Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Chanel Les Beige Healthy Glow Makeup - A Jewel?

Every year, I have a wish list. A list that I want to achieve (not just in material), which motivates me to have goals, hence encourages me to save up in order to buy them. I'm not the kind who just forgets and try to go for the second alternative. I'm never trained to accept that. I go for the target. Of which, some may get me as stubborn and uncompromising. Ha ha ha...

Sounds like a nasty person eh? Well... stubbornness did take me to all kinds of highs and lows... but all experiences are valuable and I believe that experience can be a greater teacher in a lot of cases.

Moving along on a less philosophical note, introducing Chanel's latest -

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This is what I pretty much can say about Chanel Les Beige, Chanel's latest nude makeup range: Its basically what is being raved by users and celebrities all over as the key to the epitome of nude skin care.

Emphasis? Great skin, without looking all caked up.

So basically, a brief description:

Whilst enveloping the skin with the lightest layer you can imagine, it also ensures your skin to emit that dewy, rosy look without heavy and greasy.

For Dry Skin Peps - A good alternative to non-cakey, non-drying coverage.
For Oily Skin Peps - A good additional highlighting effect to finish of your matte look

 People who are closest to me know that I've always been a fan of Burberry Beauty makeup. But this is the latest introduction from Chanel, and I don't want to miss the boat. I've always loved Chanel with its elegance.

The range comes with a BB Cream and a Compact Powder, both retailing at RM165. Middle range I would say.

Refer to the pics below on my fully made-up face to illustrate the effects (Dah macam movie pulak)

Indoors with Flash

Facing Outdoors with No Flash (In Natural Light)

Products used (In order of application:)

1) Prep - Sephora Primer (Mattifying effect)
2) Foundation - Burberry Beauty Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation in Trench 5
3) Powder - Chanel Les Beige Healthy Glow Compact Powder
4) Eye Primer - MAC Prep + Prime In Medium
5) Eye Shadow - I used a combination of a few MAC shades (Gold + Bronze)
6) Eyeliner + Mascara - Revlon in Black + Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara
7) Blusher - YoungBlood Crushed Blusher in Sherbet
8) Lip Gloss - MAC Cremesheen Glass in Overindulgence


I love the effects of the powder. It's highlighting without making me look too made-up or too stark.

What I don't like?
Its meant to be sheer, but I didn't realise that it was soooo SHEER that I have application needs to be done repeatedly. Quite a waste I would say.

Would I buy it again?
I love the effects. But again, it won't help much covering during my difficult skin days. Which, I'm only human and I do experience it on a regular basis. Sigh...

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