Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Bad Cystic Experience...

Ever come across a product of which you've heard works wonders for other people and yet it destroys you in a night's usage? I believe that's what happened to me over the weekend... sigh...

This Miracle product (apparently an anti-aging product) all hyped up by the press and reviews, it was only fair to give it a try...after all, you only need a few drops of it. There are obviously other anti-aging products that I've tried and so far had worked great; and since this one was one of the leading brands, I'm pretty sure it would work for everyone in general right?


I tried this anti-aging serum (only to be revealed as NR) that worked so well with Mom...seems to help her with her lines immensely...
So I decided to try it.. the moment I applied it on my face, I woke up the next morning with a huge red Cystic Pimple* on my left cheek. Argh! Now it's really red and I need to cover it with huge dollops of powder on it...

Sigh... Thank goodness I didn't  buy a whole big bottle of it...

Morale of the story: Be Extremely Cautious of the Reviews you read. Not everything fits everyone... :(

So now, it back to repairing my skin again...sigh...

*Cystic Acne:
- Differs from the usual type of pimple - 
 much larger and more painful than usual.
- Can be of a diameter as large as 5 mm or more.
- Can appear as bumps under the skin...
- Slow recovery...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

You're No More Be A Grease Monkey Now!

Aha...So as promised, I'll be reviewing the Clarins UV Plus Protective Day Screen SPF 40 today.
And I will shameless admit that at the moment, this is my HG for sunscreens! It has completely revamped those perceptions of what sunscreens were in the past: -

- A Nightmare
- Makes You Look Like A Grease Monkey (unless you're John Travolta who could really pull-off the greasy look...)
- Stings your eyes
- Can't be worn under anything else (makeup, powder, foundation)
- Only to be used during outdoor recreational activities
- Smelly!

All The Goodness In a Bottle

I first stumbled upon this suncreen whilst Mom bought some products there. When the SA first introduced me to this suncreen, of course my first inital expression was "Blearch!!! I don't use sunscreen. They really hinder me from the outdoor stuff I do... They get into my eyes and they sting really bad. Plus, sunscreens are sticky!"

However, it did made me curious as the SA convinced me that it would give you a different experience. Thus, out of curiosity, I bought a smaller sized one, which comes in a form of a small plastic tube. Anyway, the fact that it has SPF 40 protection which is quite high, seems like a good try to me. Very convenient to be kept inside a handbag wherever you'd need to touch up....

Bought: In August 2010
Consistency: A very runny, whitish coloured liquid. 

Just a few drops for the face and neck, this sunscreen is to be worn whenever you step out of the house after your moisturizer. Once applied, it absorbes really quick and does make your skin feel supple...Sometimes, I even wear it without a moisturizer (if I'm really lazy)

This is how it looks like, but for your face you'd only need a few drops
Very nice, ultra light coverage! Gets absorbed straight into your skin and you could proceed with your makeup in less than 5 minutes of application...

Very light texture, sheer with no traces of whitish stains left...and the flowery smell is pretty nice (although, could be slightly overpowering to some people)

Probably the price is a bit steep for a sunscreen, but I don't think it is a big issue given that it works well!

Definitely! I've recently received an RM 30 voucher for Clarins, thus I think I shall break the bank just a lil bit for this lovely product! However, do try to sample the product for at Clarins boutique ya. Some people would prefer to opt for a fragrance free version, thus this might not be a product they would fancy... :)


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Are You Afraid of The Sun??? Now You Don't Have To Anymore...It's Sunscreen Time!

I just adore being in the sun.... The warmth and heat makes me really active! Since I've started to work in an airconditioned environment, I feel so sluggish and my brain seems to be moving slower... So, in a case where a beau would grant his beloved "The Moon" is seen as somewhat romantic, just give me "The Sun" instead and I shall be happily at ease...ahaa...

But as much as I believe that many of us do love being actively outdoor-sy, the Malaysian sun definitely poses a difficulty to us... It burns you really fast, making you tan (some people would go reddish), plus could really make you develop sun spots and to a certain extend, heavily pigmented and freckled.

Alas, the term "Sunscreen" is only familiar to us when we go on a holliday in places where there's sun, sea and sand. Other than that, that small bottle containing icky, whitish stuff shall be left on your dressing table until it becomes dry, disintegrated and cakey, and thus, we'd blame these suncreens for not doing its job well.

Of course,  some suncreens do leave us looking whitish and oily, of which is another reason on why wearing sunscreens are nevertheless, uncommon to us ...I mean, why should we? It would spoil your foundation and powder, is it not? I would not want to look like a grease-ball if I could avoid it!

Ahaa..that's where you thought wrong... :)

In many overseas countries, wearing sunscreen (may it be a tinted sunscreen or tinted moisturizer) is definitely a norm whenever one goes out ... it protects you from risks of getting skin cancer and with the technologies applied by many skincare and makeup manufacturers, it is now easy to find one that :-

- Is light
- Makes you look fresh and dewy
- Is oil-free
- Caters for All Skin Types
- Can be Worn Under Makeup
- Could be used as a replacement to foundation or bb cream for a more sheer coverage
- Does not give you breakouts
- Smells nice!

So you could see that I'm now officially a suncreen addict... :)

Wait for my first suncreen review next - Clarins UV Plus Day Screen High Protection SPF 40
UV Plus Day Screen High Protection SPF 40


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Horoscopes And Well-Being!

Though it is not scientifically proven that horoscopes or star-readings would impact on a person's health and well being, I do realise that many people to a certain extend, would actually take this shorter, more intriguing route of "health-and beauty screening", i.e Horoscopes. Why I may ask?

I believe it's a person's every right to know, PLUS it's probably a much easier way of ascertaining "what you are TOLD be needing" rather than what you actually KNOW what you need (which does require a certain amount of product research and countless tried-and-tested procedures...teehee!)

The reason why I blogged about this was due to the following promotion, posted by my dear friend Ms L.NAR, who'd actually given me a great start of the day by adding a few small chuckles due to a really adorable ad by SaSa...astounding, but I do believe it works in tickling your thoughts on what would actually work for you :)

Seems that according to My Horoscope, I'd be needing a lot of health de-toxify my inner system perhaps? Hmm...doesn't seem like a bad idea... ;p

My Comments?

Regardless whether we are true followers of Horoscopes or just browsing around, it's definitely worth looking at this piece of promotion.... cheerios all!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Darn those acne!

Don't you just hate the ever so dreaded "jerawats"? Commonly felt to all of us as a skin disorder caused by plugged or blocked pores of the skin.

To understand the mechanics on how to properly deal with acne, one should be able to first understand the causes of formation of acne, before moving on to how to get rid of it, with minimal side effects on the skin.

They are many theories on how acne is formed, but a simple understanding would be as the following :

Acne develops when the hair follicles gets blocked with dead skin cells and oil.
Each follicle is connected to the sebaceous gland which secretes oil.
Sebum will typically travel to the hair shaft to the surface of the skin.

However, when the body produces too much oil, the excess amount can be trapped in the hair follicle.
This, when combined with the dead skin cells, can cause acne.

Causes of acne could not be exactly determined, but the common views of professionals would be:

1) Stress
2) Lack of Sleep
3) Hormon changes (especially common to teenagers)
4) Unhealthy Food Intake
5) Lack of exercise
6) Hygiene / Cleanliness

Acne really affects everyone in life, so much as it could be a life-wrecker to most of us. Imagine having to wake up to face the public with whiteheads, blackheads and inflamed pustules* on your face! To many of us, it could definitely affect the probability of chances of getting a great job, of clinching a deal, or even a simple case of being noticed and accepted by the society.

Sure people say that Beauty is Only Skin Deep, but to many of us, ironically we realise the fact that how could we get the attention in the first place in order for people to know your "True Beauty" inside?

I'm not suggesting that you get carried away with achieving the utmost perfection ala "Jennifer Lopez" (who allegedly uses La Mer all over wow?); But then again, why not take the initiative? There's no reason not to take grooming into account.

I mean, just look at the American Presidents and First Ladies and you do get my point.

In any case, it helps to boost your confidence level (Read: Confident, not Cocky), and also indicates that you do take into account of self-grooming to some extend.

But fear not, skin - caring nowadays had been taken to great heights where they are easier and more convenient to do, thus fitting into our busy schedule easily. Also, with the huge number of skin care review sites, its even better to compare before making your purchase.

Just some pint-pointers when caring for your skin, especially when it comes to Acne-prone skin:-

1) Do visit a dermatologist / skin doctor if you can't seem to understand your skin type. Sure your skin has acne, but then again the condition could vary to different peoplle (sensitive and acne prone OR oily and acne prone, OR EVEN dehydrated and acne prone!). Visiting a dermal or a doctor helps you to understand your skin thus, choosing your products wisely.

2) Don't take into account 100% of reviews. Sure, they're based on "user reviews", but every person's skin is different. Not just that, take note that these reviewers come from different races, countries and climates So, analyse carefully before you decide.

3) Carefully read the ingredients stated. For example, Salicylic Acid is a very popular and known to be effective in acne-busting. However, excessive amount could be damaging to the skin (may cause dryness, peeling, stinging) if the content is too much. Thus, it is important to do initial research on the acceptable and tolerable amount of these chemicals/ingredients first before you make a go for it. Then, you would know what to expect out of the usage of these chemicals / ingredients.

To cater for our acne concerns, I'll be reviewing more of the products of which I've tried and tested onto myself, AS WELL AS on my BROTHERS as well, in order to cater for the MEN as well.

Till then!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lips ahh... - Burberry Beauty Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipstick

I don't really understand why Burberry calls their lipsticks "Lip Cover", but if you're talking about SOFT, and SATIN, this is the lipstick for you. Please apologise for the blurness of the pics ya? Tried to take good shots but lighting wasn't great...

These are how the external Burberry Boxes look like...

Three Colours - Heather (13), Antique Rose (11) and Sephia (12)

From top: Heather, Sephia and Antique Rose

#1 Heather
Description - Gives you a slightly more reddish, maroon hue

#2 Sephia

Description - More or less the same as Heather, but with a slightly glossy sheen, and less reddish. Nevertheless, I love the colour too...

#3 Antique Rose

Description - The lightest colour I bought today. Looks nice and natural. I'd pair it with a slight touch of lip gloss on top, just enough to give a slight shimmer and plump to it. But I'm very much sure that this would appeal more to the younger generation. Really really versatile colour.

So basically now you know how those lipsticks shall look on your lips.

My suggestion to make them look better:-
- Wear a slight tinge of lipgloss on top of it to bring out the richness in the colour.
- Use a lip brush for a more well-defined application and control.

Love the natural, autumn colours. Fits day-time and night-time occassions very well.

Do drop by the Burberry Counters for free make-over and consultations ya?

Like a Canvas...Only Feather-light, Natural and Glowing...

So continuing on to the foundation reviews, like I have written earlier, both me and Mom had a make-over from the ever so friendly Makeup Artist (MUA) - Kay. He was such a good sport! Lively, Bubbly and yet was so professional.If one thing that makes me go bonkers and overboard in spending, its definitely CUSTOMER SERVICE QUALITY. It's what would make Eskimos buy from Ice from an Ice Vendor, as my dad would say!
And today, I definitely felt that extra spending urge coming out! But then again, I shouldn't deny that I loved how the Sheer Foundation melted and set on my skin. If you're looking for a moisturised, dewy look that glows from within as if you just stepped out from a one-hour gym workout, this is definitely suitable for you. It's not cakey or matte, or heavy looking, and looks even much better after a few hours of wearing it due to the your skin's natural oil blending in with the foundation.

So as you could see here, my foundation (No. 6) is of a lighter colour than Mom's (No. 7).

Burberry's fashionable Foundation Cases - Beautiful!

And so the Verdict?

Sheer coverage, moist and dewy like stepping out from a warm shower...looking red and glowy...sigh...

The light, almost non existant feeling of a foundation. It definitely feels just like wearing a moisturiser. And since its water-based, it doesn't clog your pores, leaving you with beautiful, healthy skin. So this is definitely a keeper!

Just the price I believe, but it doesn't matter because  its a lovely of the best few ones I've tried by far!

Absolutely. It's very rare to find a foundation that actually makes you glow, rather than simply just covering flaws on your face. However, if you're looking for a matte coverage, this could be rectified with extra puffs of the pressed powder.

Unearthing Burberry's Beauty Secrets...

Yahoo! Just received a Newsletter from Isetan saying You've Just Received an Isetan Voucher worthed RM 164. Please collect at the Isetan Customer Service Counter before June 2011.

Su-weeet! Of course I believe as a woman, it is only NATURAL that vouchers like these would definitely be used mui' (much) earlier than the actually date...unless you simply slipped the voucher somewhere...OR slipped your mind instead (are you kidding???) So either way, I find myself stomping in my most comfortable pair of Nike flats to Isetan today, faster than the speed of light to hoard those Beauty Counters.

My wishlist was originally to purchase a pair of shoes suitable for a certain special occassion, but of course being as naughty as ever, my eyes caught attention on this new Beauty Counter in Isetan...Gee, it looks like a New-Comer for women's makeup...Owh my, It's Burberry.

Secretly being a fan of Burberry, I've always fancied Burberry's haute couture, which exudes a certain 'British' kind of confidence which was more to being cool and subdued, yet elegant and casually refined.

Having the couture boutique placed in KLCC for quite some time, Burberry Couture just landed in Isetan on January 26, 2011. Thus, I was very determined to stop by its counter to see what Burberry Beauty offers to us.

Burberry's Beauty Counter next to RMK

A patient customer reading Burberry's colour chart

At the moment, Burberry offers the Sheer Foundation - Luminous Liquid line. According the wonderfully helpful Makeup Artist we chatted by name of Kay, this line stresses the concept of breatheable, natural, light coverage of which targets more to bring out the naturally rich skin colour of the wearer. In addition to this, I love the fact that it's water based and has moisturising properties to protect your skin. Sounds good to me!

Burberry's Beauty Line

Lip liners and Lip Glosses that are very natural, yet rich in colour

The Lipsticks -  Colours are mostly Coppery, Burgundy, Corals and Ashy Pinks...
The Eye Makeup Line - Mascaras, Eye liners and Eye Shadows

Burberry's Workstation

After spending like an hour at the counter, here are our purchases (Me and Mom)... Do click on the products below to read further ya?


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mirror mirror on the wall, Who's the Whitest of Them All?

 It seems that the whitening craze had taken the Asian continent in a storm. Being under the mercy of sunshades, umbrellas and a whole lot of sunscreen generously slathered upon us, we try so hard to battle against the unsightly melanins that causes pigmentation, uneven skin tone, discolouration and sun spots.

Picture is for illustration purposes
Before we dwelve in deeper, what do we actually understand about the concept of "Whitening"? Or "Brightening"?

So the first thing that you would need to apprehend is that what exactly do you want from through the whitening/brightening system? Reason being on why I ask is actually due to the fact that not all whitening systems have the same purpose. They are actually broken down into the following functions:-

A) Some makes you fair (literally)...BUT if it does not have any properties to combat your dark spots, then being fair may actually emphasise your dark spots even more. This is generally what us youngster are always targeting for :)

B) Some don't actually make you fair. They clear the spots/blemishes on your skin, thus making you seem to "look" fairer. This would involve components like AHA, BHA, nicotinamide (to battle pigmentation)and perhaps Vitamin C

C) Some actually makes you glow healthily from within rather than makes you fair. This is the result of the usage of products that boosts your skin's clarity, plumps up the skin via added moisture and collagen. Thus, a smooth-surfaced skin makes you look fair.   This is pretty much open-ended and choices could be as wide as hyaluronic acid, caviar, Vitamin A, Vitamin E...and the list goes on.

So after these functions explained, do you know as to which skin concern you're addressing to? :)

REN's Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask

Having read about this product being one of the best peel masks that users have used, of course it's only mutual to feel intrigued. Does it work?

Aside from REN's Jojoba Scrub, I decided to make a purchase of this as well. The SE also pushed me to purchase REN's Multi-Mineral Detox Mask as well...said that it would complement this product as well.

Woah! Hold your horses there!

 I pat myself proudly on my back for having the resistance from purchasing the Detox Mask as well, resulting to a holey burnt in my pocket. That's the beauty of shopping in the middle of the month, love! You just stop cause you're broke! :D

Anyway, this mask had been receiving rave reviews from prestigious magazines like InStyle, naming it as one of the Best Beauty Buys in 2008.

Convincing? I kid you not.

So, there goes another purchase from REN. However, compared to REN's Jojoba scrub, this one's pretty small. According to the SE, it helps with acne scars and skin resurfacing as well and safe enough to be used as an overnight mask.
The main ingredients that makes up this mask are  four fruit-acid-complex (lactic, glycolic, tartaric and citric) and papain enzyme.

Papain = Papaya

Yikes! And I'm allergic to Papayas! Gave me bad skin allergies, taken internally or externally!

But during that time, I was very much enticed on the acne scars, dark marks, smoother skin talk.

So allergy or no allergy? I bought it anyway.


Bought: In July 2010
Consistency: With a pump attached to it, its hygenic. But, the consistency is a mix of grainy, sticky slimy, thick orange liquid...The grainy parts are actually small jelly crystals. Smells orangey...I seriously don't dig the smell, even if I do love orange cake or orange juices. 

To be worn like once or twice a week. This sticky and slimy thingy is a bit of a mess to deal with. Once you've applied on your face, it feels a bit itchy and tingly. I don't mind the tingling part, but I don't think I could tolerate the itchiness if it lasted more than 5 minutes. After 20 minutes, rinse off.

Hmm...Can't really tell any difference really.

I guess the case is small and compact. Easy to bring for travelling, and I suppose it's useful if you need a quick fix on looking for a fresh face before an event.

It's sticky and gooey. Plus its hard to wash off. You practically need to use a cleanser again after you've washed this off. And that would rip off the "supposedly" good effects of the mask.

Nope. I don't see any "glowy" effects so far and it hasn't helped me in any way. I don't know whether the ingredients inside actually does what's it supposed to do. Plus, I don't really fancy the "Oral Rehydration Salt - Orange Flavoured Smell" and the itch it gives me. Made me develop some rashes in certain parts of my face.


REN's Jojoba Microbead Invigorating Facial Polish

Come's in a clean looking, strong plastic container

So the first product I bought from REN was the Jojoba Microbead Invigorating Facial Polish Scrub. What attracted me the most basically that it smelt of peppermint...with a slight tinge of Jojoba (kind of nutty, grainy smell). According to the SE, it would help a lot in softening and removing dead skin cells.

Im a fan of scrubs. They leave you feeling squeeky clean. Plus with the amount of makeup you put on your face, you definitely need to ensure that you perform "housekeeping" activities once in a while...teehee!

So anyway, here's what I think. Sorry for no personal photos ya?

Bought: July 2010 and repurchase in November 2010
Texture: Colour is plain white (of course the fact that it's a Clean Skin Care, having green or blue colours might scare you I believe!). Texture is slightly grainy, yet watery. Love the peppermint smell!

Application: Upon applying after cleansing your face, the beads look visible, but dissolves pretty in a way you kind of missed the feeling of being "scrubbed" as it works in a milky-cleanser kinda way, but if you prefer that , then its your choice ya?

Skin feels slightly moisturized after washing, due to the Jojoba oil properties. Also, its careful enough not to dry out skin, so its definitely suitable for sensitive skin.

The smell and texture. It's not too harsh, and it leaves you feeling perked up due to the delicious peppermint smell! And since the contents is around 150 ml, it kinda lasts for a quite a number of months. However, be careful with it though, due to this delicious smell, it attracts unwanted users i.e Metrosexual brothers who also take into account on skin-caring :)

Erm...I can't say I don't like it. But I don't really "DIG" it as its more of a maintenance-based product, rather than a treatment-based product.

Yes, if I'm having bad case of rashes or eczema on my face, which requires me to stop the chemical peels and normal scrubs I've been using. Of course you should have a backups to complement any skin condition. Hehe...

But I wouldn't say that it's a necessity to me as I'm less sensitive now. However, it could be a HUGE lifesaver for those having issues like Tony's wife. :)

Even We Could Peel As How Bananas Could!

I've never been an ardent Avon fan. Period.

I've tried one of the ranges years and years and years back...and it didn't seem to do good for my skin.
Neither did they do justice for Mom.

But my view had since then changed eversince I was introduced to Avon's Anew Advanced Clinical Retexturizing Peel.

Chemical Peels wasn't a familiar household term. Having a number of acids involved, one believes its almost impossible to be having a peeling treatment without going to professional salons and end up their skins be "skinned" like "udang-udang baru dibakar".
But of course, the world of At-Home-Chemical-Peels had been introduced by a lovely friend of mine, who recently had a "shingle" fiasco and wanted to try the Avon Clinical Range to get rid of the scars...I was very much surprised! Does it work? Is it safe?

Months and months had passed...and I recently posed a "dark spot" enquiry to her. Being a Beauty Junkie as well, she recommended me the Avon Anew Clinical Advanced Retexturizing Peel. 

"Yeah, it's safe Jue. Don't worry"
"You can do your own peeling at home?" 
"Yes, of course! Seems to help me with my shingles! Plus slathering Vitamin E helped me too! But don't forget to use sunscreen as peeling does make your skin a little dry..."

So it got me thinking and I was very much interested. I wonder if it would make me equivalent to a Banana.
Rough skin outside, but when you peel it...soft and fair in the inside.

What a way to equip your skin, love....

But since it worked wonders to my darling friend, I'd reckon it would be no harm trying.

So I bought the Peel from Avon. With Acids such as Glycolic Acid (AHA) and Salicylic Acid (BHA), one might strike worries, but no fret. It's gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin due to its soothing camomile properties. But try at your own risk ya?

Apparently, it would benefit a lot if you are a Avon members, try to grab this opportunity while you can...

Comes in a nice compact-sized jar. No frills and fancies

A layer of protection in between the lid and the content

This is how each individual pad looks like
So, how did it fare?

Bought: Around 2 months ago (In December)
Texture: The peel pads are very slim. With 30 pieces only, one can easily use up all in about 1 month plus.It has 2 sides; the textured part and the smooth part. I would recommend cutting the pads in half to save up heheheh...

Application: Simply wipe the pad onto your entire face. Upon application, it smells a bit acidic...Might tingle or sting a bit if you aren't use to Facial Acids on your face. Use both sides to maximise application. After applying, go to bed without other things on your face. Wash off the next morning.

When you wake up, your skin feels immediately smoother! I'm like Wow wow wow impressed...
I did see a lightening effect on my dark spots...but not so much. I suppose it has to be on a long term regular basis.

Convenient and easy to use. It's a one step peeling system, and you could already feel the results after just one application. Great exfoliator for people who can't seem to take scrubs. 

Not to say I don't like it, but I believe that we still need to be wary of the acids you put on your face. You need to make sure that you do a patch test first. Also, use it sparingly as it tends to be a bit drying if used excessively.

Definitely! It's cheap, compact and easily accessible! It delivers visible results, thus perfect for people who are very much on a budget and would like to first familiarize themselves with peeling systems. 

And to Miss N.Jay, thanks for introducing this lovely product! You know who you are... :)

I'm Sensitive...Are you?

I'm always a softy at a border-line of being emotional. Sensitive... but hey, never underestimate the power of feminism! That's what puts Michelle Obama, Angelina Jolie, Dr Siti Hasmah and Tan Sri Zeti Aziz on tops of the " I Want To Be Like Her" list. However, As we would kill (or in a more average case, break arms and bones), to be on their pedestal, I much rather take a more defensive stance and continue on my reviews...with a glass of warm Milo on left, uattended reports on my right...I surveyed upon to read for more skincare reviews. Trusty website this is...(pat on the head...nod..nod...nod).

Talking about sensitivity, being a person born with atopic eczema, choosing the right skin care hasn't been a cup of tea or a piece of cake for me...(geez, makes me hungry). And I do have so many babes of which they have perfect smooth skin too! (Makes me glow with pride, yet red with envy at the same time tee hee!) Since I started to work, skin problems started to an alarming level! My regular skin care routine seemed to not "care" for me anymore...sigh...I guess it doesn't help staying in the Air-Cond all day...but what choice do we have?

So time to up the stakes and do something...

So there I was wandering in Parkson looking left and right...for a skin care gentle enough to be used for sensitive the effort to make it better and stronger against the harmful externalities...(and internally as well)...

Then I saw REN.

Managed to have a chat with the sales assistant in Parkson KLCC, I learnt that REN basically introduced the concept of "CLEAN SKIN CARE"...Means No Petrochemicals, Sulfates, Parabens, Yadda Yadda...or anything that is deemed to harmful for the skin.
The story was inspiring as it started from an English Dude by the name of Antony Buck (Call Him Tony) whose wife couldn't seem to take any other kind of skin care during her pregnancy...gave her reactions it seems!

Makes me wonder if she actually did try Sebamed or Johnson & Johnson for babies. Hmmm...

So regardless we feel sorry for Tony and his wife, I believe it was LOVE that sparked Mr Tony here (along with his friend by the name of Robbie Calcraft) to develop this entire skin care line, for sensitive people who seemed to can't take anything else. So in a way, his wife was pretty smart to have initiated what's now being accepted WORLDWIDE and have been receiving rave reviews over the internet!

 Gee...this story really reminded me of Shah Jahan's love for Mumtaz, but the Emperor gave her Beloved a Taj Mahal (like wow?)... and in the modern world where monuments are no longer a benchmark, I assume it that tributing a skin care empire to a Beloved is indeed great and nevertheless romantic...

Aww *blush...*

Anyway, back to REN, some of their best sellers are:
Jojoba Microbead Invigorating Facial Polish
Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask
Pore Minimising Detox Mask
Mayblossom Balancing Cleansing Gel
Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Gel

Some of REN's Skin care Line

To read reviews on what I've tried, click on the below links:
Jojoba Microbead Invigorating Facial Polish

Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Strivectin - Overnight Facial Re-surfacing Serum

You may wonder why my quest had also included anti-aging products?

Well lets see...
1) Cuz I'm 25, and looking at it pessimistically, its makes up a quarter of a decade
2) It's the trend...Every X, Y, Z seems to jumping into the band wagon of the "anti-aging train"
3) Is it wrong?

Does it seem suitable for a young-in (that's myself, yours truly) to try to go for anti-aging products?

(Pauses to look into the mirror, and finds fine crow's feet, and laugh lines starts to appear...)

Well, seems like an immediate "YES" comes to mind...But then again, that's also the purpose of this beauty blog ait? To test whether anti-aging skin care works on us youngsters... teehee!

I don't believe that anti-aging is something new... but from my personal point of view, the bru-ha-ha to search for the fountain of youth had been on ever since  Estee Lauder's breakthrough "Advanced Night Repair" had been introduced...which had garnered rave reviews. This could be seen as a good thing since it enriches the market with a new innovation of products...innovation is ALWAYS great...never bad... :)

Anyway, coming back to the skin care product that I'm reviewing, Strivectin is not really a "friendly" name on the Malaysian shores...Though we shouldn't discard the fact that it has been a long-favoured brand in the US.
Specializing on Stretch Marks, Lines, Age Spots...and incidentally...Dark Spots.

Dark Spots.

Been haunting my days ever since I came back from Outward Bound Malaysia. Argh!

But neverless...the search for an exfoliator for my dark spots made me stumble upon the Overnight Facial Resurfacing Serum by Strivectin 

Having read that it helps with dark spots as well...I basically made a purchase. I was very much in luck that when I bought it, it had an offer of which came with a Normal Size of StriVectin™SD Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks and Wrinkles (will review later).

So here's basically my feedbacks...

Bought: Around 2 months ago (In December)
Consistency: Runny, yet kinda slimy orange liquid.
Worn every night and every morning. Upon application, skin feels kinda tight. I wonder if its actually been thirstily-absorbed by your skin...OR gets evaporated into thin air. But you definitely need to top-up with a moisturizer. It feels kinda dry... 
Day -   Can be worn under your normal moisturizer, proceed with your makeup if you like
Night - Wear after you have cleansed and used toner. After application, proceed with your night cream.

Can't seem to notice anything after 2 months of application. I've worn it diligently. Dark spots are still present. However, despite not helping anything with the dark spots, it somehow helps the absorption of other products I believe.

The fact that it's non-sticky and  it seems to absorb quickly. Also, you wake up with your skin feeling nice and smooth...but then again I might tribute that to the Night Cream though. ..

It doesn't seem to work on my dark spots..of which was my concern on buying this product

I don't think so. I could get the same results if I were to scrub on a regular basis. Also, at RM 200++, I feel that it does very little to you, of which could be achieved with other products in other forms.