Monday, June 6, 2011

PTR Max Complexion Correction Pads - Can "At Home Chemical Peels" Continue Their Success Streak?

With all the hype and countless rave reviews coming, its no wonder that the society (myself included) now accepts the arrival of "At Home Chemical Peels" as a 'definite keeper in our household.

Why shouldn't they? They're generally:-

1) Not messy
2) Easy to use ( can be a 1 step or 2 step system)
3) And the effects are VISIBLE... FAST..

As for my personal experience, having used a number of Home Chemical Peels from different Brands, I find a few things intriguing about these "little pads in a jar" based on my countless different experience....

No 1: NOT ALL chemical peels work for EVERYONE

No 2: NOT ALL chemical peels have the same amount acids

No 3: DIFFERENT chemical peels give you different results 
         (i.e glowy skin OR lesser breakouts OR less visible pores OR fading of scars)

So basically, be cautious on the type of peel that you buy...ESPECIALLY the acid content. This is my experience on one product of which sadly didn't suit me at all... Having had rave reviews on the internet, I find myself slightly disheartened with this one, since I wanted it to work so well...
Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads

60 Pads per Jar
The first time I've tried Peter Thomas Roth was when I bought the Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads via online (My Un-wrinkle post shall follow later). Being impressed with that one, I started to really dig into PTR's other products...and found out that this one, the Max Complexion Correction Pads received high ratings too.

Was I booked? Of course I was.

It even made me more excited, with testimonials of users having a reduction in ACNE SCARS (hip hip hurray!) and a huge improvement on acne and blemishes...of course I had to have it.

So there it came one day, via postage to my office. (Naturally my guy collegues always wonder what I order online, and pity their clueless faces even when I have explained to them full-heartedly)

So I guess they are still Malaysian Men, not yet falling in the metrosexual category eyh?

Anyway, after using it for a month...I gave up on these pads... Since these are the effects I've gotten out of them...

1) First few times of use: Dryness, and skin starts to flake, especially above my mouth area...
2) A few weeks of use: Increase sensitivity and dryness...and due to that, my foundation and powder doesn't seem to sit well on my skin.

I've also tried it on my brother (aka voluntary assistant) for a few days..and he developed some acne on his cheeks. Kesian dia ... :( 

I guess in my opinion, it was just too strong for our skin. I do believe that it MIGHT work for anyone who has severe acne since its quite strong...but then again, I'm not convinced...

So now the half-full jar sits under the bathroom sink, untouched for a while...till we decide to dispose it...

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