Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Are You Afraid of The Sun??? Now You Don't Have To Anymore...It's Sunscreen Time!

I just adore being in the sun.... The warmth and heat makes me really active! Since I've started to work in an airconditioned environment, I feel so sluggish and my brain seems to be moving slower... So, in a case where a beau would grant his beloved "The Moon" is seen as somewhat romantic, just give me "The Sun" instead and I shall be happily at ease...ahaa...

But as much as I believe that many of us do love being actively outdoor-sy, the Malaysian sun definitely poses a difficulty to us... It burns you really fast, making you tan (some people would go reddish), plus could really make you develop sun spots and to a certain extend, heavily pigmented and freckled.

Alas, the term "Sunscreen" is only familiar to us when we go on a holliday in places where there's sun, sea and sand. Other than that, that small bottle containing icky, whitish stuff shall be left on your dressing table until it becomes dry, disintegrated and cakey, and thus, we'd blame these suncreens for not doing its job well.

Of course,  some suncreens do leave us looking whitish and oily, of which is another reason on why wearing sunscreens are nevertheless, uncommon to us ...I mean, why should we? It would spoil your foundation and powder, is it not? I would not want to look like a grease-ball if I could avoid it!

Ahaa..that's where you thought wrong... :)

In many overseas countries, wearing sunscreen (may it be a tinted sunscreen or tinted moisturizer) is definitely a norm whenever one goes out ... it protects you from risks of getting skin cancer and with the technologies applied by many skincare and makeup manufacturers, it is now easy to find one that :-

- Is light
- Makes you look fresh and dewy
- Is oil-free
- Caters for All Skin Types
- Can be Worn Under Makeup
- Could be used as a replacement to foundation or bb cream for a more sheer coverage
- Does not give you breakouts
- Smells nice!

So you could see that I'm now officially a suncreen addict... :)

Wait for my first suncreen review next - Clarins UV Plus Day Screen High Protection SPF 40
UV Plus Day Screen High Protection SPF 40


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