Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Clash of The Serums! - Clinique Radiance Renewer vs Estee's Night Repair

Helo helo and Selamat Hari Raya to all my dear readers. My sincere apologies for not being able to update for quite some time. After a long raya break (plus getting over the tiredness of puasa and the frustration of piling up the post-raya pounds), this slightly fatter-yet-happier mummy sits in front of the desktop, thinking and racking out brains on trying to make her blog seem more interesting. As you've noticed, I've changed the template one-to-many times; shows the unsettled state of mind I'm at (for god knows what reason)...either that, or just the fact that I simply love change, as well as trial-and-error.

Same goes to my latest post today. The Estee Lauder ANR has been a staple in my regime. Why?
Cuz its simplistic in nature, providing all-in-one treatment (hydration plus anti-oxidant plus refining) in a very classy looking bottle.

For a mommy with a busy schedule like myself, this provides me with great sense of practicality

But wait! My other 'gatal' and 'curious' side starts to become adventurous again. So yesterday after work whilst I was in KLCC looking for baby Ammar's ABC book, I stopped at Isetan KLCC to look out for anything interesting.

And I stumbled upon this:-

Clinique Radiance Renewer (RR for short) Serum 

So I already am happy with ANR. Why should I go for this?

So the SA cum skin consultant cheerfully explained to me on the main benefits of this serum. As the name clearly states, this is a fast acting exfoliating serum which instantly creates a luminous-from-within radiance. and reveals skin's finest texture. Overtime, it works to optimise natural cell renewal, gently, continually, unveiling skin that's brighter, healthier, more uniform.

RADIANCE. That's the keyword.

I look at my skin...yeah, I do have yellowish, sallow skin. I need radiance. BUT I already am happy with the works of ANR. So how?

To compare between the ANR and RR, I'll depict this in a table below.

Yes, I'm highly analytical when it comes to skincare. I'm sure you are too.



Anti-aging, Anti-Oxidant, Smoothing
Radiance boosting, pore minimising
Clear, watery, brownish liquid

Cream texture (velvety on skin)

Skin type
Mature skin (as a repair treatment), Youth skin (as prevention)
More to normal, combination skin
Need to use a lot of moisturizer on top.
30ml – RM240
50ml – RM330
30ml – RM200
50ml – RM280
Hydrating properties
Feeling on skin
Skin feels hydrated and supple
Skin feels velvety, but smooth

 So as what they say, pat your chest and ask your appetite (tepuk dada tanya selera), both serums target different skin types, and treats different skin concerns. Thus, its all up to you.

But for a person like me, I would go for ANR cuz I prefer watery textures and hassle free, all-in-one treatment that I could rely on, in days where I'm just too lazy.

So, any thoughts?


Monday, August 6, 2012

Hair Alert - Curlers and Trimmers, Sri Hartamas

I am a hair freak. Period. I've been trimming, treating and blow-drying my hair for as long as I can remember. God knows how blonde and how short my hair has been...alas, I still prefer natural black, since I have extremely thick eyebrows that spoils any effect of colouring or highlighting. 

And yes, I'm not ready to dye my brows brown yet!

And out of the countless number of salons I've been, so many good (and bad!) experiences that I've gone through. Nevertheless, this is the one I've always gone back to since I was 2!

Curlers and Trimmers

Proud owner - Annita Hisham
Its a lovely cosy, 2-storey salon situated in Desa Sri Hartamas where you could get excellent hair care and colouring service either by the Artistic Director herself, or the senior stylist. 

Reasons why I love this place:-
1) Its cosy and they serve really nice lattes
2) Professional hair cutting service, never had any dissatisfaction
3) They are not stingy with their hair products - they don't cut corners...everything they use is REDKEN..from the moment you wash your hair, until when you blow dry it.
4) Hair always looks healthy..at ALL times...

So now I present you with some pics of my visits with Curlers and Trimmers... 

BEWARE, camwhoring alert. Im only posting these pics to demonstrate their great work on my and other people...not as a measure of perasan-ness.

 Back in 2008 (I think...) - Medium length with waves
Makeup - None (I was so pimply back then, I didn't want to cover my face with anything)

 One of my faves - Chocolate colour, medium length with curls...
But colouring is huge maintenance, of which I can't afford as a monthly routine.

 An Innocent Twist 
 Neck length, layered cut
Makeup - Just a stoke of mascara and lipgloss

 With my cousins - Nad, Sha and Me.
Nad opt for medium length Anack-Su-Namun, and Sha for shorter, k-pop styled bob.

 A Night Out
Before my friend's bridal shower. No cuts, just curly blow drying at the ends.
Makeup - Dark eyes, Fuscia lips

So if you guys are thinking of some great raya hair do, come to Curlers and experience how great hair can make you feel like a million bucks!


Snowy White...So bright...Will You Sing For Me Tonight?

It's the 8th of August..and I am officially broke! Went for a shopping spree over the weekend with an original purpose to buy Ammar's Baju Raya, I ended up buying myself a whole load of new shirts,
 t-shirts, jeans and khakis...


But then again, remembering the fact that I stopped shopping for clothes for almost a year ago ( 9 months pregnancy + 2 months confinement) made me felt better.

Yes, this is not me wallowing in self pity, trying to console my self.... This is the REAL me...no new clothes, thus I've always been in tees and faded worn-out jeans...sedih tak...

Then again....splurging in a pricey powder + makeup base does not match 
a begger's pocket either. 

But who cares? I am ready to be bombarded with all your criticisms ...as long as I don't hurt anybody's pockets except mine, I'm absolutely fineeeee... :D

So here I am again in Isetan KLCC...I've had the urgency to buy a new powder, since my favourite Burberry Sheer powder had ran out. I seriously am surprised with myself, for living in grease for 2 solid days.

I realised that despite how much I loved Burberry, I had some issues:-

1) The content only lasted me 2-3 months....
2) Burberry has no refill

Hmmm...thats sad don't you think..? Oh well... So off I wondered in Isetan and I decided to look up Diorskin Forever at the Dior Counter.

The SA was extremely nice and helpful. I voiced out my concerns where I prefer sheer coverage with some SPF protection, and also has some moisturising properties.

She recommended me to try the Diorsnow Light Veil Compact Powder with Hydra Life Dior Base de Teint (makeup base) for hydration. 

The Powder

The Light Veil Powder is said to contain skin-caring properties, since it belongs to the DiorSnow Family. Upon regular application, its suppose to even out your skin  tones... 
Application is an ease, using the brush or the sponge.

I love how light and soft it feels on the skin...absolutely divine!

Although it says that the application gives a sheer look, I really love the coverage it gives..
not too much, not too nude...

The Base

I totally heart this base. Upon application, skin becomes smooth, supple and bouncy!
Plus, it contains hydration properties, so your skin stays well-moisturised even with the 
heavy makeup over it.

Couple both these 2 items and BAM! You get a winning combo! 

Life couldn't be better for this poor little begger...