Monday, February 25, 2013

Updates - Burberrry Sheer Luminous Foundation

I know~ I know~ I'm terribly sorry for not updating for quite some time... it has been a hectic month of datelines and adjustment to my new job portfolio. So this morning, I decided not to go down for my usual brekkie...instead stay inside and blog... So many things to write...yet when I actually do sit down to pen down my thoughts, I become speechless... textless... sigh... time to grab some literature books.

I've often joked around my peers that the last time I actually bought a foundation was like... more than a year ago! bleargh!

I guess I have been too busy skin-caring, that makeups is now a secondary thing to me.

Ahahaha...but alas...I couldn't ignore the fact that I had been using the same foundation I bought more than 1 year ago... no wait, even BEFORE I gave birth! gosh...what's wrong with me these days?

Where there is a sin recognised, redemption always comes hand in hand... don't worry Jue... You're pretty much fine... since you don't get those cystic acnes (YET) for quite some time..just shows that the foundation you bought didn't really oxidise that easily...(of perhaps, shall i say, go bad?)

Seems quite a mixed-up story. Last saturday, I was teman-ing hubby on a weekend errand. And for some reason, I couldn't tahan anymore being foundation-less for quite some time.

Went to the Burberry Isetan counter, I expressed a few concerns on my skin issue to the Burberry salesperson.

"Hi there, I wish to re-purchase my Burberry Sheer foundation, but the thing is, I've grown tanned for these past few months, so I believe I need to repurchase a darker shade. The previous one, which is in Trench 05 was too light I believe..."

The girl analysed my skin for a while... and told me: "I think you are wearing the wrong shade. You should be wearing Trench No 06. For some reason, Trench No 05 has a more yellowish tone, and makes you look darker when it oxidises..."

(I seeee........)

Me: So Trench No. 06 macam mana?
Salesperson: Trench No. 06 is slightly lighter than Trench No. 05. But don't worry, since Trench 06 has a pink base, it won't make you look too yellow, and too dark.

I was skeptical (too be honest). Dah la Trench 05 made me look so white..apatah lagi Trench 06 (yang supposedly lagi cerah)... tapi dia kata base warna pink...then bolehlah cuba....


Stay tuned... muahhahahah!