Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Temptation Attack~

Why are temptations so annoying for one too handle? Probably annoyance sets in when you're far too broke, and that's when all those discounts takes place, waving helplessly to you, each screaming "Buy me! I'm Magical! I make you look good! Not just good, Great!"

(Question that us ladies normally ask when buying skin care... ha ha ha)

Sheesh~ Help me...!
This is the time when I dash off, away from those beauty counters at the speed of light. Or else, I'll be forking out a bang of a buck....and to make things worst, the regret does not come at the point where you bought them...but comes at the point where 25th of the month feels so far, and the common eating option would be Tapau or Mamak's place.

Ladies, the story above is a common illustration of what NORMALLY happens to us ladies when temptation gets the better of us.

But do we regret?


Cause that makes us women :)

Anyway, this entry today is just to give my numbly fingers a little "blogging" workout after a month of not writing! So sorry! Been up and about!

Anyway, do wait for my next entry - Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads.
After purchasing it due to rave reviews, you really don't want to miss what I've gotta write about this one.



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