Thursday, June 30, 2011

When Understatements Screams 'Elegance'... (PART 2)

2) Aishwarya Rai

Being one of Bollywood's actresses that had made fame on the Red Carpets of Hollywood, one can only be envious of her strong, dark features..which is why being overly made-up would look so wrong. Though once adorning a glamourous tiara which crowned her as the 1994's Miss World, Ash proves to us that we only need an LBD (long black dress), simple pieces and a huge confidence to get you walking...

3) J.Lopez

Need I say more? One of those latina goddesses who revolutionised the meaning of 'nudity' in the most fashionable yet classy way...through make-up. However, the 'no-makeup' makeup might not seem an easy feat to be done by just anybody...but with the right technique and right attitude, you're surely be on your way to achieve that sexy goddess appeal...


Understatements never spells out "BORING"... done the right way, you'd prove others than it only takes a few shimmers and sparkles here and there, to create that major show-stopping effect (minus the weird hair, makeup and all...)

So I guess, not everyone should look like this:-



When Understatements Screams 'Elegance'... (PART 1)

I just love philosophies. They offer me muse in every bit of peculiar way one can hardly imagine, which is why movies like "Fight Club", "Silence of The Lambs", "Saw" and "Primal Fear" never fails to get me excited...either the underlying message is wickedly fantastic...or that I find Rom-Coms more often-than-not typically the same, having an increasingly complex,cutsy-wutsie beginning plot, but yet disappointing, and predictable at the end...either way...Edward Norton is such an understated Muse...sigh~


Being understated does not mean that one loses its elegance and poise. Which rule of thumb had determined that one needs to be 'loud' and 'clear; in order to show to the world of their presence?

Her I suppose?

Never thought that Leopard-ish + Funky "Batik" like prints would be a fashion statement...interesting.....

Nice once Gaga, but I seriously doubt that with you, looking like this and hogging the phone, begging for your loved one to go back to you...errr...isn't exactly the best of ideas, if not the worst... :)

I have yet to ascertain as which part of this picture screams "fashionista"....the water goggles or shades or dunno-what-not I presumed?

There are a number of red carpet goddess of which I highly look forward to of their presence eversince I knew what Oscar Awards is... (Btw, I realise its not some show where random people gets a nice looking golden man-like statue...small, compact and cute!)

But ultimately, these women show to the world that UNDERSTATEMENTS could turn out to be effortless but yet, classy...

1)  Dressed in a black strapless Elie Saab gown, and only adorning beautiful emerald-colored jewels for a striking burst of color..complementing her greenish eyes very well...

-to be continued...-

Monday, June 27, 2011


Last week, I pretty much spend one of my nights, watching Titanic...To be honest, the first time the movie was released in the silver screens, I was in my 6th Grade...obviously under-aged, me n mon siblings were  banned from watching that movie..yes, even though it won countless Oscars, I have never actually seen the infamous "You Jump, I Jump" phrase of which, made me look exceedingly heartless in the eyes of public when other people claimed that they cried watching the lovely Jack and Rose during those last bits of scenes...

And guess what, when the movie was recently aired on HBO, my darling 13-year giant (read: my brother) passed by and claimed "Dah tengok banyak kali dahhhh~"...

It left me in a baffled nowadays...

So there I was one day, watching it for the first time ever with another Brother of mine, Quad C. With a bag of Popcorn on my left..and Ayam Goreng Bob (try it: Crispy, No skin...nice...) I watched Titanic intensely...until I noticed an amazing fact...

It was way back in 1998...and Kate Winslet already looked gorgeous...
She has gorgeous skin... that was showstopping..and the Quad C pretty much banged my head for my diverting interest of appreciating the aesthetics, rather than the beauty of the movie itself...

Hey, I do give compliments (and Critics) when due, ait?

That led me to google on her beauty tips...

These are my findings. typical? you be the judge...

1)  A common advice which she always takes into account is: it doesn’t matter how tired, exhausted, or burned out you are, you must always take your make-up off. While you’re sleeping, your skin is working hard to renew its cells.  

2)  Kate does Pilates to be in shape, but this is not a matter of obsession for her. She’s one of the actresses who claim that women should be happy by accepting themselves as they are. Restrictions about food can be a nightmare for any woman; she prefers to have a relaxed and calm life in order to take care of herself. Does she eat chocolate? Sure, but not too much. Does she drink sodas? Of course, not often, but when she does, she drinks a fat Coke, what she calls “the real stuff”.

3) Kate takes lysine to combat pimples. The 35-year-old actress confesses she deals with unsightly outbreaks on her face by taking the essential amino-acid, but has to use it regularly, otherwise the zits return.

Be Inspired...

During drinks with a dear friend of mine, I've learn to realise how powerful inspiration works on you...It kept shakespeare sane, and instead of being remembered as nutty and dillusional, who writes what only he himself could understand, unique experiences with life gave him inspiration, leading to beautiful and creative ideas that made him beknownst to the world as the most powerful and most remembered writer in history time...

And the relevance to my post today?

I really need inspiration...with escalating amount of work and countless sleepless nights which humbled the power of strong, full-bodied coffee to kick-start the brain...Blankness hits me like a passing-by truck...only that it doesn't stop when it hit you....


Monday, June 6, 2011

Estee Lauder Double Wear Moisture Powder Stay-in-Place Makeup

The search for Compact Powder ALWAYS is an issue with women.

If it's not the shade, its the texture
If it's not the texture, it's the coverage
If it's not the coverage, it's the nice cute case...


It's called saja-saja gatal nak try teehee!

That's make us women altogether...we're always adventurous...

Anyway, I myself, to tell you the truth, haven't actually been an Estee Lauder Cosmetics fan. Not that I have issues against Estee Lauder, but people just have their preferences. But to show you the unbiased side of me, I've recently (many months ago) went for a 'Bedak' spree, in the quest of looking for a replacement of the powder I'm currently using. Reason being is that the powder I'm was using is not easily bought over the counters of any department stores (i.e Isetan, Parkson or even Sephora for that matter).
Thus, re-purchasing is hard , especially during the time when I dreadfully need it the most (read: even sunshades can't protect you from having to deal with gasps and gawkings from the majority of crowd...)
Anyway, I was surfing and I've read on Estee's Double Wear Moisture Stay-in-Place.

I was very much interested due to its moisturising properties, since my skin was more to the dry side at certain areas. Thus, I went to Isetan one fine day and made a purchase.
However, my excitement was hampered by the unpleasant looks of the SA (Having a bad day I believe?)and . I do have issues against "unhelpful" assistants, and this particular one just simply used a tissue and swiped a really miniscule amount of the powder onto a small part of my left cheek.

I did argue that the shade was too light, but she claimed that I can't be using a darker shade of powder as it will make me look burnt.
I beg to differ. My foundation was already a lighter colour, so a lighter powder shall make me look similar to a Chinese Opera Singer...
(Don't get me wrong...Opera Singers are great, I don't think wearing their makeup to work is a good idea..)

Anyway, nevertheless I bought that particular shade (due to I didn't feel like arguing that much with the SA, resulting to RM175, burning a hole in my pocket...)

This is how the product looked like

Been using it for around 4 months... for some reason, the texture felt a bit heavy....and by noon, my face looked pretty oily in certain areas.
As for the moisturising component, I'm not too sure about it...

BUT, due to the wrong shade applied (I should have listened to my gut feeling), my face looked too white, and looked too different from my neck.

SAME as wearing a mask.

Due to this, and the HEFTY price...I didn't bother to re-purchase....but it would probably due be to the fact that the I was angry with the SA, thus causing me to PRE-JUDGE the product itself...

Poor Estee....

Low on Budget? Don't Compromise!

"I'm falling short of cash!"
"Gaji x masuk lagi la..."
"Aku x pakai bende2 macam ni...mahal lagipon..."

Does all this sound familiar to you? Aha...I'm pretty sure it does to me. Please raise your hand if you are among those that never face any monetary issues?

(No hands raised. Eyebrows locked closely together...forming a confused look)

That's what I thought.Even if you earn as much as Tyra Banks, of perhaps Kimora, I'm pretty sure both of them had gone through some serious money issues at least once in their lifetime...(Hey, we all started somewhere somehow teehee...!)

Well... If you ask for opinion from a Beauty Junkie like myself...I'd say don't compromise on beauty, no matter what.


Because once you fall out of your usual system /'d fall out of it for quite a loooooongggg time...

And then, you'd start to become malas...

And then, you'd start to not care anymore once you live without them...'d wonder what's wrong with you...


People do comment I blog only on expensive stuff... of which most of us in the normal society can't afford everyday.

Do I?

I'd beg to differ and say that I blog on what I believe is USEFUL and is not HAZARDOUS to be used.... Like I've said, Knives and Needles are a No-no for me...

Sure, they are loads of skincare out there that people do claim that they work wonders....
BUT ARE THEY SAFE? (Alarm Bell Rings...)

As for myself...I don't blog about anything of which I feel is unsafe...

So coming back to a product I discovered at Guardian...

Oslee Rosehip Whitening Mask

This is NOT me, I took this picture from the Internet, because I look too weird in the mask...Unlike this cute lady hehe
Bought: February 2011
Consistency: Thin sheets, smells of Rosehip oil...

Use on weekly basis, spread the mask all over your face. After 20 minutes, remove and rub in the excess liquid into your skin...You don't have to wash off or use moisturizer after this.

The smell of Rosehip...heaven! Keeps me feeling calm...

I don't really fancy sheet masks, to be honest. I find them a bit wasteful... since the contents of the liquid on the masks are usually in excess...

You could see your skin glow...for a while after that... claims to help with pigmentation and dark spots, but I haven't seen any improvements on that.

Overall, its an affordable mask. It does make your skin look slightly clearer and smoother after use..but this effect lasts for a short period of time. However, I haven't experienced any harmful effects whatsover... I'd say its a nice addition to have it in your stash of skincare products when you're on the low...hey, we can't afford to be Queens all the time can we? :)


PTR Max Complexion Correction Pads - Can "At Home Chemical Peels" Continue Their Success Streak?

With all the hype and countless rave reviews coming, its no wonder that the society (myself included) now accepts the arrival of "At Home Chemical Peels" as a 'definite keeper in our household.

Why shouldn't they? They're generally:-

1) Not messy
2) Easy to use ( can be a 1 step or 2 step system)
3) And the effects are VISIBLE... FAST..

As for my personal experience, having used a number of Home Chemical Peels from different Brands, I find a few things intriguing about these "little pads in a jar" based on my countless different experience....

No 1: NOT ALL chemical peels work for EVERYONE

No 2: NOT ALL chemical peels have the same amount acids

No 3: DIFFERENT chemical peels give you different results 
         (i.e glowy skin OR lesser breakouts OR less visible pores OR fading of scars)

So basically, be cautious on the type of peel that you buy...ESPECIALLY the acid content. This is my experience on one product of which sadly didn't suit me at all... Having had rave reviews on the internet, I find myself slightly disheartened with this one, since I wanted it to work so well...
Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads

60 Pads per Jar
The first time I've tried Peter Thomas Roth was when I bought the Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads via online (My Un-wrinkle post shall follow later). Being impressed with that one, I started to really dig into PTR's other products...and found out that this one, the Max Complexion Correction Pads received high ratings too.

Was I booked? Of course I was.

It even made me more excited, with testimonials of users having a reduction in ACNE SCARS (hip hip hurray!) and a huge improvement on acne and blemishes...of course I had to have it.

So there it came one day, via postage to my office. (Naturally my guy collegues always wonder what I order online, and pity their clueless faces even when I have explained to them full-heartedly)

So I guess they are still Malaysian Men, not yet falling in the metrosexual category eyh?

Anyway, after using it for a month...I gave up on these pads... Since these are the effects I've gotten out of them...

1) First few times of use: Dryness, and skin starts to flake, especially above my mouth area...
2) A few weeks of use: Increase sensitivity and dryness...and due to that, my foundation and powder doesn't seem to sit well on my skin.

I've also tried it on my brother (aka voluntary assistant) for a few days..and he developed some acne on his cheeks. Kesian dia ... :( 

I guess in my opinion, it was just too strong for our skin. I do believe that it MIGHT work for anyone who has severe acne since its quite strong...but then again, I'm not convinced...

So now the half-full jar sits under the bathroom sink, untouched for a while...till we decide to dispose it...