Sunday, September 30, 2012

Update! - Clinique Radiance Renewer Serum.. what a waste!

U may have read the review on the Clinique Serum. Just to cut short, one word of advice - DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY BUYING THIS!

It's LOADED with silicones that blocks the pores. I've used it for 2 weeks and instead of giving me that gave me loads of pimples! Not the small ones tau, the jerawat batu tu!

Nak gambar ke? Nantilah I upload.....

Cuz I look too miserable...

k, enough said ya?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Between Splurges and Steal! - DNT Hair Salon, KLCC

Having kept my hair black has been an accomplishment (on my side at least). But then again, life's too short for safe adventures, so why not add a splash of colour in life when we're still young?

Because sometimes hair coloring could be an expensive affair! Having to color and do monthly re-touches, plus treatments to make sure that your crowning glory looks good and feels great, you really need to have the extra dough at hand... else, you'd be eating pasir and rocks until your next pay-day. Sigh...

But women being women, we constantly find ourselves in a number of unexpected adventures just to keep ourselves entertained, and to fulfill the curious cats in us...whether we make it or break, we never get bored of trying. Which is why, women are basically creatures of survival and adapts towards changes very easily!

ha ha! salute to all women!

So enough with that brief talk on feminism, and on to my next hair review. Well, talking about adventures, I'm sure all of you are familiar with Groupon, right? The website that ultimately provides discount coupons for products and services? Yep, yep..You guessed it. It turned me into an 'online-coupon junkie'...but then again, if I could get the same kinda service for like a fraction of the price, then why not? Its ultimately SMART SHOPPING at its best! one of the purchases that I had made recently was a Voucher by DNT Hair and Beauty Salon in KLCC of which goes as the following: -

Colouring / Perming / Rebonding / Relaxing + Cut + Wash + Blow for RM 108.

Cheap right??? Since its so near to my office, it would be foolish not to purchase it!

But wait! I haven't been to this place. I've only been to Centro and SAW Salon. So I'm kinda having doubts too... But since its so cheap, and I thought what's the worst that can happen at a place in KLCC? And anyway, they're using Loreal hair colour and Shiseido hair products so that's pretty commendable. So I bought it, and set an appointment next friday. Bismillahhhh.........

Compared to the 2 other salons, this salon is relatively smaller. It also has small nail bar for anybody who's interested to do nails. After waited for about 20 minutes, my turn came. A stylist named Zizi attended to me.

Honestly, I didn't wanna make too much of a change onto my hair. Since I have extremely dark eyebrows, its difficult for me to carry light colours. Summore, I'm no mat salleh. I'm Asian and am proud to be one! Hence, let's stick to our roots, shall we? :) 

What I like about the stylist was that he was very attentive and he even recommended me a colour of which he thought suited me best. I initially wanted to go burgundy, but then he recommended something ashy-chocolate which suited my yellow-toned skin. 

Okeyh, sounds great.And since I had made purchase through Groupon, he gave me a 'Groupon' rate for a top-up treatment, which was RM80 for shiseido hair mask. Yay!

Sorry peps, I don't have pics of the preparation. Too embarrassed to take at that moment. But here are pics after my hair colour. What do you think? 

Not bad eyh? To make it short, if you guys ada come across any vouchers for this place, I do recommend it. For the price, I received great service from them, and the colour is great too! 

DNT Beauty Salon
Lot No. 241, Level 2,
Suria KLCC,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 03-2382 2828
Fax No: 03-2382 2838 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Simplicity at Its Best... - Avene Cleanance Anti-Shine Purifying Toner

Remember the post about my beloved ROC Purif-Ac Toner?

Well bad news, peps:- Its sales in Malaysia is discontinued.

Bummer. Why do skincare companies sometimes discontinue the sales of certain products that actually work?

Can't blame 'em. Perhaps the lack of marketing gimmics i.e beautiful bottle designs, delicate fragrant smells, and not being basked by Premier Brands are very much huge plays that may cause them to lose out in popularity, despite being sold half the price at the counters.

Sigh...ponder ponder ponder...

So as a disclaimer, I haven't worn toner for like, a gazillion months!

Do I care? Well...sometimes I don't, sometimes I do (depending on the free time that I could grab since I can't barely split my time between diaper changes, dinner and a relaxing shower...)

Anywhos, my wakeup call was actually when I 'literally wokeup'  one Saturday morning, to find that my face was 'infested' with OPEN PORES.

Wait wait! Since when do I even have this????? Im already unmercifully plagued by dryness and fine lines... and I have to put up with a new addition of unnecessary headache?

Come to think of it, since I have been cleansing and scrubbing without following up with a toner after that, that explains for the increased dryness and leaving out the toner meant that I did not close my pores after the cleaning process. 

Silly Me Willy~

"Your pores look so big that they're smiling at you!" Joked Someone I Know.

THAT'S IT! Ammar dear, get into the car seat...Mummy needs to find something that could at least help me with my Open Pores.


Wandering in Alamanda, I went to SASA. What I like about this is that they have a lot of Brands under one roof, of which some of the products do work, without costing much of a bomb. And since gaji bulan Oktober is just around the corner, I guess I could spare some small cash of what's left to buy something substantial.


Looking over counter after counter, my eyes skewed upon this. 

Avene Cleanance Anti-Shine Purifying Toner

I remembered once about 5 years back, I used to use this. Why did I discontinue usage back then em?

Oh yeah, cuz I met ROC.

But then I remembered, this little buddy from the Avene range has the characteristics of what I always love in Dermal Skincare Brands - Slight powdery smell, no colour, gentle, yet effective in the long run.

What I love about it is...

It has a beautiful balanced mixture of liquid + cottony powder, where the liquid element cleanses and hydrates your skin, whilst the powder element helps to matify your skin and reduce excess sebum.

Specifically, this toner targets those with Sensitive skin, yet battles the issues of oily, acneic skin with redness problems.In addition to this, it helps to reduce the size of pores.

Splendid! Just what I need!

No colour , slight powdery smell

 After 3 days of usage...

Skin feels good so far. Open pores are still there, but then again I wouldn't expect a miraculous turnaround yet...But I'm very satisfied how fresh it makes my skin feels. Moisturizer and foundation glides even better and my acne scabs are drying up pretty quickly.

Plus, it helps to control the shine on your face as well. 

So Avene, Congratulations on such an effortless, fantastic job via something that truly lets its product speak on its own! Hope you'll stay for a long time. I love you!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Clinique Turnaround Instant Facial Masque

Ever been to the Land of Bizarre-ness?

My personal point of view - Its a land where you found certain finds that are unique.

Positive uniqueness? We call it 'Interesting' or 'Creative'.

On a negative tone, Uniqueness is termed as 'Bizarre' ! 

And to throw in a new item I found too bizarre too ignore without mentioning,  would be this :-

My honest opinion...

What was Clinique thinking when they launched this product?

Coming back to basic knowledge, its a mask. So masks are simply supposed to be smothered on the skin after you have cleansed, toned and exfoliated. 

But I wonder, why does it look like this? 

Really looks like a scrub rather than a mask to me!

On another weirder note, if you were to look closely, it actually has some weird properties in it.

Ready to know what it is? 


Jeng Jeng Jeng....! (Confused look?)

I honestly wonder how Clinique could think of coming up with a SKINCARE (NOT MAKEUP) product that has shimmery glitter in it...

Perhaps thats where the 'Radiance' property came in...The glitter makes your face 'shine'.

If that's the case, I might as well buy a bagful of colourful confetti and paste it onto my skin with UHU glue to give me that permanent glitter effect!

Other than the glitter, it just feels like a normal everyday scrub...infact drier and rougher... oh my............what have you done....