Thursday, June 30, 2011

When Understatements Screams 'Elegance'... (PART 1)

I just love philosophies. They offer me muse in every bit of peculiar way one can hardly imagine, which is why movies like "Fight Club", "Silence of The Lambs", "Saw" and "Primal Fear" never fails to get me excited...either the underlying message is wickedly fantastic...or that I find Rom-Coms more often-than-not typically the same, having an increasingly complex,cutsy-wutsie beginning plot, but yet disappointing, and predictable at the end...either way...Edward Norton is such an understated Muse...sigh~


Being understated does not mean that one loses its elegance and poise. Which rule of thumb had determined that one needs to be 'loud' and 'clear; in order to show to the world of their presence?

Her I suppose?

Never thought that Leopard-ish + Funky "Batik" like prints would be a fashion statement...interesting.....

Nice once Gaga, but I seriously doubt that with you, looking like this and hogging the phone, begging for your loved one to go back to you...errr...isn't exactly the best of ideas, if not the worst... :)

I have yet to ascertain as which part of this picture screams "fashionista"....the water goggles or shades or dunno-what-not I presumed?

There are a number of red carpet goddess of which I highly look forward to of their presence eversince I knew what Oscar Awards is... (Btw, I realise its not some show where random people gets a nice looking golden man-like statue...small, compact and cute!)

But ultimately, these women show to the world that UNDERSTATEMENTS could turn out to be effortless but yet, classy...

1)  Dressed in a black strapless Elie Saab gown, and only adorning beautiful emerald-colored jewels for a striking burst of color..complementing her greenish eyes very well...

-to be continued...-

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