Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Foundation Alert - Lancome Teint Miracle in PO-03 Vs. Burberry Beauty Sheer Luminous Foundation in Trench 6

So how does a newbie in makeup like Burberry fare against long - time season titans in the foundation industry like Lancome? Lancome has ALWAYS been known of its beautiful and broad range of foundations to match any type of skin; young, old, wrinkled, spotted, acneic etc etc... whilst Burberry has taken a more conservative approach, having lesser shades, skin-specific (dry or oily) and from my personal perspective: Isn't targeted for those who want to cover up any flaws (that's for a concealer, mind you). 

So in detail, how does one compare with the latter? Having stated the major differences, both actually have their major resemblance too which is very SHEER and light reflective. Others: 

1) Texture

BBSF - Slightly thicker texture, yet buildable to get the right coverage. A little is more than enough to cover the whole face


LTM - Very thin, watery texture. I believe it’s oil-free, hence the consistency. However, I find it to be slightly tackier to handle since I’m constantly afraid that it would drip.

2) Coverage

BBSF - Sheer, yet covers some of the dark spots on the face; almost invisible

LTM - Super sheer, but coverage can be higher than BBSF when built gradually.(You need to use quite an amount to get the right converage. However, you need to use primer to get it to ‘stick’ on your face properly

3) Shades 

Burberry Swatches - Courtesy of Cafemakeup.com
BBSF - Limited; assuming they haven’t yet fully expanded

Some of Lancome's Teint Miracle Swatch - Courtesy of musicalhouses.blogspot.com

LTM - A wide variety of shades, and Asian-specific, which means a lot of yellow undertones. However, I don’t quite fancy the yellow undertones that the foundation provides. Made me look  slightly darker. Hence I believe LTM may not suit extremely fair-skinned people (but then again, not many of us Malaysians are super fair right?)

4) Comparison of pictures with the 2 foundations 

Pinkish Undertones. Loving it since it makes me look fairer. ha ha ha...

Yellowish undertones. But I personally love about LTM is that its so natural to be used outdoors


Comparisons between LTM and BBSF

Other plus points

LTM is much sheerer in texture, yet covers better when gradually built.
BBSF doesn’t actually cover your spots as well as LTM.

I prefer BBSF’s shade due to the pinkish tones. But, I’d say LTM’s more versatile.

BBSF = RM165

LTM = RM135

BBSF is creamier and LTM’s lighter. However, both are suitable for dry skin. OILY SKIN should avoid.

LTM has better staying power. You can go for matte coverage when used with a matte primer.

However, both emits beautiful glow when worn.


Tepuk dada, tanya selera...

Love, Jue

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