Monday, September 3, 2012

Clinique All About Eyes Cream

Wouldn't it be nice to turn this?

Into this?

Leave the Panda alone. He looks great with those black circles.

To us women however, is not the same case. We don't look good as how Pandas would carry it.

 Dark circles, puffiness, fine lines plague you like over-the-top icing decorations on a simple, vanilla cupcake - you don't actually mind them, but its pretty bothersome to see them there.

We love our eyes as much as we love ourselves for that is the point of attraction in the face.

Though many believe they can be hereditary, tired eyes are due to lack of sleep, mental stress, lifestyle habits and bad diet. Whatever be the reason, it's best to work on the problem before it aggravates.

I must admit that I've pretty much given up looking for the best eye cream. Why?

They don't seem to work.

But, do I give up?

Of course not. Burns my fuel more than ever! Ha ha!

So the new item included in my stash of skincare is this:-

Clinique All About Eyes Cream

Lightweight eye cream diminishes the appearance of eye puffs, darkness and fine lines.  For use morning and night, both under eyes and on lids. 

Light Cream Gel Texture

I seriously needed a boost onto my eyes...They look tired, dry and rough... :(

So After 2 weeks of Usage:-
After 2 weeks - No difference

Dark circles - Still there
Lines -Still Prominent
Puffiness - Still there too!

So do I say 'Eureka' ! **  to this?

For a hefty RM140 for this small pot? I don't think so...

- Jue- 

** Eureka - what Archimedes shouted when he found the method to measure uneven volume. Means "I've found it"


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