Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Skinz Infinite – A proud product of Malaysia for Malaysians!

Did I mention to you that my son is so buas these days?
3 of my things that he managed to throw, which made my blood boil to my head:-

#1 Clarins Super Restorative Day Cream

#2 Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex

#3 Moisture White Shiso Moisturising Essence.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gr gr gr....

But because its your son, you tend to let your steam off quickly (means marah sekejap…but then pujuk balik since you tend to have that guilt of leaving your son the whole day to go to work, and then… balik je terus nak marah kan?
But coming back to item #1, you know realize I’m out of moisturizer. And its mid-month. Miskin!!!
But I can’t go withour moisturizer. So, off to Guardian! Weehu!

I’ve seen these over the Guardian counters, tempted to try but NEVER gotten the chance. Macam ditakdirkan je…
Basically, Skinz Infinite comes under the same parentage as Safi, so I’m assuming they are trying to expand their market share to appeal to women aged 29 and above. However, I’m assuming women like myself who are starting on an anti-aging regime could try this as a cheaper option first.
 Nurul Wahab the ambassador pledges on the effectiveness of the whole range used together.
"The product really works. Within two weeks, I noticed significant improvement in my skin. My fine lines are less visible."

The products that come under this range are as follows:-
#1 Skinz Infinite HydraClean Cleansing Cream
#2 Skinz Infinite Deep Moist Cleansing Foam
#3 Skinz Infinite EyeRevive Therapy
#4 Skinz Infinite Youth Recall Serum
#5 Skinz Infinite Youth Recall Day Moisturiser SPF20PA++
#6 Skinz Infinite NightFix Replenishing Cream

For starters, I decided to try the Moisturiser, since itu yang saya perlukan.
Description of the Product:

This moisturising day cream kick-starts your skin cell's self-renewal pores, increasing elasticity, improving tone and radiance. Enriched with Camosite, this potent against free radicals, building good skin structure and delaying photo-agening. Reinforced with sunscreen for potection against UV rays. Use regularty for a supple complexion with a youthful glow.

Results after 2 weeks:
I’m loving it!!! Love the texture, super moisturizing yet really makes the skin feel nice and supple, without the oiliness. Makeup glides with ease. And I do admit that my skin feels slightly plumped up.
Im ecstatic! I believe I’m going to start trying the other products in the range, especially the serum.
Thank you Skinz~ You make skin-caring affordable for us middle income earners!
(Prove that budget is not an issue when it comes to good skin regime)



  1. hi juman! Dina here... got this skinz serum in one of my beauty boxes and have yet to try it. Running out of my Estee Advanced Night Repair soon and like you I miskin too already! Will def use that next!! also keciknya font blog you, susah nak bacaaa hehee

    1. Helo helo dina! wow, u got the serum? bestnya...!yang hitam punya or yg putih? i dah 2 wks pakai moisturiser ni... best! Sory la mxm fonj kecik. my blog ni gler skit... ni pun i tls dalam microsoft word dulu, then baru paste. stress! nanti i try change k? u ada blog? i nak follow lah hehe


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