Friday, July 5, 2013

Clarins Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate - Power Duo In a Bottle

Some items are a keeper.

Some items goes into the waste bin.

And some? They don't really fit in any of the categories.

Means: great addition, great to have... but unnecessary.

So you decide where this goes in your skin care regime ya?

The story of how this serum came into possession was not a pleasant one. On a fine day, mum came to visit me near my office for a friday outing. And during the lunch, she asked me on what sorta moisturiser and cream that she needed to buy since the current one that she's using isn't helping much.

"Jom jom kita pi Clarins tengok"

So we went to the Clarins boutique @ XXX mall, where we were greeted by the Skin Consultants.

Honestly, I didn't really like the SA's there: super pushy, kiasu, and looked at you in some manner as if "you can't afford this... and you have zero knowldege on skin care"

My eyes gazed upon the serum; latest addition in the anti-aging family. When I reached for the sample and wanted to try and squeeze the contents onto my palm, the SA quickly grabbed the bottle from my hand. "errr...let me demonstrate how to use it."

Sheesh.. forgive me, but I believe that's pretty rude to be grabbing something from a customer's hand, isn't it?" Further more, its not as if I'm shaking the bottle to death!

Anyway, here's how it looks:

When you pump out the content, both serums with be dispensed. Mix and warm both your palms and spread it all over your face and massage thoroughly.

Ok.. feels good.

But... I hate the SA, seriously. She was pushing mum to pick up the anti - aging moisturiser priced at RM400!!! and even though mum didn't want to get it.. they still immediately placed the moisturiser on the counter. And I told mum "tak payah la amik moisturiser tu... main letak je.. even though ckp xnak"..

But mum being nice, picked it up anyway...

Grr... marahnya...

updates on the results? saya sebulan lagi....

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