Tuesday, March 29, 2011

UnSung Heroes Do Their Jobs Better Sometimes!

For every girl, there is always a product which we claim as our Holy Grail or HG, defined as THE product that you tried, used, LOVED, RAVED, and use it again again again... Even if you do get tired of it and decide to switch to another brand (either gatal tangan or  mengada-ngada or just plain bored), you'd still go back to it since by comparison, it had done a great deal to you...

This brought me back to my teenage memories, where my skin care regime was at its simplicity; Johnson's clean-and-clear cleanser, Simple toner, Johnson's Baby Lotion as moisturiser (the very fragrant, powdery smell one in a pink-coloured bottle) and Johnson's Baby Powder when I go to school or go out.

Simple and Pure.

Alas, as age gets the better of us, our dear skin slowly loses its elasticity and quick-healing capabilities. Even a tiny pimple gives us the scare of our life! But don't ever let this get you frustrated and give-up...ALWAYS stick to the 1-2-3 routine no matter what, plus your treatment products (i.e serum, masks or whatever...)

The hunt for the most suitable skin care products never stopped for me...especially Toners.

I have a huge huge fetish for Toners. I used to NOT fancy it as everytime I use them, they either itch OR they break me out. But throught a lot of reading and research, I find that one must not ignore the benefits of using a toner:

1) Closes your pores after cleansing and up to a certain extend, your pores appear to be minimized
2) As an astringent to kill bacteria and germs
3) To clear off dead skin cells
4) To ease the absorption of other skin care products later (moisturizer, serum etc)

Finding the right toner could be a lifesaver, and could really provide you more benefits than what I have stated above. One tip: Toners need not be expensive, you could actually buy them at Guardian or Watsons, as long as it works. Some would refer to toners as a "catalyst" - It is not the MAIN THING in a skin care routine, BUT it definitely shall help.

As for myself, this is what I've found in Guardian more than 6 months ago, and have been using this eversince...definitely a great lifesaver for those with acne-prone skin...I know its quite an unknown brand to you...but trust me, they've been in the business for a very long time.

This Brand known as RoC, is as significant in France as Avene, which is a well-known and trusted Dermal brand.

Dermal Brand: No frills and fancy in smell or packaging, but they work effectively)

You could find this in KLCC's Guardian.

I unveil to you.... - ROC Dermatologic Purif-AC Exfoliating Toner for Acne-Prone Skin

Bought: October 2010
Consistency: Green, watery liquid

Just a few drops for the face and neck, use this toner every night after cleansing. Then, follow with your regular moisturizer.

The texture and smell, and does not leave me feeling dry. I especially love the glow my skin emits after using it...looks really healthy!


Since I've use this toner, its been a LONG time since I've had a serious break-out. Infact, small white bumps that I used to have on the cheeks are completely gone! My brother is also using this toner, and his pores are visibly reduced! He stopped having breakouts too, and he always looks glowy (even without a moisturizer!)

 I mean...wow....

Definitely. The fact its just a toner but it does more than what the other expensive toners do, it's definitely a keeper. In fact, I could proudly say its a HG for me.. :)


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Behold the Power of Japanese Rice...!

It's been weeks since my last posting on the scab issue...But did it dampen my spirits? Obviously not, as you could see I'm still well-and-good...plus ready for the next review! Hohoho...thank god for the Fruit of The Earth Aloe Vera Gel (the best ever!), it healed fast. However, since the scab was quite a size, it left a small spot on my left cheek...nevermind...life is too short for riskless activities, and also gives me more room for experiments, in addition with more "life-saving products" that you'd definitely need on an emergency. Wait for my post "Skin Care Products You Need To Have In Hand AT ALL TIMES" teehee!

Anyway, today I shall be blogging on a maintenance product of which I have been experimenting it for the past 3 months (If I'm not mistaken, the time I bought it, it was in January). Having worked in an air-conditioned environment for the past few years, one could expect that the skin would easily turn out dry, sallow, lifeless yadda yadda yadda. Sometimes you wish that you're in the 70's where outdoor jobs give you warm, glowy skin ala your grannies...Who simply resulted to 'bedak sejuk' and 'gincu' for them to look astounding...

But then again...would you wanna look like a grannie?


Anyway, after a few months of experimenting, I unveil to you what the power of Japanese Rice Extracts could actually do to a women's skin. We have been beknownst to the fact that drinking plain water every day is essential to dehydrate you.  But what about our poor skin?

So I unveil to you the Kose Moisture Skin Repair Essence...as the name depicts: It's targeted to give your skin more moisture... but does it live up to its claim? (I mean for me that is... :) )


(Sorry haven't gotten more pics, will upload more of it later ya?)

Bought: January 2011
Consistency: A very runny, clear coloured, almost powdery liquid

Just a few drops for the face and neck, use this serum everynight after cleanser and toner. It absorbs really fast. Then, follow with your regular moisturizer.

Hmm....Once absorbed into the skin, it doesn't feel like I've been using anything. Infact, it felt like you put toner on the face. So I was pretty sceptical at first.
However, in these 3 months, I could feel that my skin was less dry working in the air-condition office.

Very light, non-oily, non-greasy. It doesn't break me out too!

I've yet to see more results.

I've actually read great reviews of the product. Infact, I do feel less dry now. But then again, there are also a number of other products that I've been using as well that probably had helped me.

As I have stated, it really targets to lock-in moisture into your skin, thus giving you a long term effect. But if you're looking for something SPECIFIC for acne treatment, dark spots, scars, or even to boost skin clarity, this product would not be for you since what it does is simply hydrates... full stop. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Blessing or A Curse?

With one week gone...busy-ness have escalated this week! And with the scab issue i've been going through last week...it has definitely made an impact on my social life...of which got me thinking of what would other people be feeling...scared, not-confident to face the public, wishing that they would not look at your one "unappealing" area where the scab appears ala 3D on your cheek. Dang!

But then again...with regards to that SCAB issue I've gone through, it also gave me the opportunity to learn how to heal it. Treating scabs are different from treating post-acne spots. Scabs are practically similar to the wound that you'd get when you get cuts from falling from a bicycle...where it becomes brown and crusty...and yeah, imagine having that on your face huh? It does look really bad...

Thus, following a STRICT regime...I managed to make the huge scab go poof! Amazing! So girls, follow this tips and you're definitely in the right path!

1) Don't pick on a scab! Let it heal naturally
2) When you bathe under a warm shower, slowly let the water slide onto your scab... it will slowly wash the dead skin off...but don't peel! 
3) Wash with the gentlest cleanser you have...don't scrub, mask or peel...
4) Use an antibiotic cream after cleansing...THAT'S all. Don't put other things on top....(Antibiotics used: Elomet cream)

Remember: DON'T PICK ON YOUR SCAB. I know it's tempting, but the more you pick, the bigger the wound will be, and blood will flow even more. Lambat baik nanti.PLUS It will make you scar...and that's major.

Scabs are there for a reason: To protect the wound from bacteria and to let new skin grow.