Thursday, February 10, 2011

REN's Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask

Having read about this product being one of the best peel masks that users have used, of course it's only mutual to feel intrigued. Does it work?

Aside from REN's Jojoba Scrub, I decided to make a purchase of this as well. The SE also pushed me to purchase REN's Multi-Mineral Detox Mask as well...said that it would complement this product as well.

Woah! Hold your horses there!

 I pat myself proudly on my back for having the resistance from purchasing the Detox Mask as well, resulting to a holey burnt in my pocket. That's the beauty of shopping in the middle of the month, love! You just stop cause you're broke! :D

Anyway, this mask had been receiving rave reviews from prestigious magazines like InStyle, naming it as one of the Best Beauty Buys in 2008.

Convincing? I kid you not.

So, there goes another purchase from REN. However, compared to REN's Jojoba scrub, this one's pretty small. According to the SE, it helps with acne scars and skin resurfacing as well and safe enough to be used as an overnight mask.
The main ingredients that makes up this mask are  four fruit-acid-complex (lactic, glycolic, tartaric and citric) and papain enzyme.

Papain = Papaya

Yikes! And I'm allergic to Papayas! Gave me bad skin allergies, taken internally or externally!

But during that time, I was very much enticed on the acne scars, dark marks, smoother skin talk.

So allergy or no allergy? I bought it anyway.


Bought: In July 2010
Consistency: With a pump attached to it, its hygenic. But, the consistency is a mix of grainy, sticky slimy, thick orange liquid...The grainy parts are actually small jelly crystals. Smells orangey...I seriously don't dig the smell, even if I do love orange cake or orange juices. 

To be worn like once or twice a week. This sticky and slimy thingy is a bit of a mess to deal with. Once you've applied on your face, it feels a bit itchy and tingly. I don't mind the tingling part, but I don't think I could tolerate the itchiness if it lasted more than 5 minutes. After 20 minutes, rinse off.

Hmm...Can't really tell any difference really.

I guess the case is small and compact. Easy to bring for travelling, and I suppose it's useful if you need a quick fix on looking for a fresh face before an event.

It's sticky and gooey. Plus its hard to wash off. You practically need to use a cleanser again after you've washed this off. And that would rip off the "supposedly" good effects of the mask.

Nope. I don't see any "glowy" effects so far and it hasn't helped me in any way. I don't know whether the ingredients inside actually does what's it supposed to do. Plus, I don't really fancy the "Oral Rehydration Salt - Orange Flavoured Smell" and the itch it gives me. Made me develop some rashes in certain parts of my face.



  1. Ju! You should buy the multi-mineral detox! I use that myself and a totally love it! well worth the price! :)

  2. Puspa: Thanks a mill for dropping at my blog! Owh really? I reckon since you've said that, I would fancy trying it too! Cumanya the other day didn't buy since I bought both the Jojoba Scrub and Papaya Glycolic Peel at the same a test subject! But mmg the SA said that it will make you definitely "glow"! Aha..u beli di Parkson ke?

  3. Wow, a huge hole in the pocket right?? Haha.. I understand how u feel. I bought the detox mask together with the scrub.. so pokai! ahaha.. I bought them at mj midvalley.. :)

  4. Hahaha....pokai is one thing. Well, tis my first time so of course tanak la beli2 and end up cannot wear kan?
    But im so gonna try it once my current scrub the smell too!


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