Thursday, July 5, 2012

Last minute emergency fix! the post suggests, this was the time when I needed an emergency fix for a moisturiser, because:-

- Went back from perlis for a weekend wedding, and my skin went extremely dry and developed rashes at the side..darn!
- Moisturiser hilang ntah ke mana...gosh!So I substitute with hubby's Nivea Body Cream. ha ha ha! 

So balik je rumah....I was dumbfounded. Nak pakai apa ek?




I scanned through Mum's dressing table, and I saw... this:-

Aiseh...I think its suitable for my mum's generation, I guess due to the fact that the older generation have drier skin, wrinkles and sagging skin (sorry mum!)

But what the heck, my skin's drying like crazy and I need a fix!

Macam best je texture dia. Oh well, desperation calls for quick measures!!!


Nice and creamy, definitely suited more to dry skin type. Has a slightly rosy smell....


Hmm..not bad! I don't actually fancy the smell, but I love the texture! Something that really helped soothe my dry skin. 

After 3 days, I'm back to normal. Yahuu!


Possibly somthing I'd like to consider once I'm forty I guess...but after a few usage, I'd say I prefer this better than Hydrationist or the Cyberwhite range. I finally found a moisturiser from Estee that I believe actually works :)


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