Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lips ahh... - Burberry Beauty Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipstick

I don't really understand why Burberry calls their lipsticks "Lip Cover", but if you're talking about SOFT, and SATIN, this is the lipstick for you. Please apologise for the blurness of the pics ya? Tried to take good shots but lighting wasn't great...

These are how the external Burberry Boxes look like...

Three Colours - Heather (13), Antique Rose (11) and Sephia (12)

From top: Heather, Sephia and Antique Rose

#1 Heather
Description - Gives you a slightly more reddish, maroon hue

#2 Sephia

Description - More or less the same as Heather, but with a slightly glossy sheen, and less reddish. Nevertheless, I love the colour too...

#3 Antique Rose

Description - The lightest colour I bought today. Looks nice and natural. I'd pair it with a slight touch of lip gloss on top, just enough to give a slight shimmer and plump to it. But I'm very much sure that this would appeal more to the younger generation. Really really versatile colour.

So basically now you know how those lipsticks shall look on your lips.

My suggestion to make them look better:-
- Wear a slight tinge of lipgloss on top of it to bring out the richness in the colour.
- Use a lip brush for a more well-defined application and control.

Love the natural, autumn colours. Fits day-time and night-time occassions very well.

Do drop by the Burberry Counters for free make-over and consultations ya?

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