Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Strivectin - Overnight Facial Re-surfacing Serum

You may wonder why my quest had also included anti-aging products?

Well lets see...
1) Cuz I'm 25, and looking at it pessimistically, its makes up a quarter of a decade
2) It's the trend...Every X, Y, Z seems to jumping into the band wagon of the "anti-aging train"
3) Is it wrong?

Does it seem suitable for a young-in (that's myself, yours truly) to try to go for anti-aging products?

(Pauses to look into the mirror, and finds fine crow's feet, and laugh lines starts to appear...)

Well, seems like an immediate "YES" comes to mind...But then again, that's also the purpose of this beauty blog ait? To test whether anti-aging skin care works on us youngsters... teehee!

I don't believe that anti-aging is something new... but from my personal point of view, the bru-ha-ha to search for the fountain of youth had been on ever since  Estee Lauder's breakthrough "Advanced Night Repair" had been introduced...which had garnered rave reviews. This could be seen as a good thing since it enriches the market with a new innovation of products...innovation is ALWAYS great...never bad... :)

Anyway, coming back to the skin care product that I'm reviewing, Strivectin is not really a "friendly" name on the Malaysian shores...Though we shouldn't discard the fact that it has been a long-favoured brand in the US.
Specializing on Stretch Marks, Lines, Age Spots...and incidentally...Dark Spots.

Dark Spots.

Been haunting my days ever since I came back from Outward Bound Malaysia. Argh!

But neverless...the search for an exfoliator for my dark spots made me stumble upon the Overnight Facial Resurfacing Serum by Strivectin 

Having read that it helps with dark spots as well...I basically made a purchase. I was very much in luck that when I bought it, it had an offer of which came with a Normal Size of StriVectin™SD Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks and Wrinkles (will review later).

So here's basically my feedbacks...

Bought: Around 2 months ago (In December)
Consistency: Runny, yet kinda slimy orange liquid.
Worn every night and every morning. Upon application, skin feels kinda tight. I wonder if its actually been thirstily-absorbed by your skin...OR gets evaporated into thin air. But you definitely need to top-up with a moisturizer. It feels kinda dry... 
Day -   Can be worn under your normal moisturizer, proceed with your makeup if you like
Night - Wear after you have cleansed and used toner. After application, proceed with your night cream.

Can't seem to notice anything after 2 months of application. I've worn it diligently. Dark spots are still present. However, despite not helping anything with the dark spots, it somehow helps the absorption of other products I believe.

The fact that it's non-sticky and  it seems to absorb quickly. Also, you wake up with your skin feeling nice and smooth...but then again I might tribute that to the Night Cream though. ..

It doesn't seem to work on my dark spots..of which was my concern on buying this product

I don't think so. I could get the same results if I were to scrub on a regular basis. Also, at RM 200++, I feel that it does very little to you, of which could be achieved with other products in other forms.

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