Monday, June 6, 2011

Estee Lauder Double Wear Moisture Powder Stay-in-Place Makeup

The search for Compact Powder ALWAYS is an issue with women.

If it's not the shade, its the texture
If it's not the texture, it's the coverage
If it's not the coverage, it's the nice cute case...


It's called saja-saja gatal nak try teehee!

That's make us women altogether...we're always adventurous...

Anyway, I myself, to tell you the truth, haven't actually been an Estee Lauder Cosmetics fan. Not that I have issues against Estee Lauder, but people just have their preferences. But to show you the unbiased side of me, I've recently (many months ago) went for a 'Bedak' spree, in the quest of looking for a replacement of the powder I'm currently using. Reason being is that the powder I'm was using is not easily bought over the counters of any department stores (i.e Isetan, Parkson or even Sephora for that matter).
Thus, re-purchasing is hard , especially during the time when I dreadfully need it the most (read: even sunshades can't protect you from having to deal with gasps and gawkings from the majority of crowd...)
Anyway, I was surfing and I've read on Estee's Double Wear Moisture Stay-in-Place.

I was very much interested due to its moisturising properties, since my skin was more to the dry side at certain areas. Thus, I went to Isetan one fine day and made a purchase.
However, my excitement was hampered by the unpleasant looks of the SA (Having a bad day I believe?)and . I do have issues against "unhelpful" assistants, and this particular one just simply used a tissue and swiped a really miniscule amount of the powder onto a small part of my left cheek.

I did argue that the shade was too light, but she claimed that I can't be using a darker shade of powder as it will make me look burnt.
I beg to differ. My foundation was already a lighter colour, so a lighter powder shall make me look similar to a Chinese Opera Singer...
(Don't get me wrong...Opera Singers are great, I don't think wearing their makeup to work is a good idea..)

Anyway, nevertheless I bought that particular shade (due to I didn't feel like arguing that much with the SA, resulting to RM175, burning a hole in my pocket...)

This is how the product looked like

Been using it for around 4 months... for some reason, the texture felt a bit heavy....and by noon, my face looked pretty oily in certain areas.
As for the moisturising component, I'm not too sure about it...

BUT, due to the wrong shade applied (I should have listened to my gut feeling), my face looked too white, and looked too different from my neck.

SAME as wearing a mask.

Due to this, and the HEFTY price...I didn't bother to re-purchase....but it would probably due be to the fact that the I was angry with the SA, thus causing me to PRE-JUDGE the product itself...

Poor Estee....

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