Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sky High Lashes - Loreal Collagen Mascara

What a busy day on Jalan Tun Razak...! I woke up slightly late today since I accidentally dozed off after I fed my son. Hahaha... Oh well, have to face the dreaded jam today... sigh...

Coming down from Mexx Highway.. So many cars!!!

I'm officially a victim in the KL Jam. Ha ha ha...

Anyway, no point crying over spilt Milo...arrived slightly late to the parking than usual... 

Since I had to rush out of home today, didn't have time to touch up. 

So my fave place to do it? In the car of course!

Normally, what I need for an open-eyed look would simply be:-
1) Some face powder to dab on the eyelids
2) My fave tool - MASCARA......

Hmm...Got some fine lines under the eyes...Lack of sleep I guess?

Dab on some powder under my eye brows and under my eyes....

With some strokes of Loreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara, walla! Perked up eyes in an instant!

Btw, I don't actually fancy using eyeliner to work. Thus, I believe some slight touches to the eye will do. 


U can get this mascara at any Guardian stores, carrying Loreal range of cosmetics.



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