Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Italian Skincare, Anyone?

It's been a while since I've posted a decent post. Really2 sorry..been running into a few health complexities of which did not enable me to be fit enough to continue on my skin care hunting spree...Sigh...
What is it? Ahahha...I bet you could guess it really soon when you read in between the lines in my post today....

We've heard and seen of many beauty products successfully launched by the French (L'Occitane), the British (Estee Lauder) and the Americans (REN, Clinique) to name a few.... what about the Italians?

The way they work their magic hands onto skin and body products had been proven to be successful through my discovery of Italian's little Beauty Garden Boutique, hidden in the midst of Bangsar Shopping Centre.....

Introducing... L'Erbolario......

Me, mum and my brothers were originally on a search for some really nice perfumes....of which we initially thought of taking a peek at the Annick Goutal Boutique...until we came to this lovely place....

Greeted by really love fragrances of fresh flowers and essential oils, I was immediately in love with everything they had to offer....

From Body Care such as lotions, body creams, to skin care for all skin types, and also as specific as care for pregnant women, post-pregnancy body and also baby's essential needs!

What's wonderful is that everything is made from all natural ingredients and essential oils, making you feel totally pampered....

Some of the products they offer
   What I initially wanted to look for was a body cream, since I simply can't stand the smell of the cream that I currently possess....so wanted to look for something nice....But then, the SA introduced to me something that's even better...of which caught my attention immediately:-

L'Erbolario Stretch Mark Prevention and Firming Cream
This cream  is the ideal treatment for preventing loss of tone and thickening and for helping prevent the formation of stretch marks. Also, in addition to the extraordinary firmness guaranteed by the optimum moisturising helps the skin to become softer and more velvety.


L'Erbolario Body Exfoliant Cream
Useful to cleanse, exfoliate and soften the skin on the entire body. Extremely fine micro-granules obtained from Almond shells  to remove all dead cells and impurities from the skin’s surface.

So I bought these two items, in hoping that I shall be able to control the formation of stretchmarks once I have given birth later...HOPEFULLY!

The other items of which are in my wishlist right now:-


L'Erbolario's  Children's Care Range....

Beautifully organic, all-natural hair and body care range for babies...shall keep this in my mind until the due day! :D

- Bath Foam
- Shampoo
- Protective Cream


All I can say is go to the boutique once you're in BSC...you won't regret it...It's such a heavenly place to visit......

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