Thursday, July 5, 2012

Burning bronze... Bobbi's eyeshadow

It was a friday nite, and I had kenduri after office.

Darn...totally forgot alllll about it... didn't bring a suitable baju kurung for kenduri, and didn't bring my makeup kit. 

And my hair is a mess!

What should I do?

"Try asking the Bobbi Brown makeup artist to do for you...They can do it very nicely for you..."

That's what my friend told me. I was curious...and intrigued at the same time.

Its been a while since I sat down, become a princess and let other people made me up. LOL!

So after washing and blowing my hair @ SAW Salon KLCC (I heart this place~), so I stopped by the Bobbi Brown counter...

The MUA was sooo nice. I told her, I wanted something coral-ish on my lips and cheek. And she matched some really rich gold, almost bronzed coloured eyeshadows to match. 

Orangey Corals and Bronzey Greens... Nice combo :)

Since Bobbi was having a promo at that time, which is they knock off RM50 for purchase above RM300, I managed to get 5 items for only RM315. Great bargain ey?

Nice Burnt Gold colour
 On eyes
Bobbi Brown Bronze Sugar Cream Eyeshadow (BASE)
Bobbi Brown Burnt Sugar Eyeshadow (COLOUR)

Lipstick -  Bobbi Brown Lipstick - Carnation 
Lipgloss - MAC Cremesheen Lipgloss in Overindulgence

Simple Kenduri Look...

So I'm all set for the kenduri! Ala...simple, nude makeup will do, since I'm not the one who's getting married,
AND I'm not courting anyone hahahah...

So stash of the day:- 

Bronze Sugar Cream Eyeshadow

Lipstick - Carnation

Lip Balm with SPF

Burnt Sugar Eyeshadow

Shimmer Blush in Coral

Have a Great Weekend everyone!!!


  1. Heysss just wondering how are the prices at saw salon? Haircuts, wash and blow :)) thanksss

    1. Hi there!!! really sory for the late reply. for my bra length hair, SAW charges RM75 for a trim, and RM 60 for wash and blow. lately I have gone to CENTRO next door for wash and blow and hair colouring. They are very creative and use KERASTASE products. wash n blow is about RM 60 and cuts start frm RM 70 and above.

    2. Btw, SAW charges me RM75 for cut, include wash and blow ya....


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