Monday, February 27, 2012

Enough With The Whites...!

Chill chill...I'm not being racist here...But I have finally come to my senses, to no longer jump into the whitening bandwagon...and I must point out that if you have noticed, the hype has died down too....

Like I have already mentioned in my previous post, there's so many definitions of can be to lighten the overall face, to target uneven places, or to correct dark spots.

Of which had me interested in the first place...

So dah alang-alang I'm going to experiment, I might as well go for the range of which I believe should be reliable enough to actually produce results.

BTW, this was like...7 months ago (approximately)

So off I went to Estee Lauder counter in KLCC to try the Cyberwhite Ex Range

To provide a brief description:-

Estee Lauder has upgraded their previous brightening range to bring the Cyber White EX with three highly targeted, breakthrough technologies, to help correct and prevent three different types of spots responsible for clouding your complexion: stubborn age spots, small surface spots and those barely visible spots just below the skin's surface

HA HA...Convinced? I was salivating! Who doesn't want chrystal clear, fair skin?

Upon advise from the SA, here were the items that I have bought...

1) Cyberwhite Ex Brightening Milky Lotion

Used as a day moisturiser, to be worn after using the essence...Feels non-greasy...however, dries up within 5 tends to feel less hydrated...don't know why.

Thus, it feels kinda dry when I use foundation over it.

2) Cyberwhite Ex Brightening Essence

This is pretty much the heart of the skin care range. The essence is supposed to be doing the magic for you. Worn under the moisturiser, after using toner, it feels light and non-greasy too...

3) Cyberwhite Brightening Ex Rich Moisture Creme
This is to be worn at night, after using toner and the brightening essence. Feels cool and light....but I cannot really tahan the smell...It's pretty heavily scented.

The consistency lebih kurang macam ni lah...

4) Estee Lauder Cyberwhite Ex Illuminating Mask

Meant to help in deep cleansing, this mask is to improve overall skin evenness, clarity and radiance, and features a unique complex of powerful ingredients to target Small Surface Spots. It helps clarify pores, dissolve visible melanin build-up and reveal smooth, radiant skin. 

What I like about it is the fact that you don't have to use a lot of it, which is pretty jimat... huhu...

So after finished using these items after say.....7 months:-


Dark spots: Less visible, but still there

Uneven skin tone: Improved....I wouldn't say I'm fairer but it helps in the sense that my skin looked slightly even...more comfortable to go out barefaced when I'm so lazy...

Skin clarity: Erm...honestly, I'm not sure what 'clarity' means.....but I don't see much of a glow or anything....


I believe, perhaps if I used this range for a very long time (say 2-3 years), I might notice a bigger change I guess...

However, I'm not that patient, and given the time taken to include all these in my regime, plus, I'm not that satisfied with the results I expect given the amount spent.

So yeah...whitening...ta ta.....


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