Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Colour dalam Kotak #2: Schwarzkopf Hair Palette

Selamat Hari Raya everyone! How has your Raya been? Guess what, this is like my 5th post relating to the topic above… so hence, my sincere apologies for the lack in enthusiasm and creativity in writing. After writing the same for 5 times in a row and having issues with uploading the pictures, I must say I’m on a writer’s block. But then again, it may be ok with you guys since pictures are worth a 1,000 words than long, winding write-ups right?
So how has your Raya been? Mine’s been good Alhamdulillah… the 4th time being the “dough-giver” raya than “dough-receiver”, expenses sure have notched up a bit! My little toddler on the other hand, had a blast of a time, now that he can run, golek2, pinch and bite, it sure is tiring just looking at him having fun with his cousins!
Other than that, Raya is the time where we look forward to looking good and feeling great during the raya morning for picture taking! Aha…. So looking at myself, I thought that my colored hair looked dull now.
It’s time for an un-makeover. And why I say Un? Cuz I dyed my hair dark again.
Of course, I need to be on a budget since pay date is still a long time, and with so many unplanned expenses already budgeted for, I need to cut corners on where I can. So, again, colour dalam kotak comes to the rescue.
Schwarzkopf Hair Palette in Dark Brown
After a previous successful attempt with Loreal Excellence Crème in Natural Light Brown, I decided to follow that route to budget hair colouring (until something damaging happens and I panic. But then again, who better to review this than the adventurous me, right?) Why? Cuz it’s easy, fast, less time consuming and CHEAP. I do occasionally get the stares (of disagreement) by hairdressers and sometimes, they even say “u colour your hair sendiri a? Uneven maa”… But do I care? Of course I don’t.

Bought this colour in 3.0 Dark Brown shade. Even though there are other brands out there i.e. Garnier, Revlon Coloursilk, I choose to go with Scwarzkopf because:
#1 Schwarzkopf is a reputable hair care brand well reknown for their hair products (obviously)
#2 It’s new on the shelf and promises:
- 100% grey coverage
- Shinier, healthier colour and hair condition
Says that it has 7 nourishing, essential oils to help lock-in the color and treat the hair

Sounds good to me.
Application is rather easy. But the only difference is that there is no pre-color conditioner, like Loreal Excellence Crème. But I must say that’s quite a letdown since you could really feel the difference with the pre-color conditioner. Helps to provide somewhat like a film on top of the hair, to protect the hair.
What I like about this product is that it has thicker consistency hence almost 0 possibility of dripping.

I like the shade. What I don’t like is how it made my hair texture feel. Hair feels kesat and dry.
Even when I applied hair mask immediately after the colouring process, it still felt really dry.
So dry that I had to book an appointment for a hair treatment the next day to soften my hair.

Would I buy it again?
I don’t think so. I would stick to L’Oreal Excellence Hair Color. The shade I got wasn’t rocket science… could be achieved with any other brands. It basically made my hair looked dull and lackluster. Where is the promised shine???

Retails at RM23.90.


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