Monday, June 6, 2011

Low on Budget? Don't Compromise!

"I'm falling short of cash!"
"Gaji x masuk lagi la..."
"Aku x pakai bende2 macam ni...mahal lagipon..."

Does all this sound familiar to you? Aha...I'm pretty sure it does to me. Please raise your hand if you are among those that never face any monetary issues?

(No hands raised. Eyebrows locked closely together...forming a confused look)

That's what I thought.Even if you earn as much as Tyra Banks, of perhaps Kimora, I'm pretty sure both of them had gone through some serious money issues at least once in their lifetime...(Hey, we all started somewhere somehow teehee...!)

Well... If you ask for opinion from a Beauty Junkie like myself...I'd say don't compromise on beauty, no matter what.


Because once you fall out of your usual system /'d fall out of it for quite a loooooongggg time...

And then, you'd start to become malas...

And then, you'd start to not care anymore once you live without them...'d wonder what's wrong with you...


People do comment I blog only on expensive stuff... of which most of us in the normal society can't afford everyday.

Do I?

I'd beg to differ and say that I blog on what I believe is USEFUL and is not HAZARDOUS to be used.... Like I've said, Knives and Needles are a No-no for me...

Sure, they are loads of skincare out there that people do claim that they work wonders....
BUT ARE THEY SAFE? (Alarm Bell Rings...)

As for myself...I don't blog about anything of which I feel is unsafe...

So coming back to a product I discovered at Guardian...

Oslee Rosehip Whitening Mask

This is NOT me, I took this picture from the Internet, because I look too weird in the mask...Unlike this cute lady hehe
Bought: February 2011
Consistency: Thin sheets, smells of Rosehip oil...

Use on weekly basis, spread the mask all over your face. After 20 minutes, remove and rub in the excess liquid into your skin...You don't have to wash off or use moisturizer after this.

The smell of Rosehip...heaven! Keeps me feeling calm...

I don't really fancy sheet masks, to be honest. I find them a bit wasteful... since the contents of the liquid on the masks are usually in excess...

You could see your skin glow...for a while after that... claims to help with pigmentation and dark spots, but I haven't seen any improvements on that.

Overall, its an affordable mask. It does make your skin look slightly clearer and smoother after use..but this effect lasts for a short period of time. However, I haven't experienced any harmful effects whatsover... I'd say its a nice addition to have it in your stash of skincare products when you're on the low...hey, we can't afford to be Queens all the time can we? :)


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