Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kiehl's Blue Herbal Cleanser

Aku Suka Aku Suka Aku Suka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys, Ini disclaimer ya. I didn't buy this; my brother is using this for his acneic face...and I have to blog about it since I have tried it and IT'S SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOD!!!!!!!!

I like I like I like!!!!

This is one of the best cleansers I have ever used. As the name suggests, it is a bright blue, rather runny gel.  It has a rather different and strong plastic seal on the mouth of the bottle to prevent spillage. It also contains menthol, camphor and sorbitol giving a cooling sensation on use. This cooling effect goes away within 30 seconds. No dry, stretchy feeling is experienced after use. Facial skin literally feels light, clean and smooth!
Since its so runny,  about 3 drops of the cleanser is sufficient. This will definitely last you for months!
Bravo Kiehl's! Another product well-done! :D


UPDATE! : Loreal Eversleek Smoothing System

I'm disappointed yet again. :(

So for the past few weeks I have been using both the shampoo and conditioner, I've never had experiences where my hair condition worsened, especially after using a supposed-to-be shampoo!


The consistency was smooth, but at a point to being slightly greasy. For some reason, upon application, it has a tad difficult to lather it all over my hair ... not because I have thick hair, but it was just kinda difficult locover all parts, unlike the Redken Smooth Lock shampoo where a small amount could cover my whole hair!
After washing out, my hair felt so kesat! Don't know why... hmmmm.....


I felt that this didn't really differ from other conditioners you could buy at the drug store. But the thing that I didn't fancy was that I had to use a lot of it on my hair...and what's worst, after a few times of usage, I noticed that my scalp was itchy!!!

Hang on a bit, like other conditioners that I have used, this was one of those rare cases where I experienced this sorta problem! The other day I went to a saloon in Alamanda to have my hair washed, I had to argue with the Hair Assistant that my scalp was not always in this condition (she had pushed me countlessly to do Hair+Scalp Treatment where I endlessly said NO)

I honestly don't know what happened, I guess the shampoo made my scalp too greasy... Now I have to deal with another problem besides my dry hair...

Itulah nama nak save duit, tetapi backfire....