Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Don't Mousse Around...Or Thy Shall Not Be Rewarded!

As a woman, I'm pretty sure you always do run into situations where you ALWAYS plan on buying something that you have been researching AND eyeing on for quite some time...and YET, you end up straying and buying something that you haven't read about before and don't even think of buying in the first place!

I know I am ONE of those unfortunate ones... Sigh...

Started off on a fine daywhere I planned to re-stock my delicious and ultimately amazing Kiehl's Surface Brightening Exfoliator since the one I have at home has finished, thus I quickly made my way to KLCC that evening. In addition, I haven't done my eyebrows for quite some time, eversince I got pregnant and the morning sickness really got the better off me (Blearch...) So I had been mourning in despair and basically hindered my quest for Beauty Products. Now that my morning sickness had waned off, its time to continue my conquest. Woohoo!

In a way, being pregnant had been a wonderful experience since it gave me the opportunity to explore on what's OK and what's not for preggers.... FYI, I stopped using those amazing peels that I have been using to clear up acne and spots since AHAs and BHAs aren't friendly to us preggers.... Sigh....

So coming back to my KLCC escapade, before I walked to Kiehl's, I made a quick stop at Shu Uemura to do my eyebrows...Better start grooming again!

Whilst the salesgirl was plucking my eyebrows, she introduced me to a new product launched by Shu Uemura ....which is the UV Under Base Mousse....

Personally, I'm not a fan of mousse based products (Mousse cleansers, mousse foundation, mousse whatever) as I find them slightly wasting.... But the girl insisted that I tried since I had some "pregancy spots" developing on my face and needed to be "covered" by something that has UV protection as well..

Fineeeeeeeee... I gave in...


When you squeeze the mousse, you actually get quite a substantial amount on your fingers.....its quite hard to control the amount. When she put it on my skin, it felt easy. However, when I tried it myself, it was a little messy to work with.

Feeling wise, I didn't exactly fancy it, it felt kinda dry on my skin....must wear loads of moisturiser before using this since its quite drying.

Costs RM 115. And I bought it.


1) Pushy salesperson..(she even wanted me to spend RM600 for some crappy gift sets...)

2) I get my eyebrows FREE OF CHARGE. (Eyebrow service cost: RM25)

3) Probably I was too happy that I was feeling well thus, I pretty much felt like I wanted to spend....

I didn't leave feeling angry, but I didn't feel satisfied either. Why did I buy it? I guess probably cuz it comes up to around RM90, which is cheaper than my favourite makeup base Lancome UV Base Pro (heavenly velevety and smooth!) by about RM20....

So did I buy my Kiehl's scrub after that? Of course I didn't.... I felt kinda ripped off, thus dampens my mood to go further shopping....


  1. Ahaha I ada yang ni. Memang it's a bit drying. I only use it on my nose/chin aka oily areas. If not nanti nampak kulit mengelupas haha.

  2. Itulaa...Aisha said that you ada this one....Mmg quite drying ek? so u dun use it on ur whole face, is it still even?


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