Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Behold the Power of Japanese Rice...!

It's been weeks since my last posting on the scab issue...But did it dampen my spirits? Obviously not, as you could see I'm still well-and-good...plus ready for the next review! Hohoho...thank god for the Fruit of The Earth Aloe Vera Gel (the best ever!), it healed fast. However, since the scab was quite a size, it left a small spot on my left cheek...nevermind...life is too short for riskless activities, and also gives me more room for experiments, in addition with more "life-saving products" that you'd definitely need on an emergency. Wait for my post "Skin Care Products You Need To Have In Hand AT ALL TIMES" teehee!

Anyway, today I shall be blogging on a maintenance product of which I have been experimenting it for the past 3 months (If I'm not mistaken, the time I bought it, it was in January). Having worked in an air-conditioned environment for the past few years, one could expect that the skin would easily turn out dry, sallow, lifeless yadda yadda yadda. Sometimes you wish that you're in the 70's where outdoor jobs give you warm, glowy skin ala your grannies...Who simply resulted to 'bedak sejuk' and 'gincu' for them to look astounding...

But then again...would you wanna look like a grannie?


Anyway, after a few months of experimenting, I unveil to you what the power of Japanese Rice Extracts could actually do to a women's skin. We have been beknownst to the fact that drinking plain water every day is essential to dehydrate you.  But what about our poor skin?

So I unveil to you the Kose Moisture Skin Repair Essence...as the name depicts: It's targeted to give your skin more moisture... but does it live up to its claim? (I mean for me that is... :) )


(Sorry haven't gotten more pics, will upload more of it later ya?)

Bought: January 2011
Consistency: A very runny, clear coloured, almost powdery liquid

Just a few drops for the face and neck, use this serum everynight after cleanser and toner. It absorbs really fast. Then, follow with your regular moisturizer.

Hmm....Once absorbed into the skin, it doesn't feel like I've been using anything. Infact, it felt like you put toner on the face. So I was pretty sceptical at first.
However, in these 3 months, I could feel that my skin was less dry working in the air-condition office.

Very light, non-oily, non-greasy. It doesn't break me out too!

I've yet to see more results.

I've actually read great reviews of the product. Infact, I do feel less dry now. But then again, there are also a number of other products that I've been using as well that probably had helped me.

As I have stated, it really targets to lock-in moisture into your skin, thus giving you a long term effect. But if you're looking for something SPECIFIC for acne treatment, dark spots, scars, or even to boost skin clarity, this product would not be for you since what it does is simply hydrates... full stop. 

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