Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Grace Salon, Bangsar Village 2 - Good, But Is It That Great?

I have heard so much about Grace Salon, Bangsar. Apparently the crown glory of the patronage of 2 sisters, Liza and Grace Leong, I expected this place to be of 5 star quality.

Hang on, hang on... I'm not critisizing ya? This is just my view and thoughts... but I'm not sure of whether the treatment received is meant to be like this or.....

Hmm.... (thinking process running)

I was suppose to meet my parents for dinner that evening at 6. But that very day, (fortunately!) they called to push off kinda late, say after Maghrib. Thus, gave me AMPLE time to browse around and I that monent, since I have say, 2 hours before they arrive (Plus jam), I gave a quick of my mental checklist that I have been wanting to do, but haven't gotten the time:-

1) GET a Facial - Since my abang's wedding is masih lama lagi (end march), I believe this can wait.
2) GET a massage  - Have been having shoulder pains for months...and my last massage was....2 months after confinement...like... 9 months ago!
3) GET a hair treatment - Since I already dyed my hair dark brown again, I haven't gotten the time to go for treatment. (Last one was 4 months ago... lamanya...)
4) Stock up new skin care items - I'm out of stock f EVERYTHING.. (For some reason, I've been tooooooooo busy, I forgot to stock up my skin care items. Gosh, what happen???) Bankrupt lah aku macam ni....

So from my checklist above, aku perasan there's like so many things tertunggak...

But looks like given the time and place, I guess doing hair treatment can help me kill an hour and half before my folks arrive.

I remembered that Grace Salon had recently located here, from their usual place in Bangsar Shopping Centre. To give you guys an insight, Grace Salon is a proud flagship (if there is such a word) of the two famous sisters Grace and Liza Leong. From the description I read on the webpage, both sisters had received degrees and pro certs from reputable overseas universities (kagum sungguh dedikasi parentsnya), but had decided to actively venture into the hairdressing business.


Salon is located on the 1st floor of Bangsar Village II. Its so swanky and looks so cozy.

I have read a lot on it in the mags since I was in high school. Its so famous with the lights of celebrities like Amber Chia coming to do all kinds of hairservices.

So since I have like 2 hours to kill, it seems like a great place to "kill" some time.

So I expressed to the hairdresser in charge that I wished to do some treatment to my hair. Some of the questionnaires I received was:

1) When was your last hair wash? - Yesterday night
2) Do you blow your hair everyday? - No
3) What's your regime like? - Shampoo, Condition, Hair Serum, Masking once a week
4) Have you had a chemical job for these past 3 months? - Yes, coloured my hair.

- Your hair is super super dehydrated. We will be doing intensive treatment onto your hair where we shall be using 4 Kerastase Boosters (2 For Repairing and 2 For Dry, Frizz Treatment), then we will finish off with washing and blow-drying

Hmm...for starters, I don't think my hair is THAT dry becuz I have been religiously following the supposedly good regime...and my hair hasn't been frizzy for quite a while. But owh well....

This is how the boosters look like (credit to valleybeauty.com). So the one they used for my hair was the Green one - Concentrate Vita-Cement (for damage repair) and the Orange one - Concentrate Oleo Fusion (for dry hair).

Kayh..for the price?


What the heck? MAHAL sungguh!

But since you are already in the chair, thinking wishfully that it's a comprehensive treatment, then you give in...

(Cumanya I still feel the price is too high)

The Process?

1) They wash my hair with a concentrated shampoo, and condition.
2) Next, the hairdresser mixed the 4 boosters all together and put it in a spray can and sprayed all over my hair, a lot more on the roots
3) Then, my hair was steamed for 10 minutes.
4) The treatment is washed off.
5) Lastly, my hair was blow-dried.


Wait, that's pretty much it?????????? No hair masks, no other things???

Hmmm.....And I paid for RM395.

I didn't know what to feel at that point. Adoi.....

But I guess...I wouldn't think I'd be coming here again... Its just too pricey for a simplistic treatment. Ke atau I expected more?

Really sorry there Grace Salon....

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