Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Foundation Alert - Lancome Teint Miracle in PO-03 Vs. Burberry Beauty Sheer Luminous Foundation in Trench 6

So how does a newbie in makeup like Burberry fare against long - time season titans in the foundation industry like Lancome? Lancome has ALWAYS been known of its beautiful and broad range of foundations to match any type of skin; young, old, wrinkled, spotted, acneic etc etc... whilst Burberry has taken a more conservative approach, having lesser shades, skin-specific (dry or oily) and from my personal perspective: Isn't targeted for those who want to cover up any flaws (that's for a concealer, mind you). 

So in detail, how does one compare with the latter? Having stated the major differences, both actually have their major resemblance too which is very SHEER and light reflective. Others: 

1) Texture

BBSF - Slightly thicker texture, yet buildable to get the right coverage. A little is more than enough to cover the whole face


LTM - Very thin, watery texture. I believe it’s oil-free, hence the consistency. However, I find it to be slightly tackier to handle since I’m constantly afraid that it would drip.

2) Coverage

BBSF - Sheer, yet covers some of the dark spots on the face; almost invisible

LTM - Super sheer, but coverage can be higher than BBSF when built gradually.(You need to use quite an amount to get the right converage. However, you need to use primer to get it to ‘stick’ on your face properly

3) Shades 

Burberry Swatches - Courtesy of Cafemakeup.com
BBSF - Limited; assuming they haven’t yet fully expanded

Some of Lancome's Teint Miracle Swatch - Courtesy of musicalhouses.blogspot.com

LTM - A wide variety of shades, and Asian-specific, which means a lot of yellow undertones. However, I don’t quite fancy the yellow undertones that the foundation provides. Made me look  slightly darker. Hence I believe LTM may not suit extremely fair-skinned people (but then again, not many of us Malaysians are super fair right?)

4) Comparison of pictures with the 2 foundations 

Pinkish Undertones. Loving it since it makes me look fairer. ha ha ha...

Yellowish undertones. But I personally love about LTM is that its so natural to be used outdoors


Comparisons between LTM and BBSF

Other plus points

LTM is much sheerer in texture, yet covers better when gradually built.
BBSF doesn’t actually cover your spots as well as LTM.

I prefer BBSF’s shade due to the pinkish tones. But, I’d say LTM’s more versatile.

BBSF = RM165

LTM = RM135

BBSF is creamier and LTM’s lighter. However, both are suitable for dry skin. OILY SKIN should avoid.

LTM has better staying power. You can go for matte coverage when used with a matte primer.

However, both emits beautiful glow when worn.


Tepuk dada, tanya selera...

Love, Jue

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Chanel Les Beige Healthy Glow Makeup - A Jewel?

Every year, I have a wish list. A list that I want to achieve (not just in material), which motivates me to have goals, hence encourages me to save up in order to buy them. I'm not the kind who just forgets and try to go for the second alternative. I'm never trained to accept that. I go for the target. Of which, some may get me as stubborn and uncompromising. Ha ha ha...

Sounds like a nasty person eh? Well... stubbornness did take me to all kinds of highs and lows... but all experiences are valuable and I believe that experience can be a greater teacher in a lot of cases.

Moving along on a less philosophical note, introducing Chanel's latest -

Add caption
This is what I pretty much can say about Chanel Les Beige, Chanel's latest nude makeup range: Its basically what is being raved by users and celebrities all over as the key to the epitome of nude skin care.

Emphasis? Great skin, without looking all caked up.

So basically, a brief description:

Whilst enveloping the skin with the lightest layer you can imagine, it also ensures your skin to emit that dewy, rosy look without heavy and greasy.

For Dry Skin Peps - A good alternative to non-cakey, non-drying coverage.
For Oily Skin Peps - A good additional highlighting effect to finish of your matte look

 People who are closest to me know that I've always been a fan of Burberry Beauty makeup. But this is the latest introduction from Chanel, and I don't want to miss the boat. I've always loved Chanel with its elegance.

The range comes with a BB Cream and a Compact Powder, both retailing at RM165. Middle range I would say.

Refer to the pics below on my fully made-up face to illustrate the effects (Dah macam movie pulak)

Indoors with Flash

Facing Outdoors with No Flash (In Natural Light)

Products used (In order of application:)

1) Prep - Sephora Primer (Mattifying effect)
2) Foundation - Burberry Beauty Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation in Trench 5
3) Powder - Chanel Les Beige Healthy Glow Compact Powder
4) Eye Primer - MAC Prep + Prime In Medium
5) Eye Shadow - I used a combination of a few MAC shades (Gold + Bronze)
6) Eyeliner + Mascara - Revlon in Black + Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara
7) Blusher - YoungBlood Crushed Blusher in Sherbet
8) Lip Gloss - MAC Cremesheen Glass in Overindulgence


I love the effects of the powder. It's highlighting without making me look too made-up or too stark.

What I don't like?
Its meant to be sheer, but I didn't realise that it was soooo SHEER that I have application needs to be done repeatedly. Quite a waste I would say.

Would I buy it again?
I love the effects. But again, it won't help much covering during my difficult skin days. Which, I'm only human and I do experience it on a regular basis. Sigh...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Skinz Infinite – A proud product of Malaysia for Malaysians!

Did I mention to you that my son is so buas these days?
3 of my things that he managed to throw, which made my blood boil to my head:-

#1 Clarins Super Restorative Day Cream

#2 Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex

#3 Moisture White Shiso Moisturising Essence.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gr gr gr....

But because its your son, you tend to let your steam off quickly (means marah sekejap…but then pujuk balik since you tend to have that guilt of leaving your son the whole day to go to work, and then… balik je terus nak marah kan?
But coming back to item #1, you know realize I’m out of moisturizer. And its mid-month. Miskin!!!
But I can’t go withour moisturizer. So, off to Guardian! Weehu!

I’ve seen these over the Guardian counters, tempted to try but NEVER gotten the chance. Macam ditakdirkan je…
Basically, Skinz Infinite comes under the same parentage as Safi, so I’m assuming they are trying to expand their market share to appeal to women aged 29 and above. However, I’m assuming women like myself who are starting on an anti-aging regime could try this as a cheaper option first.
 Nurul Wahab the ambassador pledges on the effectiveness of the whole range used together.
"The product really works. Within two weeks, I noticed significant improvement in my skin. My fine lines are less visible."

The products that come under this range are as follows:-
#1 Skinz Infinite HydraClean Cleansing Cream
#2 Skinz Infinite Deep Moist Cleansing Foam
#3 Skinz Infinite EyeRevive Therapy
#4 Skinz Infinite Youth Recall Serum
#5 Skinz Infinite Youth Recall Day Moisturiser SPF20PA++
#6 Skinz Infinite NightFix Replenishing Cream

For starters, I decided to try the Moisturiser, since itu yang saya perlukan.
Description of the Product:

This moisturising day cream kick-starts your skin cell's self-renewal pores, increasing elasticity, improving tone and radiance. Enriched with Camosite, this potent against free radicals, building good skin structure and delaying photo-agening. Reinforced with sunscreen for potection against UV rays. Use regularty for a supple complexion with a youthful glow.

Results after 2 weeks:
I’m loving it!!! Love the texture, super moisturizing yet really makes the skin feel nice and supple, without the oiliness. Makeup glides with ease. And I do admit that my skin feels slightly plumped up.
Im ecstatic! I believe I’m going to start trying the other products in the range, especially the serum.
Thank you Skinz~ You make skin-caring affordable for us middle income earners!
(Prove that budget is not an issue when it comes to good skin regime)


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Colour dalam Kotak #2: Schwarzkopf Hair Palette

Selamat Hari Raya everyone! How has your Raya been? Guess what, this is like my 5th post relating to the topic above… so hence, my sincere apologies for the lack in enthusiasm and creativity in writing. After writing the same for 5 times in a row and having issues with uploading the pictures, I must say I’m on a writer’s block. But then again, it may be ok with you guys since pictures are worth a 1,000 words than long, winding write-ups right?
So how has your Raya been? Mine’s been good Alhamdulillah… the 4th time being the “dough-giver” raya than “dough-receiver”, expenses sure have notched up a bit! My little toddler on the other hand, had a blast of a time, now that he can run, golek2, pinch and bite, it sure is tiring just looking at him having fun with his cousins!
Other than that, Raya is the time where we look forward to looking good and feeling great during the raya morning for picture taking! Aha…. So looking at myself, I thought that my colored hair looked dull now.
It’s time for an un-makeover. And why I say Un? Cuz I dyed my hair dark again.
Of course, I need to be on a budget since pay date is still a long time, and with so many unplanned expenses already budgeted for, I need to cut corners on where I can. So, again, colour dalam kotak comes to the rescue.
Schwarzkopf Hair Palette in Dark Brown
After a previous successful attempt with Loreal Excellence Crème in Natural Light Brown, I decided to follow that route to budget hair colouring (until something damaging happens and I panic. But then again, who better to review this than the adventurous me, right?) Why? Cuz it’s easy, fast, less time consuming and CHEAP. I do occasionally get the stares (of disagreement) by hairdressers and sometimes, they even say “u colour your hair sendiri a? Uneven maa”… But do I care? Of course I don’t.

Bought this colour in 3.0 Dark Brown shade. Even though there are other brands out there i.e. Garnier, Revlon Coloursilk, I choose to go with Scwarzkopf because:
#1 Schwarzkopf is a reputable hair care brand well reknown for their hair products (obviously)
#2 It’s new on the shelf and promises:
- 100% grey coverage
- Shinier, healthier colour and hair condition
Says that it has 7 nourishing, essential oils to help lock-in the color and treat the hair

Sounds good to me.
Application is rather easy. But the only difference is that there is no pre-color conditioner, like Loreal Excellence Crème. But I must say that’s quite a letdown since you could really feel the difference with the pre-color conditioner. Helps to provide somewhat like a film on top of the hair, to protect the hair.
What I like about this product is that it has thicker consistency hence almost 0 possibility of dripping.

I like the shade. What I don’t like is how it made my hair texture feel. Hair feels kesat and dry.
Even when I applied hair mask immediately after the colouring process, it still felt really dry.
So dry that I had to book an appointment for a hair treatment the next day to soften my hair.

Would I buy it again?
I don’t think so. I would stick to L’Oreal Excellence Hair Color. The shade I got wasn’t rocket science… could be achieved with any other brands. It basically made my hair looked dull and lackluster. Where is the promised shine???

Retails at RM23.90.

Monday, August 19, 2013


Dear blogger, Can't seem to upload any pics in this site!!! Why aaa????

Friday, July 5, 2013

Clarins Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate - Power Duo In a Bottle

Some items are a keeper.

Some items goes into the waste bin.

And some? They don't really fit in any of the categories.

Means: great addition, great to have... but unnecessary.

So you decide where this goes in your skin care regime ya?

The story of how this serum came into possession was not a pleasant one. On a fine day, mum came to visit me near my office for a friday outing. And during the lunch, she asked me on what sorta moisturiser and cream that she needed to buy since the current one that she's using isn't helping much.

"Jom jom kita pi Clarins tengok"

So we went to the Clarins boutique @ XXX mall, where we were greeted by the Skin Consultants.

Honestly, I didn't really like the SA's there: super pushy, kiasu, and looked at you in some manner as if "you can't afford this... and you have zero knowldege on skin care"

My eyes gazed upon the serum; latest addition in the anti-aging family. When I reached for the sample and wanted to try and squeeze the contents onto my palm, the SA quickly grabbed the bottle from my hand. "errr...let me demonstrate how to use it."

Sheesh.. forgive me, but I believe that's pretty rude to be grabbing something from a customer's hand, isn't it?" Further more, its not as if I'm shaking the bottle to death!

Anyway, here's how it looks:

When you pump out the content, both serums with be dispensed. Mix and warm both your palms and spread it all over your face and massage thoroughly.

Ok.. feels good.

But... I hate the SA, seriously. She was pushing mum to pick up the anti - aging moisturiser priced at RM400!!! and even though mum didn't want to get it.. they still immediately placed the moisturiser on the counter. And I told mum "tak payah la amik moisturiser tu... main letak je.. even though ckp xnak"..

But mum being nice, picked it up anyway...

Grr... marahnya...

updates on the results? nantila..bg saya sebulan lagi....

A little supplement won't hurt.... or will it??? - BEUTSKIN ESSENCE: RAHSIA KECANTIKAN ADIRA

I must admit that sometimes, I get swayed by effective MLM marketing gimmicks. Why? cuz they are always so tempting.


In a conversation with my office collegues, I learnt about this product. Yes... the infamous BEUTSKIN ESSENCE... the crowning jewel that had received rave reviews by many people... who claimed that the miracle in the capsule has truly helped them in giving them the perfect skin that they dreamed of.

The product claims to:
- Makes ur fairer...like super fair
- Improves blood circulation
- Improves skin's glow and reduce acne scars

The product ambassador was actually ADIRA.. who pretty much started the whole whitening rave:-

Ntah betul ntah tak that she's actually using Beutskin 100% (what i mean is X CUCUK vit c, glutathione and all those crap....I wonder)

Anyway, other celebrities who actually swear on the effectiveness of the product as the likes of Lisa Surihani and Scha AL-Yahya.

Still not impressed?

Anyway... Don't laugh at me...but I did fall for the marketing gimmick (cuz I needed to correct a few scars on my cheeks.

The results? After a few months of consumption:


Infact, gave me bumps on my cheeks... of which pretty much looked like a really bad case of rashes.

Now back to normal, safe, sensitive skin care.

Sedeh yang teramat....

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Updates! - Burberry Sheer Foundation

Hello Guys!


I promised you guys I would update on the effects of Burberry Sheer Foundation kan?

So this is how it looks like on my face (early in the morning)

On face:

Base: Burberry Sheer Foundation (Trench 06)
Blusher - MAC luminzer (in Pink)
Lippie: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Honey Douce
Mascara - Loreal Collagen Volume Mascara

Love the texture and how it looks kinda glowy on my skin... and the blusher works well too. (P/S : I love pink blushers more than coral ones).

Btw, The mole on my nose looks massive!!!

Plus point ? Covers all the imperfections on my skin too! And I love the shade that the SA recommended too!!!

Price wise? It's a bit on the high side for foundations (RM165 if I'm not mistake)... But then again, I don't slab foundation all over my face like nobody's business thus, a 30 ml bottle can well last me for like, 1 year plus.

Love, Jue

Monday, March 25, 2013

UPDATE: My Trip to SOHO salon, Starhill

Guys, remember this deal that I purchased earlier? I promised to blog about this and so, I shall....

[78% Off] Hair Rebonding OR Relaxing OR Digital Perm OR Cold Perm OR Hair Colouring + Cut + Wash + Blow at SOHO, Starhill Gallery for 1 (RM168) / 2 (RM328) People. From RM164 per person. For men / women

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Colour Dalam Kotak : Loreal Excellence Hair Cream

Okeyh, I must tell you that I now have enough of hair colouring. Not because I don't want to, but I find that MAINTENANCE is a costly affair. (Sure2..I know its costly, but I didn't realise that it was THAT costly! Ayoyo.... :(

So my plan was for once and for all, recolour my hair to a dark brown and lepas ni buat hair treatment je... dah tanak dah colour.... FOR A WHILE :D

But last time I had a hair colour was 3 months ago, of which in salon colouring + treatment costed my RM600. Mahall sungguhhhhhh........... I can't afford that on a bi-monthly basis... But my black roots are seriously showing... OMG....

I need a quick fix. So my plan: beli colour yang murah dari kedai, then buat treatment monthly. Cheap affair.

So off to Guardian and bought this:-

Murah tau...RM 34.90. Actually ada je brand lain i.e Garnier, Wella.... tapi I've tested this a few times on so many people and results dia best. So now, my turnnnn... kalau jadi, bestnye.......

What's nice is that it comes with triple protection coating, means that it treats your hair 3 times + the keratin essence helps to strengthen the hair too.

 I picked up the shade 'Natural Light Brown' as it's always advised to buy a shade lighter (Cheh perasan mat salleh....)


Took this pic in daylight to show you guys the colour effect. Nampak ok kan? Not too dark and not too light either. Just what I want.

Oleh itu, if you guys want some quick fix and splash of great hair colour, can opt for this! Murahhhh...

Just a quick note: You kenalah rajin2 juga buat hair treatment since ANY chemical work on the hair is super drying... kesian rambut kene subjected to so many things kan?

Love, Jue

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Skin Care updates - L'Occitane Precious Serum and Brightening Moisture Cream

Yahuu.......... I finally had gotten the chance to re-stock my skin care items. Ayoyo... cannot tahan having to pinjam other people's barang2 muka... Malunya...

Anywhos, a quick one. I recently dropped by L'Occitane because I ready a lot of great reviews on their Precious Serum, thus I had to make a stop to see for myself.

P/S: The Brightening Serum didn't work that much on me. Let's hope I get much like with the Precious Serum, claiming to repair and regenerate. Sounds like Estee's ANR ya?

Results, I bought the Precious Serum and the Brightening Moisture Cream (cuz I loveeeee the texture)

Power Couple

Brightening Moisture Cream

Precious Serum

Texture of The Serum

1) Serum
Texture - Exactly like ANR. Nice and liquidish.... Love that its not sticky

Texture of the Cream

Brightening Moisture Cream
Texture - Nice Gel- Cream Texture thats not so heavy, yet very moisturising.

Mintak2 laaaa ada nampak perubahan. Just used it for a week je. But feels good. But results??? Ntah lah hehehe

Grace Salon, Bangsar Village 2 - Good, But Is It That Great?

I have heard so much about Grace Salon, Bangsar. Apparently the crown glory of the patronage of 2 sisters, Liza and Grace Leong, I expected this place to be of 5 star quality.

Hang on, hang on... I'm not critisizing ya? This is just my view and thoughts... but I'm not sure of whether the treatment received is meant to be like this or.....

Hmm.... (thinking process running)

I was suppose to meet my parents for dinner that evening at 6. But that very day, (fortunately!) they called to push off kinda late, say after Maghrib. Thus, gave me AMPLE time to browse around and I that monent, since I have say, 2 hours before they arrive (Plus jam), I gave a quick of my mental checklist that I have been wanting to do, but haven't gotten the time:-

1) GET a Facial - Since my abang's wedding is masih lama lagi (end march), I believe this can wait.
2) GET a massage  - Have been having shoulder pains for months...and my last massage was....2 months after confinement...like... 9 months ago!
3) GET a hair treatment - Since I already dyed my hair dark brown again, I haven't gotten the time to go for treatment. (Last one was 4 months ago... lamanya...)
4) Stock up new skin care items - I'm out of stock f EVERYTHING.. (For some reason, I've been tooooooooo busy, I forgot to stock up my skin care items. Gosh, what happen???) Bankrupt lah aku macam ni....

So from my checklist above, aku perasan there's like so many things tertunggak...

But looks like given the time and place, I guess doing hair treatment can help me kill an hour and half before my folks arrive.

I remembered that Grace Salon had recently located here, from their usual place in Bangsar Shopping Centre. To give you guys an insight, Grace Salon is a proud flagship (if there is such a word) of the two famous sisters Grace and Liza Leong. From the description I read on the webpage, both sisters had received degrees and pro certs from reputable overseas universities (kagum sungguh dedikasi parentsnya), but had decided to actively venture into the hairdressing business.


Salon is located on the 1st floor of Bangsar Village II. Its so swanky and looks so cozy.

I have read a lot on it in the mags since I was in high school. Its so famous with the lights of celebrities like Amber Chia coming to do all kinds of hairservices.

So since I have like 2 hours to kill, it seems like a great place to "kill" some time.

So I expressed to the hairdresser in charge that I wished to do some treatment to my hair. Some of the questionnaires I received was:

1) When was your last hair wash? - Yesterday night
2) Do you blow your hair everyday? - No
3) What's your regime like? - Shampoo, Condition, Hair Serum, Masking once a week
4) Have you had a chemical job for these past 3 months? - Yes, coloured my hair.

- Your hair is super super dehydrated. We will be doing intensive treatment onto your hair where we shall be using 4 Kerastase Boosters (2 For Repairing and 2 For Dry, Frizz Treatment), then we will finish off with washing and blow-drying

Hmm...for starters, I don't think my hair is THAT dry becuz I have been religiously following the supposedly good regime...and my hair hasn't been frizzy for quite a while. But owh well....

This is how the boosters look like (credit to valleybeauty.com). So the one they used for my hair was the Green one - Concentrate Vita-Cement (for damage repair) and the Orange one - Concentrate Oleo Fusion (for dry hair).

Kayh..for the price?


What the heck? MAHAL sungguh!

But since you are already in the chair, thinking wishfully that it's a comprehensive treatment, then you give in...

(Cumanya I still feel the price is too high)

The Process?

1) They wash my hair with a concentrated shampoo, and condition.
2) Next, the hairdresser mixed the 4 boosters all together and put it in a spray can and sprayed all over my hair, a lot more on the roots
3) Then, my hair was steamed for 10 minutes.
4) The treatment is washed off.
5) Lastly, my hair was blow-dried.


Wait, that's pretty much it?????????? No hair masks, no other things???

Hmmm.....And I paid for RM395.

I didn't know what to feel at that point. Adoi.....

But I guess...I wouldn't think I'd be coming here again... Its just too pricey for a simplistic treatment. Ke atau I expected more?

Really sorry there Grace Salon....

Monday, February 25, 2013

Updates - Burberrry Sheer Luminous Foundation

I know~ I know~ I'm terribly sorry for not updating for quite some time... it has been a hectic month of datelines and adjustment to my new job portfolio. So this morning, I decided not to go down for my usual brekkie...instead stay inside and blog... So many things to write...yet when I actually do sit down to pen down my thoughts, I become speechless... textless... sigh... time to grab some literature books.

I've often joked around my peers that the last time I actually bought a foundation was like... more than a year ago! bleargh!

I guess I have been too busy skin-caring, that makeups is now a secondary thing to me.

Ahahaha...but alas...I couldn't ignore the fact that I had been using the same foundation I bought more than 1 year ago... no wait, even BEFORE I gave birth! gosh...what's wrong with me these days?

Where there is a sin recognised, redemption always comes hand in hand... don't worry Jue... You're pretty much fine... since you don't get those cystic acnes (YET) for quite some time..just shows that the foundation you bought didn't really oxidise that easily...(of perhaps, shall i say, go bad?)

Seems quite a mixed-up story. Last saturday, I was teman-ing hubby on a weekend errand. And for some reason, I couldn't tahan anymore being foundation-less for quite some time.

Went to the Burberry Isetan counter, I expressed a few concerns on my skin issue to the Burberry salesperson.

"Hi there, I wish to re-purchase my Burberry Sheer foundation, but the thing is, I've grown tanned for these past few months, so I believe I need to repurchase a darker shade. The previous one, which is in Trench 05 was too light I believe..."

The girl analysed my skin for a while... and told me: "I think you are wearing the wrong shade. You should be wearing Trench No 06. For some reason, Trench No 05 has a more yellowish tone, and makes you look darker when it oxidises..."

(I seeee........)

Me: So Trench No. 06 macam mana?
Salesperson: Trench No. 06 is slightly lighter than Trench No. 05. But don't worry, since Trench 06 has a pink base, it won't make you look too yellow, and too dark.

I was skeptical (too be honest). Dah la Trench 05 made me look so white..apatah lagi Trench 06 (yang supposedly lagi cerah)... tapi dia kata base warna pink...then bolehlah cuba....


Stay tuned... muahhahahah!


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kiehl's Blue Herbal Cleanser

Aku Suka Aku Suka Aku Suka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys, Ini disclaimer ya. I didn't buy this; my brother is using this for his acneic face...and I have to blog about it since I have tried it and IT'S SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOD!!!!!!!!

I like I like I like!!!!

This is one of the best cleansers I have ever used. As the name suggests, it is a bright blue, rather runny gel.  It has a rather different and strong plastic seal on the mouth of the bottle to prevent spillage. It also contains menthol, camphor and sorbitol giving a cooling sensation on use. This cooling effect goes away within 30 seconds. No dry, stretchy feeling is experienced after use. Facial skin literally feels light, clean and smooth!
Since its so runny,  about 3 drops of the cleanser is sufficient. This will definitely last you for months!
Bravo Kiehl's! Another product well-done! :D


UPDATE! : Loreal Eversleek Smoothing System

I'm disappointed yet again. :(

So for the past few weeks I have been using both the shampoo and conditioner, I've never had experiences where my hair condition worsened, especially after using a supposed-to-be shampoo!


The consistency was smooth, but at a point to being slightly greasy. For some reason, upon application, it has a tad difficult to lather it all over my hair ... not because I have thick hair, but it was just kinda difficult locover all parts, unlike the Redken Smooth Lock shampoo where a small amount could cover my whole hair!
After washing out, my hair felt so kesat! Don't know why... hmmmm.....


I felt that this didn't really differ from other conditioners you could buy at the drug store. But the thing that I didn't fancy was that I had to use a lot of it on my hair...and what's worst, after a few times of usage, I noticed that my scalp was itchy!!!

Hang on a bit, like other conditioners that I have used, this was one of those rare cases where I experienced this sorta problem! The other day I went to a saloon in Alamanda to have my hair washed, I had to argue with the Hair Assistant that my scalp was not always in this condition (she had pushed me countlessly to do Hair+Scalp Treatment where I endlessly said NO)

I honestly don't know what happened, I guess the shampoo made my scalp too greasy... Now I have to deal with another problem besides my dry hair...

Itulah nama nak save duit, tetapi backfire....