Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Blessing or A Curse?

With one week gone...busy-ness have escalated this week! And with the scab issue i've been going through last has definitely made an impact on my social life...of which got me thinking of what would other people be feeling...scared, not-confident to face the public, wishing that they would not look at your one "unappealing" area where the scab appears ala 3D on your cheek. Dang!

But then again...with regards to that SCAB issue I've gone through, it also gave me the opportunity to learn how to heal it. Treating scabs are different from treating post-acne spots. Scabs are practically similar to the wound that you'd get when you get cuts from falling from a bicycle...where it becomes brown and crusty...and yeah, imagine having that on your face huh? It does look really bad...

Thus, following a STRICT regime...I managed to make the huge scab go poof! Amazing! So girls, follow this tips and you're definitely in the right path!

1) Don't pick on a scab! Let it heal naturally
2) When you bathe under a warm shower, slowly let the water slide onto your scab... it will slowly wash the dead skin off...but don't peel! 
3) Wash with the gentlest cleanser you have...don't scrub, mask or peel...
4) Use an antibiotic cream after cleansing...THAT'S all. Don't put other things on top....(Antibiotics used: Elomet cream)

Remember: DON'T PICK ON YOUR SCAB. I know it's tempting, but the more you pick, the bigger the wound will be, and blood will flow even more. Lambat baik nanti.PLUS It will make you scar...and that's major.

Scabs are there for a reason: To protect the wound from bacteria and to let new skin grow.



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