Thursday, January 3, 2013

UPDATE! : Loreal Eversleek Smoothing System

I'm disappointed yet again. :(

So for the past few weeks I have been using both the shampoo and conditioner, I've never had experiences where my hair condition worsened, especially after using a supposed-to-be shampoo!


The consistency was smooth, but at a point to being slightly greasy. For some reason, upon application, it has a tad difficult to lather it all over my hair ... not because I have thick hair, but it was just kinda difficult locover all parts, unlike the Redken Smooth Lock shampoo where a small amount could cover my whole hair!
After washing out, my hair felt so kesat! Don't know why... hmmmm.....


I felt that this didn't really differ from other conditioners you could buy at the drug store. But the thing that I didn't fancy was that I had to use a lot of it on my hair...and what's worst, after a few times of usage, I noticed that my scalp was itchy!!!

Hang on a bit, like other conditioners that I have used, this was one of those rare cases where I experienced this sorta problem! The other day I went to a saloon in Alamanda to have my hair washed, I had to argue with the Hair Assistant that my scalp was not always in this condition (she had pushed me countlessly to do Hair+Scalp Treatment where I endlessly said NO)

I honestly don't know what happened, I guess the shampoo made my scalp too greasy... Now I have to deal with another problem besides my dry hair...

Itulah nama nak save duit, tetapi backfire....



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