Thursday, September 20, 2012

Simplicity at Its Best... - Avene Cleanance Anti-Shine Purifying Toner

Remember the post about my beloved ROC Purif-Ac Toner?

Well bad news, peps:- Its sales in Malaysia is discontinued.

Bummer. Why do skincare companies sometimes discontinue the sales of certain products that actually work?

Can't blame 'em. Perhaps the lack of marketing gimmics i.e beautiful bottle designs, delicate fragrant smells, and not being basked by Premier Brands are very much huge plays that may cause them to lose out in popularity, despite being sold half the price at the counters.

Sigh...ponder ponder ponder...

So as a disclaimer, I haven't worn toner for like, a gazillion months!

Do I care? Well...sometimes I don't, sometimes I do (depending on the free time that I could grab since I can't barely split my time between diaper changes, dinner and a relaxing shower...)

Anywhos, my wakeup call was actually when I 'literally wokeup'  one Saturday morning, to find that my face was 'infested' with OPEN PORES.

Wait wait! Since when do I even have this????? Im already unmercifully plagued by dryness and fine lines... and I have to put up with a new addition of unnecessary headache?

Come to think of it, since I have been cleansing and scrubbing without following up with a toner after that, that explains for the increased dryness and leaving out the toner meant that I did not close my pores after the cleaning process. 

Silly Me Willy~

"Your pores look so big that they're smiling at you!" Joked Someone I Know.

THAT'S IT! Ammar dear, get into the car seat...Mummy needs to find something that could at least help me with my Open Pores.


Wandering in Alamanda, I went to SASA. What I like about this is that they have a lot of Brands under one roof, of which some of the products do work, without costing much of a bomb. And since gaji bulan Oktober is just around the corner, I guess I could spare some small cash of what's left to buy something substantial.


Looking over counter after counter, my eyes skewed upon this. 

Avene Cleanance Anti-Shine Purifying Toner

I remembered once about 5 years back, I used to use this. Why did I discontinue usage back then em?

Oh yeah, cuz I met ROC.

But then I remembered, this little buddy from the Avene range has the characteristics of what I always love in Dermal Skincare Brands - Slight powdery smell, no colour, gentle, yet effective in the long run.

What I love about it is...

It has a beautiful balanced mixture of liquid + cottony powder, where the liquid element cleanses and hydrates your skin, whilst the powder element helps to matify your skin and reduce excess sebum.

Specifically, this toner targets those with Sensitive skin, yet battles the issues of oily, acneic skin with redness problems.In addition to this, it helps to reduce the size of pores.

Splendid! Just what I need!

No colour , slight powdery smell

 After 3 days of usage...

Skin feels good so far. Open pores are still there, but then again I wouldn't expect a miraculous turnaround yet...But I'm very satisfied how fresh it makes my skin feels. Moisturizer and foundation glides even better and my acne scabs are drying up pretty quickly.

Plus, it helps to control the shine on your face as well. 

So Avene, Congratulations on such an effortless, fantastic job via something that truly lets its product speak on its own! Hope you'll stay for a long time. I love you!


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