Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Horoscopes And Well-Being!

Though it is not scientifically proven that horoscopes or star-readings would impact on a person's health and well being, I do realise that many people to a certain extend, would actually take this shorter, more intriguing route of "health-and beauty screening", i.e Horoscopes. Why I may ask?

I believe it's a person's every right to know, PLUS it's probably a much easier way of ascertaining "what you are TOLD be needing" rather than what you actually KNOW what you need (which does require a certain amount of product research and countless tried-and-tested procedures...teehee!)

The reason why I blogged about this was due to the following promotion, posted by my dear friend Ms L.NAR, who'd actually given me a great start of the day by adding a few small chuckles due to a really adorable ad by SaSa...astounding, but I do believe it works in tickling your thoughts on what would actually work for you :)

Seems that according to My Horoscope, I'd be needing a lot of health de-toxify my inner system perhaps? Hmm...doesn't seem like a bad idea... ;p

My Comments?

Regardless whether we are true followers of Horoscopes or just browsing around, it's definitely worth looking at this piece of promotion.... cheerios all!


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