Thursday, February 10, 2011

REN's Jojoba Microbead Invigorating Facial Polish

Come's in a clean looking, strong plastic container

So the first product I bought from REN was the Jojoba Microbead Invigorating Facial Polish Scrub. What attracted me the most basically that it smelt of peppermint...with a slight tinge of Jojoba (kind of nutty, grainy smell). According to the SE, it would help a lot in softening and removing dead skin cells.

Im a fan of scrubs. They leave you feeling squeeky clean. Plus with the amount of makeup you put on your face, you definitely need to ensure that you perform "housekeeping" activities once in a while...teehee!

So anyway, here's what I think. Sorry for no personal photos ya?

Bought: July 2010 and repurchase in November 2010
Texture: Colour is plain white (of course the fact that it's a Clean Skin Care, having green or blue colours might scare you I believe!). Texture is slightly grainy, yet watery. Love the peppermint smell!

Application: Upon applying after cleansing your face, the beads look visible, but dissolves pretty in a way you kind of missed the feeling of being "scrubbed" as it works in a milky-cleanser kinda way, but if you prefer that , then its your choice ya?

Skin feels slightly moisturized after washing, due to the Jojoba oil properties. Also, its careful enough not to dry out skin, so its definitely suitable for sensitive skin.

The smell and texture. It's not too harsh, and it leaves you feeling perked up due to the delicious peppermint smell! And since the contents is around 150 ml, it kinda lasts for a quite a number of months. However, be careful with it though, due to this delicious smell, it attracts unwanted users i.e Metrosexual brothers who also take into account on skin-caring :)

Erm...I can't say I don't like it. But I don't really "DIG" it as its more of a maintenance-based product, rather than a treatment-based product.

Yes, if I'm having bad case of rashes or eczema on my face, which requires me to stop the chemical peels and normal scrubs I've been using. Of course you should have a backups to complement any skin condition. Hehe...

But I wouldn't say that it's a necessity to me as I'm less sensitive now. However, it could be a HUGE lifesaver for those having issues like Tony's wife. :)


  1. I'm using this too! Loveee! :)

  2. Puspa: Aha! *Love* this too! Btw, any other REN's stuff that you'd like to recommend me to try?

  3. i have super sensitive skin too but lately i developed some acne one my forehead and cheek, also my chin. So i'm planning on trying the calmclear 3 line, especially the mask. huhu. owwh!!! baru teringat,the serum overnight lipid. total love~ it toned down the redness around my nose. give it a try! :)

  4. Owh, so i assume ur using everything from the REN line? but i do love masks, so ill try to get my hands on the sample if i could.
    One thing I love about REN is the smell of the skin care..they're always deliciously florally! and they don't break your pocket tht much too! :D
    i think im gonna start to test n blog more about sensitive skin care too, since I do realise that many of us actually do have sensitive skin issues. But thanks so much for your suggestion, puspa!

  5. it is so weird u calling me puspa, just anne is fine. :) i'm not using all of the line.. just the scrub and mask. i've finished the serum unfortunately. now i'm collecting funds to buy new ones.. ahaha! my skin is screaming for more~


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