Sunday, February 13, 2011

Like a Canvas...Only Feather-light, Natural and Glowing...

So continuing on to the foundation reviews, like I have written earlier, both me and Mom had a make-over from the ever so friendly Makeup Artist (MUA) - Kay. He was such a good sport! Lively, Bubbly and yet was so professional.If one thing that makes me go bonkers and overboard in spending, its definitely CUSTOMER SERVICE QUALITY. It's what would make Eskimos buy from Ice from an Ice Vendor, as my dad would say!
And today, I definitely felt that extra spending urge coming out! But then again, I shouldn't deny that I loved how the Sheer Foundation melted and set on my skin. If you're looking for a moisturised, dewy look that glows from within as if you just stepped out from a one-hour gym workout, this is definitely suitable for you. It's not cakey or matte, or heavy looking, and looks even much better after a few hours of wearing it due to the your skin's natural oil blending in with the foundation.

So as you could see here, my foundation (No. 6) is of a lighter colour than Mom's (No. 7).

Burberry's fashionable Foundation Cases - Beautiful!

And so the Verdict?

Sheer coverage, moist and dewy like stepping out from a warm shower...looking red and glowy...sigh...

The light, almost non existant feeling of a foundation. It definitely feels just like wearing a moisturiser. And since its water-based, it doesn't clog your pores, leaving you with beautiful, healthy skin. So this is definitely a keeper!

Just the price I believe, but it doesn't matter because  its a lovely of the best few ones I've tried by far!

Absolutely. It's very rare to find a foundation that actually makes you glow, rather than simply just covering flaws on your face. However, if you're looking for a matte coverage, this could be rectified with extra puffs of the pressed powder.

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