Friday, June 15, 2012

Clean and clear...without the fuss....

I absolutely have a fetish towards scrubbing.... scrub scrub scrub!

Cuz scrubbing makes you feel squeeky clean and hygenic!

Whether its scrubbing the floor, scrubbing the toilet, scrubbing your back, your legs....

Absolutely divine......

Same goes with face. Whether you realise it or not, the basic main reason for scrubbing...or in a better term to put it..."Exfoliation"... is to wash off all those dead skin cells that covers your dull, lifeless face, and promote the cell renewal...hence, makes us look fresh and radiant.

Isn't something hard to apprehend isn't it?

But little did we realise, exfoliation is always misunderstood with cleansing, of which is actually the basic, everyday routine for a person to wash off the dirt and grime after we have gone through a long day....

Nevertheless, of course many people still prefers to stick to simply cleansing, rather than incorporating the exfoliation step as well...possibly due to not enough time, or simply forgets about it.....

Ahahahah...lucky for u and me, Kiehl's have introduced the Surface Brightening Exfoliator in its ultimate range. Powerful enough to exfoliate yet gentle enough for everyday use!


Really nice, miniscule granules...non-abrasive and gentle enough for everyday use.
Smells kinda lavender-ish...hummmm...

Washing it everyday helps me get clear, supple screen. It also helps remove makeup too~

This has been a long standing thingy in my bathroom, since a year ago...My brothers use it too and they also reap the benefits of nice, healthy skin. It doesn't make u icky-ly white...just provides you a healthy glow and fresh feeling...macam baru keluar dari facial heheh... I like!

A very affordable RM150...can last for months, since you only need a 5 cent size for your whole face!

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