Thursday, June 14, 2012

Zappp Away the Flabby-tummy! - Losyen Mustajab

Hahahahaha..... I'm feeling blessed!

First of all, due to the L'erbolario Toning Cream that I've used since my 2nd month pregnancy, it has totally helped me to be stretchmark-free! My tummy literally looks "wrinkle-free" !

But wait!
 There's another concern.....that flabby tummy aka excess skin+muscle that I have developed after birth was jutting out. MOST people wear some ointment and cream to zap away the flab and cover it with a 'bengkung'.

Bengkung..... Troublesome right?

For myself, confinement has been pretty much a 'modern affair' for me. Since Mum spent her confinement in the UK, she wasn't that strict in watching what I eat or wear. However, I still needed to follow some basic confinement rules which is to wear the darn BENGKUNG. Arghh...hate to!

But, tadaa! Mum managed to keep things easier for me by buying the 'Modern Bengkung', which is the 'Zapp-On' type....

Ain't this easier?

Also, Mum bought me this really cool Lotion. Known as the Losyen Mustajab Halia, Mum said the product ambassador is Nora Danish. Ha ha ha... marketing again... :D

Priced at RM 22, I doubted that it works...


After 1 month of using, stomach comes back to normal state before I gave birth.


So anybody who wants to help zapp some flab on their tummy? This definitely works!

Now I could wear my jeans again! Yahuuu!


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