Thursday, July 5, 2012

Glossy Gloss ! - MAC Cremesheen Glass Lipgloss

Bangun lambat yet again! Ouch...I need to be more organised! I pat baby Ammar to sleep, left his his daddy, mandi, tuka baju and whoosh! I'm on the go!

Aww...he's sad because I had to leave him for work yet again...

 Thank god the traffic was great! Looks like a not-so-busy friday...wonder why. Hmm...

As usual, its bersiap time in the car (I never have time to properly get dressed at home, so need to do a quick touch up in the car)

Korek korek handbag and I found this:-

MAC Cremesheen Glass in OVERINDULGENCE

Haven't used this one for a long time! Application was slightly less sticky and less thick than Bobbi's. Emm.. no smell, but colour's pretty nice!

Yes, I do wear Hijab to the office...First step of going towards being a better Muslimah InsyaAllah...  (hu hu hu)

Looks quite ok ya? 

Looks slightly on the reddish side though..nice!

You can buy MAC's range of Cremesheen Glass Lipgloss @ RM 60 sumthing I believe, at their boutiques. 
Cremesheen has a nice balance of creamy, and slightly shimmery texture, just what I prefer.

I present you again, with a pic of my son... I miss him...sigh... :(

Mummy loves you, Ammar!


  1. Awwww.. Ammar is soo adorable.. hee.. i dont quite like MAC's glosses tho. i found the texture sticky. Mungkin my lips yang too sweet kot ;)

  2. Hahahah! Tapi, If you don't like MAC's lipgloss, then MAYBE you won't like Bobbi's juga kot..sbb Bobbi punya pekat sikit...


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