Thursday, February 24, 2011

You're No More Be A Grease Monkey Now!

Aha...So as promised, I'll be reviewing the Clarins UV Plus Protective Day Screen SPF 40 today.
And I will shameless admit that at the moment, this is my HG for sunscreens! It has completely revamped those perceptions of what sunscreens were in the past: -

- A Nightmare
- Makes You Look Like A Grease Monkey (unless you're John Travolta who could really pull-off the greasy look...)
- Stings your eyes
- Can't be worn under anything else (makeup, powder, foundation)
- Only to be used during outdoor recreational activities
- Smelly!

All The Goodness In a Bottle

I first stumbled upon this suncreen whilst Mom bought some products there. When the SA first introduced me to this suncreen, of course my first inital expression was "Blearch!!! I don't use sunscreen. They really hinder me from the outdoor stuff I do... They get into my eyes and they sting really bad. Plus, sunscreens are sticky!"

However, it did made me curious as the SA convinced me that it would give you a different experience. Thus, out of curiosity, I bought a smaller sized one, which comes in a form of a small plastic tube. Anyway, the fact that it has SPF 40 protection which is quite high, seems like a good try to me. Very convenient to be kept inside a handbag wherever you'd need to touch up....

Bought: In August 2010
Consistency: A very runny, whitish coloured liquid. 

Just a few drops for the face and neck, this sunscreen is to be worn whenever you step out of the house after your moisturizer. Once applied, it absorbes really quick and does make your skin feel supple...Sometimes, I even wear it without a moisturizer (if I'm really lazy)

This is how it looks like, but for your face you'd only need a few drops
Very nice, ultra light coverage! Gets absorbed straight into your skin and you could proceed with your makeup in less than 5 minutes of application...

Very light texture, sheer with no traces of whitish stains left...and the flowery smell is pretty nice (although, could be slightly overpowering to some people)

Probably the price is a bit steep for a sunscreen, but I don't think it is a big issue given that it works well!

Definitely! I've recently received an RM 30 voucher for Clarins, thus I think I shall break the bank just a lil bit for this lovely product! However, do try to sample the product for at Clarins boutique ya. Some people would prefer to opt for a fragrance free version, thus this might not be a product they would fancy... :)


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