Thursday, March 21, 2013

Colour Dalam Kotak : Loreal Excellence Hair Cream

Okeyh, I must tell you that I now have enough of hair colouring. Not because I don't want to, but I find that MAINTENANCE is a costly affair. (Sure2..I know its costly, but I didn't realise that it was THAT costly! Ayoyo.... :(

So my plan was for once and for all, recolour my hair to a dark brown and lepas ni buat hair treatment je... dah tanak dah colour.... FOR A WHILE :D

But last time I had a hair colour was 3 months ago, of which in salon colouring + treatment costed my RM600. Mahall sungguhhhhhh........... I can't afford that on a bi-monthly basis... But my black roots are seriously showing... OMG....

I need a quick fix. So my plan: beli colour yang murah dari kedai, then buat treatment monthly. Cheap affair.

So off to Guardian and bought this:-

Murah tau...RM 34.90. Actually ada je brand lain i.e Garnier, Wella.... tapi I've tested this a few times on so many people and results dia best. So now, my turnnnn... kalau jadi, bestnye.......

What's nice is that it comes with triple protection coating, means that it treats your hair 3 times + the keratin essence helps to strengthen the hair too.

 I picked up the shade 'Natural Light Brown' as it's always advised to buy a shade lighter (Cheh perasan mat salleh....)


Took this pic in daylight to show you guys the colour effect. Nampak ok kan? Not too dark and not too light either. Just what I want.

Oleh itu, if you guys want some quick fix and splash of great hair colour, can opt for this! Murahhhh...

Just a quick note: You kenalah rajin2 juga buat hair treatment since ANY chemical work on the hair is super drying... kesian rambut kene subjected to so many things kan?

Love, Jue

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