Thursday, June 30, 2011

When Understatements Screams 'Elegance'... (PART 2)

2) Aishwarya Rai

Being one of Bollywood's actresses that had made fame on the Red Carpets of Hollywood, one can only be envious of her strong, dark features..which is why being overly made-up would look so wrong. Though once adorning a glamourous tiara which crowned her as the 1994's Miss World, Ash proves to us that we only need an LBD (long black dress), simple pieces and a huge confidence to get you walking...

3) J.Lopez

Need I say more? One of those latina goddesses who revolutionised the meaning of 'nudity' in the most fashionable yet classy way...through make-up. However, the 'no-makeup' makeup might not seem an easy feat to be done by just anybody...but with the right technique and right attitude, you're surely be on your way to achieve that sexy goddess appeal...


Understatements never spells out "BORING"... done the right way, you'd prove others than it only takes a few shimmers and sparkles here and there, to create that major show-stopping effect (minus the weird hair, makeup and all...)

So I guess, not everyone should look like this:-



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