Friday, June 15, 2012

Thank You Bobbi!

You Are My Sunshine...
My Only Sunshine...
You Make Me Happee...
When Skies Are Greyyyy....

I Heart Lipcolors... They're the easiest way to perk up a tired look and make Monday blues go away.
Adding to my latest collection of lip colour and glosses, I have recently became a Bobbi Brown fan.
Thank you so much for making my day!

1) Bobbi Brown Lipgloss - Kirsugar

Slightly pinkish undertones...really makes the lips look nice and juicy!

2) Bobbi Brown Lipgloss - Raspberry

Something like Kir Sugar, but slightly lighter. Suitable for day wear.

3) Bobbi Brown Lip Colour - Nude Rose

Ala-ala Peach sikit....

I've now shifted from being a Mac Lipcolour fan to a Bobbi lipcolour fan! Due to:-
 - Natural colour
- Moisturizing
- Peppermintish taste

 THANK YOU Ms BROWN! You're the best!

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