Friday, July 5, 2013

A little supplement won't hurt.... or will it??? - BEUTSKIN ESSENCE: RAHSIA KECANTIKAN ADIRA

I must admit that sometimes, I get swayed by effective MLM marketing gimmicks. Why? cuz they are always so tempting.


In a conversation with my office collegues, I learnt about this product. Yes... the infamous BEUTSKIN ESSENCE... the crowning jewel that had received rave reviews by many people... who claimed that the miracle in the capsule has truly helped them in giving them the perfect skin that they dreamed of.

The product claims to:
- Makes ur super fair
- Improves blood circulation
- Improves skin's glow and reduce acne scars

The product ambassador was actually ADIRA.. who pretty much started the whole whitening rave:-

Ntah betul ntah tak that she's actually using Beutskin 100% (what i mean is X CUCUK vit c, glutathione and all those crap....I wonder)

Anyway, other celebrities who actually swear on the effectiveness of the product as the likes of Lisa Surihani and Scha AL-Yahya.

Still not impressed?

Anyway... Don't laugh at me...but I did fall for the marketing gimmick (cuz I needed to correct a few scars on my cheeks.

The results? After a few months of consumption:


Infact, gave me bumps on my cheeks... of which pretty much looked like a really bad case of rashes.

Now back to normal, safe, sensitive skin care.

Sedeh yang teramat....

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