Thursday, July 5, 2012

Burning bronze... Bobbi's eyeshadow

It was a friday nite, and I had kenduri after office.

Darn...totally forgot alllll about it... didn't bring a suitable baju kurung for kenduri, and didn't bring my makeup kit. 

And my hair is a mess!

What should I do?

"Try asking the Bobbi Brown makeup artist to do for you...They can do it very nicely for you..."

That's what my friend told me. I was curious...and intrigued at the same time.

Its been a while since I sat down, become a princess and let other people made me up. LOL!

So after washing and blowing my hair @ SAW Salon KLCC (I heart this place~), so I stopped by the Bobbi Brown counter...

The MUA was sooo nice. I told her, I wanted something coral-ish on my lips and cheek. And she matched some really rich gold, almost bronzed coloured eyeshadows to match. 

Orangey Corals and Bronzey Greens... Nice combo :)

Since Bobbi was having a promo at that time, which is they knock off RM50 for purchase above RM300, I managed to get 5 items for only RM315. Great bargain ey?

Nice Burnt Gold colour
 On eyes
Bobbi Brown Bronze Sugar Cream Eyeshadow (BASE)
Bobbi Brown Burnt Sugar Eyeshadow (COLOUR)

Lipstick -  Bobbi Brown Lipstick - Carnation 
Lipgloss - MAC Cremesheen Lipgloss in Overindulgence

Simple Kenduri Look...

So I'm all set for the kenduri! Ala...simple, nude makeup will do, since I'm not the one who's getting married,
AND I'm not courting anyone hahahah...

So stash of the day:- 

Bronze Sugar Cream Eyeshadow

Lipstick - Carnation

Lip Balm with SPF

Burnt Sugar Eyeshadow

Shimmer Blush in Coral

Have a Great Weekend everyone!!!

Glossy Gloss ! - MAC Cremesheen Glass Lipgloss

Bangun lambat yet again! Ouch...I need to be more organised! I pat baby Ammar to sleep, left his his daddy, mandi, tuka baju and whoosh! I'm on the go!

Aww...he's sad because I had to leave him for work yet again...

 Thank god the traffic was great! Looks like a not-so-busy friday...wonder why. Hmm...

As usual, its bersiap time in the car (I never have time to properly get dressed at home, so need to do a quick touch up in the car)

Korek korek handbag and I found this:-

MAC Cremesheen Glass in OVERINDULGENCE

Haven't used this one for a long time! Application was slightly less sticky and less thick than Bobbi's. Emm.. no smell, but colour's pretty nice!

Yes, I do wear Hijab to the office...First step of going towards being a better Muslimah InsyaAllah...  (hu hu hu)

Looks quite ok ya? 

Looks slightly on the reddish side though..nice!

You can buy MAC's range of Cremesheen Glass Lipgloss @ RM 60 sumthing I believe, at their boutiques. 
Cremesheen has a nice balance of creamy, and slightly shimmery texture, just what I prefer.

I present you again, with a pic of my son... I miss him...sigh... :(

Mummy loves you, Ammar!

Last minute emergency fix! the post suggests, this was the time when I needed an emergency fix for a moisturiser, because:-

- Went back from perlis for a weekend wedding, and my skin went extremely dry and developed rashes at the side..darn!
- Moisturiser hilang ntah ke mana...gosh!So I substitute with hubby's Nivea Body Cream. ha ha ha! 

So balik je rumah....I was dumbfounded. Nak pakai apa ek?




I scanned through Mum's dressing table, and I saw... this:-

Aiseh...I think its suitable for my mum's generation, I guess due to the fact that the older generation have drier skin, wrinkles and sagging skin (sorry mum!)

But what the heck, my skin's drying like crazy and I need a fix!

Macam best je texture dia. Oh well, desperation calls for quick measures!!!


Nice and creamy, definitely suited more to dry skin type. Has a slightly rosy smell....


Hmm..not bad! I don't actually fancy the smell, but I love the texture! Something that really helped soothe my dry skin. 

After 3 days, I'm back to normal. Yahuu!


Possibly somthing I'd like to consider once I'm forty I guess...but after a few usage, I'd say I prefer this better than Hydrationist or the Cyberwhite range. I finally found a moisturiser from Estee that I believe actually works :)