Thursday, December 1, 2011

Naturally Australian...Giving You A G'day, Mate! - Aesop Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste

It was a lovely Saturday morning last 2 weeks ago, and it prompt me to do one of those "rare" bathroom cleanups....cleanups would mean that I was actually getting rid of those products of which had been "quietly" lying around or hidden away from prying eyes, due to its lack of efficiency or any other relevant reasons.

Then I found this:-

Aesop's Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste

Hmm...made me wonder why I had this stashed away....

Oh yes I remembered, bought this scrub since Aesop was having a promotion last 2 months.... I guess due to my previously wicked morning sickness, I couldn't stand the smell of this product. The smell of Rosehips made me somewhat rather quesy! That's what made me stopped using it...

But then again...Since I'm official alright now, I thought the smell now turned to be ok...( I'm not exactly a Rosehip still, but I could still take it...)

So after 2 weeks, I've been dilligently using this again for this previous 2 weeks

Since pregnancy started in September, I have been constantly plagued by small acne which turns into bumpy dark, brown marks after the acne dries. Hubby tries to comfort me by saying its all Hormones....but me being me, I do believe we can't just let it rip us off.

So I started to use this as a measure to perhaps lessen this...Since this is all natural, its much safer to be used during pregnancy, compared to those AHA/BHA Peels which I'm not sure of the effects onto my baby....


The paste has really fine granules. Once I've washed my face with it, skin feels slightly softer, possibly due to the Rosehip oil content. However, once I've wiped my face using a towel, skin feels slightly dry, especially around the eyes (For some reason I'm not sure)

After 2 weeks of using, skin feels softer and smoother, but I haven't seen it done anything for the acne marks.

Overall, its a good, gentle scrub that's safe to be used on a regular basis, but I don't think it treats anything in specific.

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