Sunday, February 13, 2011

Unearthing Burberry's Beauty Secrets...

Yahoo! Just received a Newsletter from Isetan saying You've Just Received an Isetan Voucher worthed RM 164. Please collect at the Isetan Customer Service Counter before June 2011.

Su-weeet! Of course I believe as a woman, it is only NATURAL that vouchers like these would definitely be used mui' (much) earlier than the actually date...unless you simply slipped the voucher somewhere...OR slipped your mind instead (are you kidding???) So either way, I find myself stomping in my most comfortable pair of Nike flats to Isetan today, faster than the speed of light to hoard those Beauty Counters.

My wishlist was originally to purchase a pair of shoes suitable for a certain special occassion, but of course being as naughty as ever, my eyes caught attention on this new Beauty Counter in Isetan...Gee, it looks like a New-Comer for women's makeup...Owh my, It's Burberry.

Secretly being a fan of Burberry, I've always fancied Burberry's haute couture, which exudes a certain 'British' kind of confidence which was more to being cool and subdued, yet elegant and casually refined.

Having the couture boutique placed in KLCC for quite some time, Burberry Couture just landed in Isetan on January 26, 2011. Thus, I was very determined to stop by its counter to see what Burberry Beauty offers to us.

Burberry's Beauty Counter next to RMK

A patient customer reading Burberry's colour chart

At the moment, Burberry offers the Sheer Foundation - Luminous Liquid line. According the wonderfully helpful Makeup Artist we chatted by name of Kay, this line stresses the concept of breatheable, natural, light coverage of which targets more to bring out the naturally rich skin colour of the wearer. In addition to this, I love the fact that it's water based and has moisturising properties to protect your skin. Sounds good to me!

Burberry's Beauty Line

Lip liners and Lip Glosses that are very natural, yet rich in colour

The Lipsticks -  Colours are mostly Coppery, Burgundy, Corals and Ashy Pinks...
The Eye Makeup Line - Mascaras, Eye liners and Eye Shadows

Burberry's Workstation

After spending like an hour at the counter, here are our purchases (Me and Mom)... Do click on the products below to read further ya?


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