting / date
3) Sanitary pads
4) Miniature Perfume - How do you get a person to get close to you in the first place is you don't smell nice? Infact, if you manage to get the right notes, it could make you really sexy.

As for myself, the power tool that I always ALWAYS never forget to carry around is this:-

I don't know what your best friend is, but this one is definitely mine.

No hard feelings to anyone btw...

Lancome Hypnose Waterproof Mascara

I've always been a mascara addict...and I do mean addict. Its an ultimate perk me up during my droopy, eye bag-ish days... and this one works like magic. Having using other brands, they don't come close to this one.
It simply works its charm, to give you full lashes, charming enough to make anybody blush when batting your eyelashes!


It sis sold at a slightly steep price @ RM 93, but I believe this is the 'magic wand' that women should carry in their bags....period.

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